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Friday, October 24, 2014

What DPI customers are saying...

"DPI is a world-class company and a leader in digital technology. I turn to DPI because their projectors consistently deliver an amazing palette of color, light and shadow in every one of our theaters. The pictures speak for themselves, particularly with the new LIGHTNING 35HD."
Ian Calderon, director of digital initiatives, The Sundance Institute

"To create the ceiling assemblage at the Oscars, the projectors were one of the first elements to be installed, going in 20 days before the show. Once installed, they were nearly impossible to access. We depend upon DPI's projectors to deliver performance and reliability that lives up to our expectations, and we are very happy with the results again this year."
Frank McMinn, President, Senovva, Inc.

"As we surveyed the landscape for cutting edge technology, DPI stood out as an innovator in projection products. Our customers want the best image and our technicians want the most flexibility. DPI brought us both."
Tom Stimson, director of sales and operations, Alford Media Services

"In our third year exclusively using DPI projectors for digital screenings, the Tribeca Film Festival can confidently rely on the superior image quality and unmatched reliability of the Digital Projection product line. Our audiences demand the highest standards, and we can depend on Digital Projection to meet these expectations year after year."
Mark Steele, Technical Director, Tribeca Film Festival

"I've used DPI's projectors in my important projects the last few years and have been thrilled with the results. DPI listens and supports us in our goal to create the best possible experience for our clients."

Brad Wells, president, Bradford Wells & Associates

“We’ve staged many critical events, some extremely complex, but not often for an event of this magnitude (the 2004 Democratic National Convention). Without the help of DPI and the incredible performance of their projectors, this project would never have been as successful as it proved to be.”
Murray Lapides, president of AVFX, Inc.

"Digital Projection's impressive displays were a perfect solution for NBC's 2000 Olympic broadcast studios. NBC welcomed millions of viewers across the U.S. each broadcast night and the superior brightness and precision clarity generated by these projector were second to none."

Randy Raddatz, Director of Sourcing for NBC Olympics
(Digital Projection displays were also utilized in the 2002 Olympic broadcast)

"The projectors by Digital Projection were a vital display element due to the brightness and display quality that was required for an event of this magnitude. We have utilized Digital Projection's technology for several past Oscar® broadcasts and have been extremely pleased with the excellent image quality these projectors offer."
Michael B. Seligman, CEO of Seligman Entertainment, Inc., supervising producer for the 2002, 2003 and 2004 Oscar® broadcast.

"Being able to view the dailies in large format is a major breakthrough. This projector is so easy to transport and set up it's like having a million dollar projection room wherever you go."
Rick McCallum , Producer, Star Wars "Episode One"

“The exceptional imagery created by POWER and LIGHTNING Displays is just one aspect of what Digital Projection delivers. The company’s technology, support and training have all set a new industry standard.”
Erez Ram, American Hi Definition, responsible for staging current and past Grammy’s, Emmy’s©, Blockbuster and American Music Awards

“I am a LA-based cinematographer and videographer, who recently had the good fortune of having a documentary I photographed projected at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on one of your projectors. I was truly amazed at the image quality, clarity, and color saturation, especially for a project which originated on BetacamSP. To say I was impressed would be an understatement of tremendous proportions.”
John Ealer, USC

“We were thrilled by the new projection gear from Digital Projection. It was such a bright and sharp image, we had never seen such good video projections in a cinema.”
Femke, Festival Programmer International Film Festival Rotterdam

“Digital Projection has provided Scharff-Weisberg with outstanding support for their products from the very beginning. Our relationship continues to be a uniquely successful collaboration.”
Josh Weisberg, Scharff-Weisberg

“We have seen every ‘large-venue’ projector at the trade shows and in demos at our shop, not to mention where it really counts - on show sites. After all the discussions on technology, price, ease of use, reliability and versatility we have to rely on the number one criteria: our customers think POWER Displays look the best!”

Jeff Studley, C.O.O. CPR MultiMedia Solutions

“It sometimes seems as if there's no major show business event in the world where projectors based on DLP technology from Digital Projection aren't being used. Digital Projection's acknowledged expertise in developing projection solutions for broadcast and entertainment applications is proving to be a winner at high profile events where the quality of the projected image is vitally important.”
Sherel Horsley, Senior Vice President and Product Manager Texas Instruments Digital Imaging Division

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