ISE 2017 Review

inAVation Award Winner 2017

ISE 2017 broke all attendance records and was the busiest for Digital Projection in its history.

Along with 5 new projectors being launched, a highlight was winning the prestigious inAVate Award for the most innovative technology for Large Group Presentation with the INSIGHT Laser 4K. It was the flexibility and bright, crystal clear imaging that tipped the awards in the favour of the INSIGHT, with many examples of it being put to use in numerous case studies here:

The show floor saw the launch of the following range of Solid Stage Laser Phosphor projectors:

- 27,000 lumen INSIGHT Dual 4K Laser

- 10,000 Lumen E-Vision Laser 10K

- 7,500 lumen E-Vision Laser 4K UHD

- M-Vision Laser WUXGA

While the above mentioned launches outline Digital Projection commitment to Solid State Laser Phosphor projection technology, there were still stunning lamp based displays on show, most notably with the new 20,000 lumen Mercury Quad along with the 25,000 lumen INSIGHT 4K Quad.

We would like to thank our partners who helped make this possible, namely:

- AV Stumpfl who provided their WINGS Engine Pro servers which powered the content across the range of 4K and HD projectors.

- Distribution of 4K@60Hz 10 bit video signal to 4 of the units on the stand was aided by our cabling partner* Zentrica. Their TeraWire cabling range has various options available, allowing you to distribute DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0, DVI and USB signal up to 100m without external power.

- The scrrens were provided by DNP who had 8 Supernova One screens and a stunning 5m wide DNP Infinity


The E-Vision Laser 4K (top) and E-Vision Laser 10K in action on the show floor

The entrace to the booth adorned by flagship 3-Chip DLP proejctors

The new MERCUTY Quad (top) and ever-reliable HIGHlite Laser brought stunning 3-Chip DLP imagery to the booth

The full range of 1-chip and 3-Chip DLP laser and lamp based projecotrs were on show at ISE 2017

4K-UHD and WUXGA Singke Chip DLP E-Vision Laser Projectors

Digital Prijection at ISE 2017

The new INSIGHT Dual 4K Laser (top left) welcomes visitors to the booth