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Thursday, November 27, 2014
Digital Projection's LED Powered LIFETIME ILLUMINATION Projectors Make a Giant Leap in Lumen Performance
Digital Projection's LED Powered LIFETIME ILLUMINATION Projectors Make a Giant Leap in Lumen Performance

Digital Projection International introduced the revolutionary M-Vision Cine LED and dVision LED projectors back in 2011. By now, most of us are aware of the many performance and cost of ownership benefits that LED illuminated displays offer.

Those attributes include:
• Small form factor
• Extraordinarily wide color gamut – wider than the commonly referenced NTSC color space
• Color saturation equivalent to, or even exceeding, that produced by 3-chip DLP displays
• 60,000+ hour illumination engine life – which we characterize as LIFETIME ILLUMINATION
• Very low maintenance with no lamp replacements via Lifetime Illumination™ projector
• Low power consumption (as low as 350 watts@110V)
• Very low operating temperature
• Extremely quiet operation (as low as 30 dBA)

The only facet of LED illuminated projectors that has challenged audiences accustomed to purely lamp-driven projectors is the relatively low light output spec, as compared to other projection illumination technologies.

After only one year, we are pleased to announce that the constant progression of DP technology and innovation has revealed a significant increase in lumens for a number of our LED illuminated DLP projectors. Specifically, the latest generations of our M-Vision LED and dVision LED projectors boast higher brightness - up to 1,000+ lumens!

When comparing LED specifications with lamp-illuminated projectors, customers that have yet to see an LED projector in action might be tempted to overlook the LED-driven projector based on lumen spec alone. This would be a critical mistake, however, as due to the way humans perceive light projected from a Light Emitting Diode, those LED illuminated projectors are actually perceived as much brighter than their specs might convey. As an example, over the course of dozens of 600 lumen M-Vision LED demonstrations, when we asked our customers to estimate how bright the projected image was, the majority of their perceived brightness estimations fell between 1500 and 2000 lumens. Likewise, we expect most customers will perceive our newest generation of 1000 lumen LED projectors as appearing as bright as a 2000-3000 lumen lamp illuminated projector.

This perceived brightness disparity between LED illumination and traditional UHP lamp illumination can be explained as a result of the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect (H-K effect). The IEC defines the H-K effect as, "A change in brightness of perceived color produced by increasing the purity of a color stimulus while keeping its luminance constant within the range of photopic vision." In other words, for any two-color stimuli with the same luminance, the perceived brightness induced by the color stimuli of higher purity will be higher than that of lower purity. LED illuminated projectors produce extraordinarily high color purity and saturation.

The fact is, when the amazing color saturation of separate red, green and blue LED light combines, it results in an imaging output that appears much brighter than it really is. In addition, because the LED can be turned off and on very quickly, contrast ratios are extremely high. The 10,000:1 contrast ratio offered by DP's M-Vision and dVision LED projectors also contributes to the perception of increased brightness, dynamic range and sharpness of the image. Finally, because LED illumination systems produce consistent lumens throughout their useful life – up to 60,000 hours or over 8 years of continuous use – the lumen maintenance curve of LED projectors is essentially a horizontal line! In other words, these models will continue to produce similar brightness levels throughout the life of the projector. No lamps to change, no lamps to purchase… ever.

Taking the above into consideration, it's still important to utilize the proper projector for the proper environment. The M-Vision Cine LED and dVision LED projectors are most at home in venues with controlled ambient light. These solid-state models are suitable for residential theaters and commercial applications alike, including rear screen applications such as command and control, process control, or visualization/simulation environments. We have also supported very successful LED projector installations in museums and digital signage applications.

Digital Projection now offers several models which incorporate the new, brighter LED illumination systems. These models include specific M-Vision LED projectors, as well as the new dVision 35 LED series, which features products with 1080p, WUXGA (1920 x 1200) and WQXGA (2560 x 1600) native resolution.

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