Mercury 930

 ✓ up to 14,000 ANSI Lumens  ✓ 2,000:1 Contrast Ratio  ✓ 1080p & WUXGA

High-brightness yet budget-conscious 3-chip DLP series with a host of professional features

Powerful, Multi-functional 3-chip DLP Projector
Digital Projectionís dual-lamp Mercury platform incorporates advanced image Warp and Blend capabilities, simplified 3D capabilities and a host of professional features to suit a wide range of commercial applications. Ideal for medium to large-screen professional venues, Mercury projectors enlist advanced geometry correction, high quality edge blending, and multi-projector tiling to ensure a seamless, contiguous image can be created from multiple projectors.

With a light output between 13,500 and 14,500 lumens, Mercury 930 3D projectors employ dual 465 watt high intensity discharge lamps for incredibly bright imagery. DPís ColorMaxô technology presents the most flexible color management system available today, and serves as a powerful color calibration tool, whether the installation calls for a single projector or an array of projectors in tiled or blended applications. A remarkable range of lens shift allows for broad installation flexibility, augmented by a wide fixed and zoom lens array with throw ratios ranging from .67 to 10:36:1.

Counter Ambient Light with a High Brightness Projector
Need to counter the high amount of ambient light in your sanctuary? Do you need a projection solution that can retain the punch of your imagery, even with the house lights on? Delivering a presentation but need the audience members to take notes throughout? The Mercury overcomes the faded, low contrast imagery that results in some high ambient light environments with over 13,000 lumens of powerful brightness. Retain the functionality of your venue without losing image quality by enlisting a Mercury projector in your application.

Suitable for a wide range of commercial and professional applications where high light output is essential.

Houses of Worship
Live Performance/Staging
Higher Education
Large Screen Entertainment
Architectural / 3D Mapping

Key Specs
  • up to 14,000 ANSI Lumens
  • 2,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1080p & WUXGA

Key Features

Warp, Blend & More

DP’s Warp, Blend and Geometric Correction features, including the ability to make extensive geometric warp correction for screens with complex geometry, are included in select projectors. Additionally, superbly capable edge blending and multi-projector tiling is provided by way of high bit depth processing that ensures a seamless, contiguous image can be created from multiple projectors.

3 Year Warranty

Due to the proven reliability and long-term performance of our precision displays, DP provides a full 3 years of parts and labor coverage for projectors and accessories employed in standard use applications.

3D Capable

DP offers the most diverse 3D-enabled projector line-up available today. Key technical innovations such as our Active-3D sideboard with dual pipe, high-bandwidth input ensure your immersive 3D experiences are second to none.

High Performance Inputs

Dual Link DVI, DisplayPort and HDBaseT options are a few of the many high-performance inputs available in select DP projectors. Applications with 120 Hz native sources can utilize the TITAN’s High Bandwidth input, eliminating the need for frame doubling. DisplayPort and HDBaseT inputs further extend the source flexibility of DP’s product line.

DP Certified Lamps

Protect Your 3 Year Warranty – Buy and Use DP Certified Lamps.

Over the years, DP has seen numerous instances of irreparable projector damage, caused by the use of non-DP certified, non-original lamps. To ensure you attain maximum performance and reliability from your DP projector, and keep the original 3 year warranty intact, we urge you to purchase DP certified lamps.

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