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Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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1,100 Lumens
7,500:1 Contrast
1920 x 1200 Pixels

dVision 35-WUXGA LED (113-025)

Digital Projection International proudly introduces three new LED-based "Lifetime Illumination" DLP projectors. DPI’s new dVision 30-WUXGA LED present compelling solutions for critical 24/7 projection applications, as well as any application needing long-life projection systems with unmatched color saturation, lumen maintenance and color stability. As DPI’s LED-based displays do not contain traditional lamps, dVision series projectors deliver unprecedented long-term cost of ownership benefits including lower overall maintenance and over 100,000 hours of LED illumination life. Combined with the M-Vision Cine LED displays, which DPI launched and commenced shipping in Q4, 2009, Digital Projection offers the most extensive and capable DLP-based LED product line available today.

A combination of consistently stable, long-term light output and supremely low-maintenance illumination systems defines DPI’s new dVision LED displays. All three projectors utilize Texas Instruments’ DarkChip DLP technology, ensuring unmatched black levels and dynamic range. Equally important–the RGB-based LED illumination module eliminates the need for a color wheel to produce primary colors. Instead, red, green and blue LED’s produce primary color illumination, rendering a color gamut and color saturation similar to what a 3-chip DLP projector can produce. In addition, since there is no spinning color wheel in the system, color wheel artifacts are eliminated, and fast-moving content appears remarkably sharp and free of motion smear.

The new dVision LED projectors inherit the field-proven reliability and exceptional optical qualities of DPI’s robust dVision chassis. Suitable for both commercial and consumer installations, dVision projectors are quiet, elegantly designed and offer a diversity of system capabilities that support nearly any application. Installation flexibility is assured through an extensive array of ultra-accurate optics, which provide throw ratios as short as .75:1 and as long as 6.5:1. Furthermore, the dVision’s quick-change motorized lens mount provides an extensive range of horizontal and vertical lens shift, allowing the projectors to be placed in a wide variety of locations in relation to the screen. Intuitive user controls and comprehensive source compatibility assure all dVision displays are simple to integrate, control and operate.

As is the case with all Digital Projection displays, our careful engineering and superior customer and technical service guarantee dVision projectors will provide remarkable imaging and reliability for the long-term.
Vertical Markets/General Applications:
  • Broadcast Television
  • Rental & Staging
  • 3D Visualization
  • Medical & Scientific Visualization
  • Military Simulation
  • Command & Control
  • Theatrical Productions
  • Digital Media & Advertising
  • Retail Environments
  • Houses of Worship
  • Lecture Halls & Auditoriums
  • Post Production & Film
  • Large Home Cinema
  • Small Home Cinema
  • Education: Colleges & Universities
  • Education: K-12 Primary
  • Corporate Boardrooms & Teleconferencing
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    Brightness (±10%)
    1,100 Lumens
    Display Type
    DarkChip™ DMD
    Color System
    Native Resolution
    1920 x 1200 Pixels
    Computer Compatibility
    Up to 1920 x 1200
    Video Compatability
    HDTV, NTSC, PAL-M, PAL, NTSC 4:43, PAL-N, HDCP Compliance
    Video Processing
    • Auto mode selection - plug and play setup
    • 10-bit color resolution
    • HDMI 1.3a and DVI digital inputs
    • Full 10-bit deinterlacer with integral scaler
    Aspect Ratio (native)
    Lens Mount
    Motorized vertical and horizontal lens shift, focus and zoom
    Lens Shift
    Vert: 0.04 (U) 0.04 (D) frame, Hor: 0.02 (L) 0.02 (R) frame
    Vert: 0.67 (U) 0.67 (D) frame, Hor: 0.34 (L) 0.34 (R) frame
    Vert: 0.67 (U) 0.67 (D) frame, Hor: 0.34 (L) 0.34 (R) frame
    Vert: 0.67 (U) 0.67 (D) frame, Hor: 0.34 (L) 0.34 (R) frame
    Vert: 0.67 (U) 0.67 (D) frame, Hor: 0.34 (L) 0.34 (R) frame
    Vert: 0.67 (U) 0.67 (D) frame, Hor: 0.34 (L) 0.34 (R) frame
    Vert: 0.05 (U) 0.05 (D) frame, Hor: 0.03 (L) 0.03 (R) frame
    Vert: 0.25 (U) 0.25 (D) frame, Hor: 0.09 (L) 0.09 (R) frame
    Vert: 0.25 (U) 0.25 (D) frame, Hor: 0.09 (L) 0.09 (R) frame
    Mechanical Mounting
    • Front/Rear Table
    • Front/Rear Ceiling
    • Adjustable Front/Rear Feet
    Weight (chassis only)
    27.80 lbs (12.60 kg)
    Bandwidth (up to)
    • 205 MHz on analog RGB
    • 160 MHz on DVI
    • 75 MHz on component input
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