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Quickship logo DP Defines Product Availability with QuickShip>> Designation

DP’s decade long commitment to provide projection products for a varied array of applications has resulted in an extensive DLP® product line. A brief review of our latest line-up reveals a total of 60 models-now that’s a lot of distinct projectors!

With all of these product variations available, DP is better equipped than any other projector manufacturer to provide projectors that truly address each application’s display requirements. That being the case, with so many products in our line-up it is impossible for us to always hold every model in stock at all times.

Fortunately, a number of the models in our lineup are very specialized, and most projection applications do not require these more highly specialized displays.

Thus, to simplify the process of selecting the best projector with an availability timeline suited for your installation schedule, on our May 1, 2008 pricing, DP has categorized our products into two availability designations:

QuickShip>>: As you review our latest price sheet, at the top of each product page you will find numerous projectors that carry the QuickShip>> designation. Projectors marked with this logo are generally held in DP inventory, and are almost always available to ship within 2 days – 2 weeks, pending dealer credit approval. DP offers dozens of QuickShip>> projectors – each selected based on current application trends and historical demand. We are certain more than 80% of our customer’s applications can be best served by one of the QuickShip>> models.

Special Order: Within each of our product pages you will also find projectors marked as “Special Order”. These units feature specific performance characteristics that make them well targeted for more specialized applications. For example, customers requiring unusual native resolution, custom lumen/contrast performance, or Vision series projectors equipped with specialized color wheels or ultra short / ultra long throw lenses, may be best served by one of these models. Although DP may hold some Special Order products in our inventory from time to time, as a general rule, Special Order availability is normally 2-5 weeks ARO. If your application demands a special order product, plan a few extra weeks into your delivery schedule.

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TITAN Line-up Extends to More Applications and Budgets with New Models

Introducing the TITAN 600M series and the TITAN 1080p-Ultra Contrast!

Always looking to improve the Pro Series II product line, DP is pleased to announce three new additions to our TITAN Pro Series II: the TITAN SX+ 600M, TITAN 1080p-600M and TITAN 1080p Ultra Contrast.

The new TITAN SX+ 600M and the TITAN 1080p-600M projectors are identical in nearly every way to the existing models from which they were created - our hugely successful TITAN SX+ 600 and 1080p 600 projectors. What sets the new “M” series apart is that they fill an important price and performance niche right between the TITAN 500 and TITAN 600 series.



TITAN sx+ 500
6000 Lumens/2000:1 Contrast
NEW!    TITAN sx+ 600M
8500 Lumens/2000:1 Contrast
TITAN sx+ 600
11000 Lumens/2000:1 Contrast
TITAN 1080p-500
6000 Lumens/2000:1 Contrast
NEW!    TITAN 1080p-600M
8000 Lumens/2000:1 Contrast
TITAN 1080p-600
10000 Lumens/2000:1 Contrast

The TITAN 500 and 600 models have been solid, high brightness performers for our TITAN HD (720p), SX+ and 1080p platforms. With the addition of the new “M” SX+ and 1080p displays, DP customers are now in an even better position to select the perfect projection solution to meet their performance and cost objectives.

The third new model in the expanded TITAN lineup is the TITAN 1080p Ultra Contrast. Based on the TITAN 600 chassis, this 1080p native resolution display has received major enhancements that maximize contrast performance, rather than brightness. For customers with visualization, simulation, medical, scientific or exploration applications, or for customers who simply have theatrically dark venues and want superb dark area detail, the results are impressive:



NEW!    TITAN 1080p Ultra Contrast
5000 Lumens/5000:1 Contrast

Truly deep contrast performance not only enhances the visible dark-area detail and total dynamic range – it also produces astonishingly rich and saturated colors. In a dark or critical viewing environment, the effects of seeing 5000:1 contrast from a 3-chip DLP® projector are immediate - viewers become literally immersed in large screen imagery that, to put it simply, is the absolute best that can be produced. You have to see a TITAN 1080p-Ultra Contrast display to believe it.

In addition to the improvements announced above, each of the new models offer the same cost of ownership benefits that position the entire TITAN product line far ahead of industry standards. By incorporating our exclusive CoolTekä engineering, each TITAN projector produces maximum lumen levels while consuming less wattage than competing products. Our “Minimum Wattage In, Maximum Lumens Out” principle ensures both a longer life span for key components and lamps, as well as the lowest operational cost.

We will be demonstrating all three new TITAN models at infoComm, so if you plan to be in Vegas in June get ready to be treated to breathtaking new displays from DP!

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Important New Products – DP To Release New Commercial AV Pricing

Digital Projection is introducing updated Commercial AV list and dealer pricing, dated May 1, 2008. The most important changes captured in this pricing all relate to new products:

· Introduction of the new TITAN 600M models
  (see article in this newsletter)
· Introduction of the new TITAN and LIGHTNING Ultra Contrast
   models - true 5000:1 contrast from 3-chip DLP displays!
· Introduction of new WUXGA models in both the iVision 30 and
   dVision 30 series platforms (see article in this newsletter)
· Introduction of iVision 20 series models featuring long-throw ratio
   zoom lenses.

If you are a DP Commercial AV dealer, watch for an email inviting you to log onto our website to download the new pricing.

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Vision Series Now Available in WUXGA

Digital Projection is proud to announce new members to the iVision and dVision family of projectors – the iVision 30-WUXGA and the dVision 30-WUXGA.

At 1920 X 1200 resolution, WUXGA presents some great options for power users. This native 16 x 10 aspect ratio is quickly becoming a standard for higher-end desktop computer displays, laptops and Apple computers. Given the 16 x 10 aspect ratio fairly “splits the difference” between 4 x 3 and 16 x 9 material, it is an optimal format for viewing both standard definition (4 x 3) content as well as HDTV /1080p content. Both formats are displayed at maximum resolution, with minimal wasted screen area.

Computer users beware: many users state that once they acclimate to the 16X10 format, and the vast 1920 x 1200 pixel desktop, older, lower resolution desktops seem crowded and insufficient.

Visit us at booth N6340 at infoComm ’08 so you can see these cutting-edge WUXGA products in action.

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Brian Critchley at Texas Race
Digital Projection International's Managing Director Brian Critchley with DLP driver JJ Yeley

DPI and Alford Media Host a Day at the Races

On April 5 and 6th DPI, our Texas-based rep Total Marketing and our staging partner Alford Media hosted 64 guests in our private suite overlooking the 1.5 mile Texas Motor Speedway. This was truly a special occasion where some of DPI's principals were able to spend one-on-one time with a number of dealers and consultants. In true DPI form the event was outstanding–from the police escorted charter bus that ensured easy passage to and from the event to the copious food and beverages being served in the suite, all attendees were treated to a great race in the perfect surroundings.

A few of the highlights included a pit lane area tour, followed by a rousing performance by the Doobie Brothers. The view from the suite was breathtaking, with a vantage point that made for an all encompassing experience for first-time and long-time NASCAR race enthusiasts alike.

Everyone on hand was treated to a great race as well. Even Brian Critchley, Managing Director of Digital Projection International, was able to attend the race during his visit from the UK and can be seen in the image above shaking hands with DLP driver JJ Yeley. Carl Edwards went home the winner, celebrating with a customary back flip from the top of his car!

DPI and Alford Media will be hosting another series of race day-events on the weekend of June 6 and 7. This time, attendees will witness no-holds-barred IndyCar races. For the uninitiated, IndyCar races are held at much higher speeds, sometimes 25% to 30% faster, than NASCAR races. Call your regional manager for details on how you can attend this thrilling event. Tickets are limited!

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Tribeca Film Festival Insists on DP Displays for Fourth Consecutive Year

Since 2004, the much-lauded and highly respected Tribeca Film Festival has insisted on displays by Digital Projection for the presentation of their video and HD digital film prints. We are pleased to report that this year is no exception. With over 150 films in a variety of venues throughout the Manhattan neighborhood, DP’s precision displays are currently bringing stirring dramas, evocative documentaries and rousing comedies to thousands of attendees.

Mark Steele, technical director of the Tribeca Film Festival, stated “the Tribeca Film Festival demands the very best film and digital projection equipment. We insist on displays by Digital Projection International when sourcing our equipment for the Festival to assure we deliver flawless digital screenings for our audience and filmmakers.”

The 2008 Tribeca Film Festival is currently underway, wrapping up on May 4th.

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Home For Sale: 27 Seat Cinema & LIGHTNING 1080p Projector Included!

DPI Humphrey Estate Home Theater

For a cool $45 million dollars, you can be the proud owner of Georgia’s most expensive and most extravagant home. The Humphrey Estate, also known as Le Rêve, is a sprawling 47,000 square foot mansion nestled on 90 acres outside of Atlanta. In the estate’s massive home cinema, reminiscent of Atlanta’s historic Fox Theater, DP dealer LMI installed a LIGHTNING 35HD projector to provide the ultimate home viewing experience. The 35HD provides an astounding 18,000 lumens and true 2K (2048x1080) resolution. A refreshment stand, marquee and box office round out the entertainment environment.

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DP Welcomes New Field Service Engineer for the West Coast

Earlier this month, Digital Projection announced the appointment of David Kile as New Field Service Engineer for the West Coast. Kile will be working with DP clients ranging from the central part of the U.S. to the west coast. His responsibilities include product and demo support, as well as application assistance to DP's clients across the Western U.S.

Mark Fuell, Technical Services Manager, commented "Dave has extensive experience with the technical direction aspects of the Performance and Theatre field. He has received a great deal of factory training on all of our equipment and will be a great asset to our customers. I am very excited to have Dave on our team!"

"Growing up a short distance away from the Hollywood area has given me a profound interest in the technology and staging concerns that come with large-scale applications," Kile stated. "Digital Projection has both the extensive product line and stellar reputation in the large venue arena that I was hoping to find," Kile continued, "and I'm truly excited about helping DP expand even further into this market."

Previously employed as the Director of Technical Operations at the Rose Theater in Westminster, California, Kile brings over 7 years of sound, lighting and video operations experience to his new position with DP. Kile will be operating out of Huntington Beach, California.

David Kile

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Media Rooms Inc. Wins Multiple Home Cinema Awards

Photo of the Month


Media Rooms Inc. of West Chester, Pennsylvania completed a stunning home theater project that recently received numerous industry awards. DP's iVision 20HD with a VIP 2000 Switcher/Scaler were used to ensure the on-screen content matched the quality of the gorgeous room.

Pearl Room

The Maggitti Theater project won the following awards: CEDIA LifeStyle silver, CoTY (contractor of the year from NARI) and a regional Chrysalis (remodelers) award.


Congratulations on your recent recognition, and keep up the good work!

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The World Deserves A Better Projector: The Technology Behind CoolTek Engineering - Part 3

Minimizing Heat, Cost of Ownership and Projector Noise Through Thermal Design

Last month, we explored the facts and figures behind the energy saving features of CoolTek Engineering, and the benefits DP projectors have over similar projection systems.

To briefly review the principles:
1 - Minimum wattage in, maximum lumens out
2 - Apply thermal designs that maximize component life while
   minimizing heat generation, cost of ownership and projector
3 - DP Products must be small, light and as quiet as possible,
   reducing the projectors' impact on their immediate environment.

In this 3rd article, we will provide a more in-depth analysis of the benefits provided by the second CoolTek Principle: Apply thermal designs to maximize component life while minimizing heat generation, cost of ownership and projector noise levels.

Efficient thermal management within high-performance displays is critical to long-term performance and reliability.  DP’s CoolTek™ innovations excel in meeting this design objective while keeping total chassis power consumption to an absolute minimum.  Digital Projection has engineered a unique system of airflow management that efficiently cools projector components in a manner that allows us to produce some of the most energy conservative and quiet projectors on the market.

CookTek Diagram

One of the key components of a DLP® display is the DMD chipset located in the projector light engine.  Our 3-chip LIGHTNING Pro Series II projectors employ DP’s exclusive DirectFlow™ system that provides active cooling of the DMD’s inside the light engine. This technology allows maximum illumination to be directed to the DMD while ensuring the device operates well below thermal tolerances.  Our projectors can now reach an astounding level of brightness using this technology!.

Also in the TITAN family of projectors, DP created a mechanical architecture that reveals a simple but amazingly efficient airflow path.  Filtered cool air moves through the chassis with few obstructions and few turns, minimizing back pressure as well as noise due to airflow turbulence.  In addition, we crafted an array of DC controlled “smart fans” each controlled by thermal sensors, throughout the TITAN chassis.  This innovation, known as Silent Stream™ allows the fans to run only at the speed required to produce optimum cooling, thus reducing overall power consumption and projector noise generation. 

The Xenon lamp-based LIGHTNING series benefits from DP’s exclusive Hyper-cooled Lamp Module™ to improve illumination system cooling as well as extend lamp and reflector life.  Instead of increasing fan speed, which leads to a direct increase in audible noise and power consumption, the Hyper-cooled Lamp Module™ enlists a directional flow reflector mask and radial heat exchanger to increase airflow turbulence and contact with the reflectors and bulb.  DP’s LIGHTNING Pro Series II projectors also employ DirectFlow™, an exclusive innovation that efficiently moves fresh, filtered air through the light engine and around the DMD’s.  All of these CoolTekTM sub-systems allow Pro Series II displays to achieve maximum illumination from minimal power, while ensuring critical components operate well within their thermal tolerances.

Next month, we will continue to explore the benefits of CoolTek™ Engineering as we analyze the minimal impact our projectors have on their surrounding environment. Until then, think efficient. Think CoolTek!

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