Staging Industry Embracing Widescreen
Format - and the LIGHTNING 35HD


Since introducing our premier 3-chip DLP™ Professional series projector earlier this year, the LIGHTNING 35HD, we have announced notable sales of the projector to a number
of top stagers for use in large venue, wide format applications.


We believe the increasing use of widescreen projection
through 2004 is a clear indication that 2005 will be a banner
year for the adoption of widescreen formats in staged events
of all magnitude.

Many of the companies investing in fleets of LIGHTNING 35HD ‘Professional' series projectors are widely perceived as the staging industry's trendsetters...

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Fleet Purchases of the HIGHlite 'Pro'

We've recently announced major shipments of our HIGHlite 12000Dsx+ 'Pro' Series projector to a number of the event
industry's leading staging
and rental companies.

Among the companies purchasing the 11,000-plus ANSI lumen, SXGA+ resolution 3-chip DLP™ projector are...

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  DP's dVision sx+ Shipping in January

We're very pleased to announce that our new dual-lamp, single-chip DLP™ dVision sx+ has commenced production. First shipments in January will serve our backlog. New orders will be filled beginning in February.

The dVision HD-7, with dual 7-segment color wheels, is not far behind.  First shipments of this native 720p projector will commence in February/March.

Providing up to 5,000 ANSI lumens or, at lower lumen levels, a stellar 5000:1 contrast, the dVision sx+  leads the class in single-chip projection capability.  Likewise, with up to 2,500
ANSI lumens or a maximum contrast of 6000:1, the performance of the dVision HD-7 stands above all other single-chip, wide aspect ratio displays.

The precise imaging of the dVision series is uniquely complemented by their ultra-quiet operation and tremendous installation flexibility. dVisions can be configured with a wide range of available optics, all with motorized shift, zoom, focus and aperture.

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CES 05, Las Vegas
January 6-9, 2005

NAB 05, Las Vegas

April 16-21, 2005

InfoComm 05, Las Vegas

June 8-10, 2005

CEDIA Expo 05
September 9-11, 2005

  New Password-Protected Web Site


In an attempt to streamline and safeguard the process of delivering important information to our Commercial AV Dealers and Staging Customers, we have created an exclusive password-protected Web site. This site will allow for immediate access to our Dealer Pricing and other important documents.

Within the next two weeks, our Dealers and Staging Customers
will receive an e-mail containing their username and password
along with more specific details and procedures.

In the meantime,
Dealers and Staging Customers should direct all questions to their RMDM or DP's Marketing Department.

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