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3D Badges
Digital Projection Reveals 14 Active 3D Capable Displays

Digital Projection’s all-new lineup of 3D projectors provides precise and immersive imaging for scientific, commercial, military and entertainment applications. Our 3D lineup includes active 3D capable projectors in the iVision, TITAN and LIGHTNING product families.

iVision 3D Badges

We are offering two active 3D projectors in our single-chip projector lineup – the iVision sx+ 3D - equipped with a standard zoom lens, and the iVision sx+W-3D, equipped with a short throw ratio fixed lens. The size, weight, SXGA+ native resolution and Brilliant Color™ imaging make both iVision 3D models great solutions for portable 3D applications and permanent 3D installations with smaller screens.

TITAN 3D Badges

The new TITAN 3D product range is comprised of eight distinct projectors. In addition to the 3-chip DLP technology already included in each display, the TITAN 3D chassis houses our wide bandwidth active 3D electronics, which support sources running up to 120 Hz vertical refresh rate at 1080p native resolution. The TITAN 3D models are available with either SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) or 1080p (1920 x 1080) DMDs. Both the TITAN 3D SXGA+ and 1080p platforms are offered as either dual or single lamp models, and each of the two lamp configurations can be further customized as either High-Brightness or Ultra-Contrast models.


For active 3D applications demanding the highest lumen performance, DPI’s new LIGHTNING 3D offers the same source compatibility and imaging capabilities as the TITANs, while producing up to 21,000 ANSI lumens and 4000:1 contrast. Both High-Brightness and Ultra-Contrast versions of the LIGHTNING 40iSX+ 3D and LIGHTNING 1080p-3D are also available, yielding a total of four powerful LIGHTNING 3D models from which to choose.

To read more about the key features of the full 3D lineup, please click here.

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Digital Projection Mercator
Introducing the MERCATOR III
Warp and Blend Engine

Extraordinary warp and blend technology for rigorous applications

Digital Projection now offers the most advanced Warp and Blend system to complement our full range of precision displays. Brought to you through our partnership with the simulation experts at RockWell Collins, the Mercator III represents the pinnacle of precise, low latency image warp and blend technology.

Presented for the very first time on our February 12th price sheet, the Mercator III is a modular, rack mounted solution that can be ordered in standard configurations to support from 2 to 16 display channels. Applications with more than 16 channels can also be addressed on a custom quotation basis.

When compared with other warp solutions that are available, the benefits of the Mercator system are compelling:

    • Precise Warp, capable of supporting nearly all surface geometries.
    • Extensive blend capabilities, including gamma fine-tuning and black level offset in non-blend areas.
    • Color shading, color matrixing and primary color correction on a per-channel or global basis.
    • Extremely low latency, even with more extreme warp values.
    • Intuitive user interface and mapping tools aid in the alignment of complex multi-channel systems.
    • Supports source formats from 50 – 140 Hz and up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (165 MHz maximum pixel clock).
    • Component design allows users to share the Mercator’s warp and blend capabilities across many projectors.
    • Rack mount configuration assures simple troubleshooting and rapid service.
    • Pre-configured “standard” multi-channel packages make specifying and pricing the Mercator III straightforward.
    • On a channel for channel basis, priced competitively with far less capable and higher latency systems.
    • Delivered with Digital Projection’s outstanding application support and service.
If you would like to review more of the technical details, click here.

Digital Projection will demonstrate the Mercator III at trade shows throughout 2009, but if you have a current warp / blend project and would like more immediate information, contact your Digital Projection Regional Manager.

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SUNDANCE Sets Records, TRIBECA On the Horizon

The record-breaking 2009 SUNDANCE Film Festival wrapped late last month to widespread acclaim. This year’s festival set a new attendance record, as well as a new record for the amount of video presented at the festival. Out of a total of 218 titles, 147 of them were high definition video! In total, there were 121 feature films shown, of which 75 were projected by way of Digital Projection’s LIGHTNING, TITAN and Morpheus displays. Of the 92 short films shown, 72 were in HD.

Digital Projection has been the official provider of video projectors to the Sundance Film Festival since 1998. We consider it an honor to help bring some of the year’s most creative films to tens of thousands of festival attendees. In fact, we are already making preliminary preparations for another stellar performance at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

Just as we finished unpacking the projectors at the DP home office, we learned that the TRIBECA Film Festival would once again be using precision displays from DPI. New York City’s premier film festival will be using a fleet of our TITAN 1080p-700 projectors in six venues across the city. In addition, the festival will also rely on three of our flagship LIGHTNING 40 and 45 HD projectors. This makes the fourth year that Digital Projection will have the privilege of participating in this most prestigious east-coast festival.

The Tribeca Film Festival takes place from April 22 through May 3, 2009. For more information, please click here.

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RP Screen
Compact, Quick to Assemble and Incredibly Bright -- Introducing Digital Projection’s RP Suite

February was a prolific month for Digital Projection. Never in the 12-year history of our company have we announced so many new projectors. Among the new product launches are three completely new Rear Projection systems: the TITAN RP97, TITAN RP119 and the LIGHTNING RP147. Named for each model’s respective diagonal screen size, each RP system offers a pre-engineered, high brightness solution for extreme ambient light applications.

The RP97 was originally designed as an alternative to oversized flat-screen displays for the home entertainment market. Today’s 100”+ LCD displays may make adequate images, but their weight of several hundred pounds presents an extremely difficult installation process, often requiring in-wall structural modifications to support their weight. Furthermore, the long-term support of oversized flat screen displays can be problematic, given the permanent nature of installing such large and heavy fixtures.

RP Series

Digital Projection’s RP models are comprised of a rugged frame system, which incorporates multi-axis projector and mirror mounts, a high performance rear projection screen and a TITAN or LIGHTNING 3-chip DLP projector,. The RP systems can be integrated into new or existing construction to create a sleek, screen-in-the-wall solution.

If service were needed on the projector, the projector is easily removed from the enclosure for on-site service or, if necessary, easily dispatched to a DP service depot. In an extreme situation, if the screen was damaged, it can be easily replaced. Considering the RP97 and RP119 can fit into a space as deep as a standard coat closet, the RP series offers incredible imagery without the worry and extra expense of wall-mounting today’s oversized LCD displays.

As always, DP’s CoolTek™ engineering delivers exceptional giant screen imaging performance at the lowest power consumption. In fact, the TITAN projectors included with the RP 97 and RP117 models operate on approximately half the wattage of a 100” + flat panel.

Paired with a TITAN 1080p-500 or a LIGHTNING 30-1080p and your choice of either a Black Bead Fresnel or StarGlas screen, the imagery showcased by the RP series is awe-inspiring. Even in the highest ambient light situations, the RP series produces up to an astounding 180 FtL. Bright, beautiful imagery is easily achieved, regardless of the amount of ambient light.

Applications abound for this powerful array of rear screen enclosures: digital signage, boardrooms, command and control, plus elite Home Cinema.

Click Here for more information on Digital Projection’s RP Series.

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Digital Projection is Hiring

Location: Rocky Mountain Region, USA
Department: Regional Manager, Sales

Description: Digital Projection, Inc. (DPI), an Emmy® award winning manufacturer of high performance projection systems, is seeking candidates for a key Sales and Marketing position.

Regional Managers are the most important component in attaining Digital Projection’s sales and customer satisfaction objectives. They link dealers, consultants and end users to DP’s superb products, team and services. They provide the marketplace with training, product information, demonstration and sales support, and they are in command of their own success as well as the success of DP and it’s customers within their region. Applicants should be highly personable and technically proficient. We are seeking candidates based in the Denver or Rocky Mountain area that possess 3 – 5 years experience in the sales or support of large screen displays and/or related electronics.

Digital Projection provides competitive compensation, benefits and exciting incentives. Salary commensurate with experience. If you have the skills, personality and motivation to work with a team that is committed to producing highly differentiated large screen display solutions and experiences, email your resume to or fax your resume to 770.420.1360.

Location: Kennesaw, GA
Department: Senior Application Support Engineer

Description: Digital Projection, Inc. (DPI), an Emmy® award winning manufacturer of high performance projection systems, is seeking candidates for a key Application Support Engineer position.

The Senior Application Support Engineer will provide technical phone support to customers in both Commercial and Home Cinema channels. Requires exceptional customer service and communication skills, both oral and written. Must have comprehensive understanding of electronics (AC/DC circuits). Ability to read schematics & logical thinking required. Will learn and maintain constant understanding of projector performance specifications, control protocol, operation and general troubleshooting techniques. Will provide technical and application training to customers and other team members. Must have great work ethic, great attitude, superior attendance record, and be a cooperative team player. Must be able to acquire a passport.

Digital Projection provides competitive compensation, benefits and exciting incentives. Salary commensurate with experience. If you have the skills, personality and motivation to work with a team that is committed to producing highly differentiated large screen display solutions and experiences, email your resume to or fax your resume to 770.420.1360.

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Important Information: Updated CAV Dealer Pricing

As of February 12, 2009, Digital Projection is announcing an update to our Dealer and List pricing exclusively to our Commercial A/V Dealers and Reps. The updated price list is available to you NOW on our password-protected web site for current DPI Dealers.

If you are a DP Dealer or Rep with login credentials, CLICK HERE for access.
If you are a DP Dealer or Rep but don't have updated login credentials, CLICK HERE to register for access.

Important updates include:

PLEASE NOTE: Login and password credentials for the new DPI website changed in June of 2008. If you are having trouble accessing your dealer page, please contact DPI Marketing Communications.

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Racing Season 2009
Digital Projection Gears up for Another Racing Season

Digital Projection is getting the transport ready for our 2009 tour of NASCAR and INDY car races. So far we are confirmed for 3 races, all at Texas Motor Speedway. Race weekends will be April 3-5, June 4-6, and November 5-8. If you are interested in attending any of these races, check with your RMDM for availability.

We have a very limited number of tickets available so please contact your RMDM immediately. We hope to see you there!

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Lance Weiler
Congratulations to Lance Weiler

Digital Projection extends a belated "congratulations" to friend and movie producer Lance Weiler. Weiler was recently recognized as one of the “Eighteen People Who Changed Hollywood" by BusinessWeek magazine. Chuck Collins, Vice President of Digital Projection’s Commercial AV division, fondly remembers helping stage the premier of The Last Broadcast. Collins remarked, “It was 1998 and Digital Cinema was in its infancy. Lance and I and his business partner Stefan Avalos hauled our POWER 8GV up a couple of flights of stair into the projection booth of a theater in Pennsylvania. The movie looked spectacular and was extremely entertaining.”

Always the trendsetter, Weiler uses social media outreach, flashmob-organized underground drive-in screenings and real-time interaction to enhance the viewing experience of his most recent movie, Head Trauma. For more information on Weiler’s recognition, you can view the BusinessWeek article here.

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Photo of the Month

Grammy Museum - Los Angeles, CA
DesignandProduction Incorporated

Grammys Museum 1
Sixteen Digital Projection displays are delivering an impressive array of imagery throughout the new Grammy Museum. From interactive touch tables to the 200-seat auditorium, DP's iVisions, dVisions and TITANs can be found throughout the museum.

Grammys Museum 2 Nicholas Min, IT Manager for the Grammy Museum, remarked "From the brightness and clarity of their imagery, to the quickness of their response, (the DP projectors) play an essential role in The GRAMMY Museum."

Grammys Museum 3 Other features of the museum include a projected map cutout of the US detailing key moments in musical history, Watchout-driven content on a curved immersive screen, and a touch-sensitive Touchfoil table where visitors can prompt audio files that correspond with the imagery.
Special thanks to Gallagher & Associates for the photographs.

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