DPI Announces MERCURY Series Upgrades


Great news! We've just announced two performance upgrades to our MERCURY HD 3-chip DLP™ home entertainment projector.



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The first is a novel approach to chassis cooling, which results
in an ultra-low operating noise level of just 35dB. The second is
the inclusion of full High-Definition Content Protection (HDCP) compliance.

The new operating noise level of 35dB, considered best-in-class
among all 3-chip DLP™ projectors, frees home systems
integrators to install MERCURY HD's in nearly any location
within a home cinema or media space, without concern that
projector fan noise will become a distraction to the
entertainment experience.

HDCP compliance enables the projector to display the highest
quality, high-value content, such as copyrighted Hollywood movies
on DVD and High-Definition satellite channels, through the
all-digital DVI input. MORE DETAILS


  DPI's HIGHlite 'Pro' Series Goes 3D

Speaking of upgrades, be sure to tell your dealers that both the
HIGHlite 8000Dsx+
and HIGHlite 12000Dsx+ Professional Series projectors now provide full support for active 3D applications. These are DPI's first projectors to deliver active stereo capability, up to 96 Hz at 1400 x 1050 resolution, as a standard feature.

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CES 05, Las Vegas
January 6-9, 2005

NAB 05, Las Vegas

April 16-21, 2005

InfoComm 05, Las Vegas

June 8-10, 2005

CEDIA Expo 05
September 9-11, 2005

  Product Delivery Updates


Speaking of the MERCURY series, we have dramatically improved
its availability. As a matter of fact, we estimate that by early Q1
2005, DP will be quoting two week delivery or better on every order for
a MERCURY HD, 5000HD or 5000gv.

With its versatile input capability, LAN connectivity and low cost
of ownership, the MERCURY series delivers a combination of value
and performance that is unrivaled. Not to mention DP's
unparalleled application expertise, service and support.

To meet the demands of our home cinema dealers, DP will be
placing more MERCURY projectors into our demo fleet. Contact
your RMDM now to get your hands on one.

HIGHlite 12000Dsx+

While we are on the subject of better delivery, we should not forget
to mention the new HIGHlite 12000Dsx+. Coming off one of the most successful product introductions in company history, we are now quoting two to four week delivery.

Truly a one of a kind, the 12000Dsx+ provides 11,000-plus ANSI
lumens with a spectacular contrast ratio greater than 1800:1. It
features active 3D capability and, when used with earlier series
HIGHlite lenses, it can produce contrast in excess of 2500:1! In
addition to large venue and staging customers, we've also been successful marketing the 12000Dsx+ to clubs, visualization,
business, religious, broadcast and even home applications. Bottom
line: the HIGHlite Pro series is an extremely versatile projection platform.

We have recently added more HIGHlite Pro's to our demo fleet.
Contact your RMDM now to schedule demonstrations.

dVision Series

Don't forget - the dVision series starts shipping Q1 2005! Up to
5,000 ANSI lumens, up to 6000:1 contrast, single-chip DLP™...

CLICK HERE for more about the dVision sx+
CLICK HERE for more about the dVision HD

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We've made adjustments to DPI's Projector Warranty Statement:

  • dVision Inclusion
  • Adjustment to LIGHTNING series

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