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Digital Projection's VIP 3000
New VIP 3000 Delivers Warp, Blend and More

DPI proudly announces the first shipments of the VIP 3000. The big brother to the VIP 2000, the VIP 3000 is more than just a switcher, and so much more than just a video processor. The VIP 3000 is a virtual multimedia artist’s toolbox featuring the following abilities:

    • A variety of Digital, analog and audio inputs for broad source connectivity
    • Image Pan and Zoom
    • 4 sided, 8 zone image blending for multi-projector array applicatons
    • 10 bit black-level correction for matching black level in non-blend areas
    • Highly capable multipoint Warp – adjusted in real time via an easy to use PC application
    • Picture in Picture (even across blend area)
    • Temporal / Film noise filter and advanced MPEG noise reduction
    • Broadcast quality De-interlacing
    • State of the Art HQV HD Video processing

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We're Growing Again!
DP Adds Applications Specialist and Projector Technicians

In order to deliver the best customer service and support in the industry, DP is pleased to announce the addition of three key support technicians to the DP team.

Digital Projection - Mark Stephens
Mark Stephens has joined DP as Senior Applications Specialist. With over 18 years of experience in numerous facets of the projection industry, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to DP’s already robust applications support team. Stephens has already commenced working directly with DP’s extensive dealer and end user network across the US and Canada.

Digital Projection - Technicians
Additionally, Christina Ball and Khoa Nguyen recently joined the DP service technicians group. Christina previously worked for the United States Air Force and Navy in numerous technical capacities, including an Aviation Electronics technician. Khoa joins DP with extensive experience in the system installation and operation sector. Khoa also previously worked in the United States Army's Avionics service department.

DP is proud to welcome our new team members at just the right time. Watch for more exciting news on DP's expanding product line and service abilities.

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Digital Projection's 3D server
3D Entertainment is Extraordinary... and Expanding

First there was a string of 3D concert presentations and an ambitious commitment from Hollywood Studios to put over 30 3D films in production through 2012.

Next there was A Christmas Carol (click here to read our prior review). That recent 3D remake of the classic story left us with a warm feeling of hope, and very impressed with how quickly Hollywood was learning to employ state-of-the-art 3D technology to improve our film entertainment experience.

Now we have been given the gift of Avatar – the breathtaking and truly amazing creation of James Cameron. This all new, extra-terrestrial monster of a story has epic written all over it, and left us blown away by how powerful 3D entertainment can be when the creator’s vision, script, setting, characters, production tools and cinematography are all aligned to achieve maximum viewer immersion through artful, multi-dimensional story telling. If you have not treated yourself to Avatar yet, you have a revolutionary cinema experience to look forward to.

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DP Wows Sundance Film Festival for 12th Year

Under a fresh blanket of snow and with more falling, the 2010 Sundance Film Festival is underway. This year’s festival is under the guidance of new director John Cooper. Having served the festival for over 20 years in various capacities, John replaces long time festival director Geoffrey Gilmore.

The Sundance Film Festival is the world’s largest and most influential festival for independent films. The 2010 festival follows a theme of rebirth, renewal and rebellion against the establishment of the expected.

This year’s Sundance is once again proving that video content continues to change and dominate the landscape of this “film festival.” Digital Projection International’s precision displays are in 17 of the festival’s 18 venues. Digital Projection LIGHTNING and TITAN projectors will work for over two weeks, 19 hours per day, projecting 117 movies. And, for the first time, video projection has expanded beyond the confines of Park City and Salt Lake City. A TITAN 1080p 700 is permanently installed at the Peery’s Egyptian Theater in Ogden, Utah.

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ISE 2010
DPI's ISE Sneak Peek

Enlisting a 360 degree dome, full resolution 3D interactivity, long-life LED technology and more, DPI’s showcase will be THE must –see booth at ISE from Feb. 2-4, 2010. By demonstrating a selection of our projection displays’ unique application capabilities, DPI’s booth (#1G67) will present a sample of the flexibility and adaptability offered by our commercial projection systems.

Anchoring this year’s booth will be the first ever fully-illuminated, 360 degree multi-projector dome. Over 39’ in diameter and almost 20’ tall, the dome’s interior will be illuminated by way of six TITAN 1080p Dual 3D projectors. An approximate 12 million pixel array of imagery will be seamlessly projected within the 360 dome. Through equal parts ingenuity and creative construction, the projectors will be mounted in a way that creates a flawless, unobstructed image on the dome’s interior. Special thanks to UK-based companies HoloVis and 7th Sense for providing their expertise and software. Attendees simply have to see our 360 degree presentation first hand.

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Houston AV Expo, Feb.17-18

Mizzen Marketing, Audio Technologies Group and Crystal Clear AV Marketing are pleased to announce the Houston AV Expo, coming February 17 & 18, 2010 in Houston, Texas.

This showcase will focus on the latest innovations in audio-video technology and will feature live demonstrations, manufacturer training/seminars and Infocomm CTS Renewal Unit courses. The Expo provides a unique opportunity for Houston area AV dealers/integrators, consultants and invited end-users to have valuable one-on-one time with the audio and video manufacturers represented by Mizzen, ATG and Crystal Clear AV Marketing.

Digital Projection’s precision 3D projectors will wow the attendees with immersive 3D content. Thanks to Mizzen Marketing and all the companies involved in planning the 1st Annual Houston AV Expo. If you’d like to attend the Expo, click here to register.

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Photos of the Month

Mt. Pisgah UMC's Christmas Festival

Mt. Pisgah UMC Uses Digital Projection

Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church recently held it's stunning 4th Annual North Atlanta Christmas Festival. Involving over 400 people including the renown 150-voice Mount Pisgah Worship Choir, a 40 piece orchestra and spectacular special effects featuring Digital Projection large venue projectors, this year’s presentation miraculously exceeded the much-lauded 2008 presentation.

Mt. Pisgah UMC Uses Digital Projection

For the three consecutive nights of the 2009 North Atlanta Christmas Festival, the Technical Ministry at Mount Pisgah was tasked with creating a video environment using multiple DP projectors that would serve as both a backdrop for sequences with live performers and for showcasing critical video content.

Mt. Pisgah UMC Uses Digital Projection

Keith Frey, Director of Technical Ministries at Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church commented; “I continuously select Digital Projection large venue projectors for our highly anticipated Christmas production. Their reliability, image quality and ease of configuration are paramount to the success of the Christmas Festival.”

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Tech Tip

Interpreting Lens Shift Specifications for Successful Installations

There are a few different methods that projector manufacturers use to specify the range of lens shift that their products provide. Some manufacturers publish the absolute maximum lens shift their products are capable of providing, without disclosing that achieving this (maximum) shift range may only be possible when the lens is set within a narrow range of its entire zoom ratio capability. Such liberal descriptions of lens shift capability can cause integrators to discover they cannot achieve the lens shift their application requires, but only after they are on site with the projector in the ceiling mount. That is the wrong time to learn a product’s specifications are based on a “best case” installation.

Others manufacturers, including Digital Projection, publish more detailed and conservative lens shift specifications that have been verified for every possible lens selection and zoom position combination. This conservative approach assures our customers always achieve the lens shift they expect when installing our products. It also means that there will be some installations where, depending on the zoom position, more lens shift may be available than what our specification describes.

Given the difference between a best case lens shift spec and a conservative spec, it is nearly impossible to rely on spec sheets to compare the lens shift performance of products from manufacturers that use different spec methodology.

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