dVision LED

 ✓ up to 1,100 ANSI Lumens  ✓ 7,500:1 Contrast Ratio  ✓ 1080p, WUXGA, & WQXGA

Vast lens shift, 100,000+ hours of illumination and an incomparable color gamut define the dVision LED projectors

100,000+ Hours of Lamp-free Illumination
As DP’s LED-based displays do not contain traditional lamps, dVision LED projectors deliver unprecedented long-term cost of ownership benefits including lower overall maintenance and over 100,000 hours of LED illumination life. This combination of consistently stable, long-term light output and the supremely low-maintenance LED illumination system defines DP’s dVision LED displays. All while never replacing a single lamp! If your application demands long run hours and prioritizes image consistency, the dVision LED projector line will deliver compelling value.

LED Projection Delivers Incomparable Color
Unmatched color saturation and color stability characterize DP’s LED projectors. Capable of producing a color gamut that tracks alongside the REC2020 color standard, the LED color space delivers an awe-inspiring color experience. Additionally, due to the purity of light produced from LED diodes, LED displays are consistently perceived up to 30% brighter than their measurable specifications.

Remarkable Installation Flexibility
dVision projectors are quiet, elegantly designed and offer impressive installation flexibility through an extensive array of ultra-accurate optics. Quick-change motorized lens mounts provide an extensive range of horizontal and vertical lens shift, allowing the projectors to be placed in a wide variety of locations in relation to the screen. Numerous fixed and zoom lenses are available.

Suitable for any applications that can limit the roomís ambient light and prioritize image stability and a wide color gamut.

Mission-critical 24/7 projection applications
Elite Home Entertainment & Home Theater

Key Specs
  • up to 1,100 ANSI Lumens
  • 7,500:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1080p, WUXGA, & WQXGA
  • Lifetime Illumination

Key Features

3 Year Warranty

Due to the proven reliability and long-term performance of our precision displays, DP provides a full 3 years of parts and labor coverage for projectors and accessories employed in standard use applications.

3D Capable

DP offers the most diverse 3D-enabled projector line-up available today. Key technical innovations such as our Active-3D sideboard with dual pipe, high-bandwidth input ensure your immersive 3D experiences are second to none.

DP Certified Lamps

Protect Your 3 Year Warranty – Buy and Use DP Certified Lamps.

Over the years, DP has seen numerous instances of irreparable projector damage, caused by the use of non-DP certified, non-original lamps. To ensure you attain maximum performance and reliability from your DP projector, and keep the original 3 year warranty intact, we urge you to purchase DP certified lamps.

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