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TITAN 3D and LIGHTNING 3D Receive Major Enhancements

Just 9 months ago, DP introduced our comprehensive lineup of active 3D TITAN and LIGHTNING displays. With nineteen distinct models in total, we offer a 3D display with the perfect lumens, native resolution and contrast to suit any application. No other company has created such a powerful set of 3D display solutions.

Since the launch 9 months ago, DP’s 3D products have found their way into a diversity of applications, including medical imaging, product design, immersive visualization, theme park entertainment and high-performance home cinema. Inspired by the multi-market success we have enjoyed, DP’s engineers have been working overtime to expand the performance of our 3D products. Digital Projection is proud to announce the following new and enhanced capabilities for our TITAN and LIGHTNING 3D displays:

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DP Launches Calculator Toolbox

Calculate Image Size, Appropriate Lens Type, Screen Size and much more Throught the New Suite of Calculators

In yet another industry first, DP has launched an integrated suite of image and lens calculators for our dealer network. Entitled the Calculator Toolbox, dealers can quickly calculate essential data such as the image size and throw distance of a projector given a few basic parameters. In addition to the suite’s core functionality are numerous other tools and guides intended to demystify the projector selection process, as well as identify the true long-term cost of ownership of any projection system within any application. The Calculator Toolbox delivers a dedicated portal whereby the AV industry can confidently research and specify the key aspects of a projector installation in order to configure the perfect display solution. To experience the Calculator Toolbox, click here for access.

The calculator suite integrates seamlessly with DP’s projector database, creating a one-stop destination for dealers that need guidance as well as accuracy and efficiency. As a case in point, when a DPI dealer proceeds through any of the calculators, the process culminates with the option to print or email a cumulative report detailing all aspects of the projection application they defined. Suitable for sending directly to an end user, or to Digital Projection with their purchase order, the professionally formatted report presents a simple yet graphically dynamic end result.

DP dealers and industry partners can find a direct link to the Calculator Toolbox at the dedicated navigation button mentioned above, as well as at the top of each projector landing page at

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Digital Projection's New HIGHlite Series
HIGHlite Cine Pricing Announcement

We're pleased to announce that, after extensive development, our brand-new high-performance product line will soon be available. In anticipation of the product launch, pricing for our new HIGHlite Cine displays will be included in our upcoming Commercial AV and Home Cinema pricing updates.

DP dealers should stay tuned for our formal announcement on pricing and availability towards the end of April. Suffice to say, with the HIGHlite Cine, DP’s legendary 3-chip imaging has never looked better, or been more affordable.

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Comparing the HIGHlite Cine to DP's Legendary TITAN Displays

As we approach announcing formal pricing and first shipments of our all new HIGHlite Cine platform, a few of our customers have asked how this value-priced 3-chip DLP product compares with our revered TITAN product line. That is actually a great question, as the HIGHlite Cine has been engineered to compliment the TITAN by making 3-chip DLP performance available to customers with smaller budgets.

Let’s start by comparing the DMD’s the products employ. DP’s TITAN series displays use the larger and most technically advanced DMDs offered by Texas Instruments. In the case of the TITAN 1080p products, the 3 x DMDs are .95" in diagonal, and they also benefit from TI’s highest implementation Dark Chip native contrast enhancement.

By comparison, the HIGHlite Cine products employ 3 of TI’s .67” 1080p DMD’s. These smaller Dark Chip DMDs can be supported with smaller internal and external optics, and this is the primary factor that allows the HIGHlite Cine platform to be offered at the lowest price of any 3-chip DLP 1080p projector to date.

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Digital Projection is Growing!
DP is Growing -- Please Welcome Our New Team Members!

Thirteen years of engineering innovation, responsible management and dealer dedication have led to DP’s continuous managed growth. Due to this expansion, DP has just created and filled two key company positions. Please help us welcome Phil Laney, director of simulation and visualization, and Kristina Odom, service coordinator. Both have already begun working with DP’s vast dealer and industry partner network.

Phil brings over 13 years of experience selling display products and integrated display solutions for flight simulation, maritime simulation, fire arms simulation, air traffic control simulation, driving simulation, and planetarium applications. In addition to his extensive career configuring the highest performance display systems for these demanding applications, Phil has an additional seven years of IT support-related experience.

Having previously served as market development manager for one of the AV industry’s largest specialty display companies, Laney fills a long-anticipated role at DP. Digital Projection has invested more than two years developing new products and new capabilities to deliver solutions specifically for the visualization and simulation markets. Some of these products and solutions, such as DP’s expansive line of TITAN and LIGHTNING 3D projection systems, are already available, while many more will be announced and will commence shipping during the course of 2010. Laney will lend his insight to the further development of these market-specific display solutions, as well as manage and support DP’s Simulation and Visualization channels.

Click here to read Phil Laney’s press release.

As service coordinator, Kristina will assist in the organization and execution of all technical service and support related aspects of Digital Projection’s North America headquarters. Kristina’s new role means DP’s customers and dealer network will now have a service concierge tasked with supplying regular updates and communication relating to service requests.

With her extensive customer support and project management experience, Kristina adds a key link in the line of communication between our dealers and technical support team. Primarily, Kristina will manage communication between the DP technical group, customer service team and the integrator / dealer placing the support request. This is an important link with respect to setting and meeting service support timelines, as well as expediting the return of equipment sent to DP for service.

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Digital Projection Sponsors infoComm Shows
DP Sponsors InfoComm’s “Technology Today” Show and Roundtable Meetings

Digital Projection was recently a primary sponsor of InfoComm’s first “Technology Today” conference, held in Washington DC, as well as lead sponsor of infoComm’s monthly Roundtable sessions.

The roundtables are a sequence of regional forums where which AV professionals meet to discuss the latest issues that concern the AV industry at large.

On the user side, the “Technology Today” show was created as an educational outreach to end-users. The “Technology Today” show featured exhibits and seminars from key industry suppliers including Chief, Sonic Foundry, Media Sonic and, of course, Digital Projection.

Numerous AV industry veterans were on-hand to deliver training and insight. Highlights included Mark Valenti CTS, President of the Sextant Group, speaking on what he sees as the future of AV. Tony Jimenez, President of MicroTech spoke of the costs, capabilities and considerations of video conferencing. Our very own Chuck Collins, VP of Commercial AV for Digital Projection, discussed how to deliver successful 3D installations, and reviewed future trends for 3D technology. LED illumination was also a popular topic, with Chuck outlining the technology and application benefits of this exciting new projection illumination platform.

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A Technical Review: Alice in Wonderland 3D

Written by Mike Levi, President of DPI

Recently, my family and I attended our 3rd 3D film in so many months - Alice in Wonderland. This review will not focus on the performance of the actors, or the entertainment value of the story, or even the success or failure of the film-makers application of 3D technology. Rather, this review will focus on the implementation of 3D technology within the commercial cinema auditorium where we watched the film.

In short, the venue was not up to the task of properly presenting 3D entertainment due to two major problems.

The first problem was that the theater geometry was not conducive to an immersive 3D experience. The screen was only 22’ wide, yet the first row of seats in the stadium seating section was at least 35’ from the screen. Since the first, second and third rows were well below the bottom of the image, we sat in the 4th row. That placed us at the bottom of the projected image, but roughly 45’ from the 22’ wide screen.

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Photos of the Month


K2 Imaging Uses Digital Projection

K2imaging, a professional staging company based in Brooklyn, New York, has used Digital Projection's precision displays since 1996 to create some of the most visually stunning large-venue imagery in the AV industry.

Above is a commercial backdrop used for interviews and promotions of the recently released Gerard Butler film "Gamer." One LIGHTNING 45-HD 3D projector is displaying imagery on three separate projection surfaces simultaneously.

K2 Imaging Uses Digital Projection

MountainFilm consistently uses K2imaging and their DP projector fleet to premier mountaineering and exploration films, such as the event above which used a LIGHTNING 45-HD.

K2 Imaging Uses Digital Projection

The Cardiovascular Research Technology Conference used DP's LIGHTNING projectors to deliver high-contast, mission-critical medical imagery to its audience and attending physicians.

K2 Imaging Uses Digital Projection

K2 was commissioned to create a 100' projected image on the back side of NYC's famous panorama at the Queens Museum of Art. The shot above focuses on a neighborhood in the process of a controversial transition from working to luxury class.

Karl Mehrer, Principal at K2imaging, commented, "I use my DP fleet for a massive variety of applications including large cinema, film festivals, staged events, art installations, remote location and more. It is essential to my business that I have HD projectors with 3D capability that can go anywhere and do anything. As DP projectors can be used in most any environment, they ensure I can overachieve in any situation."

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Tech Tip


There have been numerous articles promoting the importance of properly calibrating your displays for optimal viewing of video and/or graphics images. However, few include considerations for calibrating the new 3D displays that are currently attracting so much attention. With that in mind, the following article will hopefully clarify the calibration process in general, while then highlighting where 3D displays require special attention.

Here are the main points to consider:

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