Digital Projection at ITEC recap

digital-projection-itecThe Digital Projection booth at ITEC 2015 showcased the latest products in their portfolio with an emphasis on Solid State Technology. The new INSIGHT 4K Laser  was on show demonstrating their stunning colour gamut and image clarity at full 4K resolution (4096 × 2160), as well as the M-Vision LED. which offers 60,000 hours stable, solid state illumination


INSIGHT 4K Laser Laser was teamed with the Navitar Hemistar HMR-133 lens which delivers a 170.6 horizontal and 84.4 vertical FOV from a single projector. The projector boasts 12,000 ANSI lumens with a 20,000 hour solid state illumination lifetime from the laser illumination system

M-Vision LED

M-Vision LED is an extremely reliable, low-maintenance projector with a stunning colour gamut and contrast. With 60,000 hour stable LED illumination you are guaranteed years of consistent light output without the need for regular recalibration.

Navitar Hemistar Lens

In addition to Digital Projection pioneering solid state stable light sources, dome systems can now be taken one step further with regards to minimal maintenance and calibration with Navitar HemiStar Fisheye lenses which allow for single channel visual systems. Ideal for projection on small domes in simulation environments.



INSIGHT 4K Laser with Navitar lens - single projector and dome screen set-up



The stunning colour gamut of the M-Vision LED demonstrating a ship bridge simulation

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