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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Consistently projecting beautiful images demands great electronic processing across a diversity of signals. Every TITAN model includes up to seven separate inputs, with each being processed using dedicated, best in class technology. This painstaking approach to electronics design is unique to DP, but guarantees the highest quality imagery is rendered from every source.

At the heart of every TITAN and LIGHTNING Pro Series II Display lies our newly developed NextGen Electronics - a high quality re-sizing engine and signal-processing unit that precisely maps every input source to the native resolution of the DMD’s.  By comparison, where other projectors rely on a single chip of silicon to achieve all re-sizing, de-interlacing, decoding and artifact reduction, DP created an efficient electronics architecture that employs the best individual solution for each vital processing step. This detailed and innovative approach to imaging purity takes both time and investment, but guarantees superior on-screen results for all source types.

As the original innovator of the 3-chip DLP® projector, and Texas Instruments’ very first DLP® partner, Digital Projection applies both passion and unparalleled expertise to all of our display designs. Like no other company, we are dedicated to clients and applications that require accurate and powerful large screen solutions. The exclusive performance of our NextGen electronics, available in all of our TITAN and LIGHTNING Pro Series II displays, serves as but one very tangible example of how our philosophy and methodology deliver visual experiences that stand above all others.

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