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Digital Projection Announces 2007 Road Show!

Precisions Displays on Tour

Mark your calendars!  Commencing in mid-March during NSCA, and wrapping up in mid-May, Digital Projection is “hitting the streets” with a major 9 city road show showcasing our newest projection displays. The stars of DP’s Precision Displays Tour will include the newest mid and large venue products from our rugged pro-series, as well as the very best of our exclusive home cinema and business projection solutions.

The DP Precision Displays Tour will make exclusive appearances in the following cities:

Orlando – March 15-16
San Francisco – March 28-29
Los Angeles – April 3-4
Dallas – April 11-12
Houston – April 18-19
Chicago – April 25-26
New York – May 2-3
Washington D.C. – May 9-10
Atlanta – May 16-17

The stars of the Precision Displays Tour will include the newest mid and large venue products from DP’s rugged pro-series, as well as the very best of our exclusive home cinema solutions.  Specifically:

Pro Series and Commercial Displays:

  • LIGHTNING Pro 40 isx+ (22,000 lumens, 1400 x 1050 resolution, integrated electronics)
  • LIGHTNING Pro 40HD (22,000 lumens, 2048 x 1080 resolution, active 3D)
  • TITAN Pro 1080p-500 (6000 lumens, 1920 x 1080 resolution, compact – rugged – quiet)
  • TITAN Pro sx+-500 (5500 lumens, 1400 x 1050, P-7 colorimetry and Xenon color mode)
  • DVision 30 sx+ (6000 lumens, 1400 x 1050, long life dual lamp system)
  • iVision 30sx+ (2500 lumens, 1400 x 1050, precision optics, ultra compact and quiet)

Home Cinema Displays:

  • TITAN 1080p-250 (up to 2000 lumens, 1920 x 1080 resolution, xenon color mode with P-7 colorimetry, superb contrast, compact and ultra quiet
  • dVision 1080p /  VIP system package (up to 2000 lumens, 1920 x 1080, variable aperture for black level optimization)
  • iVision 20HD (1100 lumens, 1280x720 resolution, Precision optics, ultra compact and quiet)

For all the details on the Tour venues and show hours, click here, or contact your Digital Projection Regional Manager or Manufacturer’s Rep for your personal invitation.

Click HERE to download the Attendee Information Packet

Click HERE to register online to attend one of DP's Road Shows

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DPI Sponsors ISF Commercial Launch

Digital Projection is proud to announce that we are supporting the launch of ISF Commercial with a corporate sponsorship.  The Imaging Science Foundation is dedicated to the highest standards of display calibration and the attainment of perfect images on screen.  As the innovator of 3-chip DLP® technology, DP is eager to be aligned with an organization that places as much emphasis on calibration perfection as we do in manufacturing our projectors.

Beginning at NSCA and again at infoComm, show attendees will have the opportunity to enroll in the ISF Commercial certification program.  The course covers the science of light and color and includes hands-on instruction on how to properly calibrate front and rear projection and flat panel displays.

As a founding sponsor of ISF Commercial, you have DPI’s commitment that all of our displays are engineered and calibrated to deliver precise on-screen images.  Additionally, DPI’s Chuck Collins and George Walter have been selected to serve on the board of advisors for ISF Commercial. Their involvement will help assure the alignment processes key to maximizing performance of 3-chip DLP displays are faithfully included in the program.

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Orlando Marks DP Rep Meeting & First Stop Of Road Show Tour

Digital Projection will be holding our annual NSCA Manufacturer's Rep meeting at the Doubletree Castle Hotel in Orlando during NSCA (March 14-16).  The Rep meeting will be held on Wednesday the 14th, and the following two days will serve as the first stop on the DP 2007 Road Show!

By attending the DP 2007 Road Show, you will experience an in-depth demonstration of our high-performance line of SX+, HD and 1080p display solutions. We will be featuring models from nearly every product platform in our lineup - very similar to our remarkable exhibits at recent trade shows. If you haven’t been able to attend infoComm or CEDIA in recent years, this will be a great chance to see the new products DP has brought to market.

To schedule an appointment to join us for our product Road Show in Orlando, please contact your DP Regional Manager, or your local Manufacturer’s Representative or complete this simple online form.

Road Show Registration Form

Road Show Venue Information:
Doubletree Castle Hotel
8629 International Dr.
Orlando, FL 32819
Tel: 407-345-1511

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Sundance Film Festival 2007

Photo of the Month

For the ninth consecutive year, Digital Projection proudly served as Official Provider of digital video projectors to the Sundance Film Festival. As seen in the photo above, DP's LIGHTNING 40HD-T projector presented astounding color depth and contrast for audiences of up to 1,300 people during the 10 day festival.

A HIGHlite 14000HD projector resides next to a film projector in the Library Center Theater at Sundance. Each year, the number of digital screenings increases and has recently outnumbered the exhibitions presented on film.

DP's Chuck Collins and Bill Gillette expertly calibrate a LIGHTNING 40HD-T projector for correct colorimetry and theatrical screen brightness using a PR-650 full spectrum colorimeter.

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dVision Rigging Frame
VIP 2000: Firmware Upgrade 1.2.4A
What It Is And
Why You Need It!

The VIP 2000 1.2.4A firmware was released this past January and contains many solutions to issues found in previous firmware revisions. 

There had been a continual issue that caused a problem if an RS-232 command was received while the VIP 2000 was in standby.  The firmware was looking for a properly formatted ‘on’ command, however if another command was sent first, the VIP2000 would not recognize any further commands.  The 1.2.4A firmware has corrected this issue.

Also included in this update is a solution to removing the on-screen display information that appears when switching sources.  This feature is in the ‘Timeouts’ listing under 'Configuration' in the menu.

For a complete list of fixes in this latest firmware release, please Click Here to download the package.

We expect the release of the HDMI expansion cards and associated firmware update to be available around the end of Q2 and look forward to those items providing even more flexibility to our VIP 2000 users.

Tech Tip Archive

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