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InfoComm 2012 Approaches!

Digital Projection's InfoComm Teaser

With InfoComm now less than a month away, the DP team is in the thick of preparations. To celebrate our 15 year anniversary, we have an all-new exhibit for 2012, and it will be packed with the latest in class leading projection technology. With new models in the E-Vision, M-Vision, dVision, HIGHlite, TITAN & LIGHTNING series all being launched, there will be a lot of important capabilities to check out in the DP booth.

What to expect: An amazing, 60' wide wall of color, light and mega-pixels, demonstrating the imaging prowess of 14 select models from DP's extensive state-of-the-art product line. Projectors at every performance level and price point will be on display, working in unison to present an entertaining, immersive and celebratory show.

What not to expect: A boring presentation of run-of-the-mill projectors in a pitch dark cave. Given the vast majority of our Pro AV customers employ projectors in ambient light venues, we are pulling all of the walls off of our booth – rendering a visual spectacle unlike anything any projection company has done before.

In addition to our amazing new products, presented in an outrageously open environment, DP will be offering some outstanding InfoComm show specials – so if you have projects in the works, seeing DP at InfoComm will present a feast for your eyes, as well as a serious deal making opportunity.

If you need a free pass to the INFOCOMM 2012 show floor, Click Here and use VIP CODE: DIG790 for free registration and access to InfoComm! See you in Vegas!

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Product Update: Pro Series 3 and Pro Series 3D Updates Bring Warp, Blend & Advanced 3D Capabilities to a Wide Array of DP's Projectors

Pro Series 3 and Pro Series 3D Updates from Digital Projection

DP is pleased to announce a major capabilities update to the TITAN and LIGHTNING projector families. Both series are graduating to DP's latest NextGen electronics platform, with features including extensive Warp & Blend capabilities, 3G-SDI input compatibility, as well as specific models with high-performance 3D functionality. From the fully-certified portrait or tilt capable TITAN 330 platform, to the to the dual-lamp, high brightness TITAN 660 platform, TITAN Pro Series displays have never been more capable solutions for commercial and live entertainment venues. Furthermore, all LIGHTNING projectors now contain the Pro Series 3D NextGen electronics, ensuring that every LIGHTNING display delivers the pinnacle of advanced imaging technology.

Click here to read the full TITAN 330 series product release.

Click here to read the full TITAN 660 series product release.

Click here to read the full LIGHTNING series product release.

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DP Displays Chosen as Installation Product Award Finalists by Rental & Staging Magazine and Systems Contractor News

Wish us luck! DP is proud to have displays chosen as Finalists in three different competitions. DP's precision displays are on the roster in the following categories: (**Note: Voting is STILL OPEN for the Rental/Staging awards – please vote by clicking here!):

1) Rental & Staging Magazine:
Best Video Projection Product — 6,000 to 10,000 Lumens
Digital Projection International E-Vision WUXGA 8000

2) Rental & Staging Magazine:
Best Video Projection Product — 11,000 to 20,000 Lumens
Digital Projection International TITAN QUAD WUXGA-3D

3) Systems Contractor News:
Most Innovative Video Display Product
Digital Projection International TITAN QUAD WUXGA-3D

We'll hopefully have good news to report at InfoComm once the votes are tallied. Many thanks to each and every person that voted for DP's precision displays!

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Radio City's Christmas Spectacular 2011 Show Wins Excellence In Live Design Award

The Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular Relies on Digital Projection

Chosen online by Live Design readers, Radio City's Christmas Spectacular 2011 was recently recognized with an Excellence Award in the 'Theatre Production' category. The Christmas Spectacular 2011 used architectural scale projection mapped onto Radio City Music Hall's proscenium arch and art deco interior, giving the audience the feeling that it was being immersed in an array of sound, lighting, theatrical, and pyrotechnic effects as each scene transformed to the next.

The Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular Relies on Digital Projection
Visual Acuity advised on the orchestration of a number of complex technological innovations, which featured large-scale architectural mapping from 11 Digital Projection LIGHTNING 45 WUXGA-3D precision projectors, as well as media serving, edge-blending, and warping from 7thSense Design.

The Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular Relies on Digital Projection

Click here to read the Live Design installation article:

Click here to read DP's story on the installation, plus view large-scale images from the production:

Many thanks to Karl Mehrer of K2imaging for taking such beautiful photos of this presentation!

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InfoComm Training Update

Digital Projection is pleased to announce that Ken Eagle, our training manager, will be delivering two projector-specific courses a total of six times at the upcoming InfoComm 2012 show in Las Vegas. Commercial integrators looking to update their knowledge of today's top-line projector capabilities can gain RU credits while sharpening their expertise. Courses being taught include:

1) Commercial Projection Technology 101 – Producing the Perfect Projected Image
This Digital Projection training presentation is designed to help the participant understand his/her application needs, select the correct projector and understand the basic functions needed to calibrate that projector for the application.

2) 3D Projection Technology for Cinema, Education, Engineering and Medical
This Digital Projection training presentation is designed to introduce you to the world of 3D projection video. In this course we will discuss 3D in our industry today as well as trends in technology and media. We will look at where 3D is headed and how you and your company can be ready to participate. Additionally this course will focus on basic setup and operation of single chip and three chip DLP 3D projectors and accessories.

Interested in learning more about these classes? Click Here to download full summaries of the two classes outlined above.


CLICK HERE for details.

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Product Update: DP upgrades budget-conscious, all-purpose professional projector line with new E-Vision 7000

With eager anticipation, we're pleased to announce a broad upgrade to the E-Vision series–the newest platform in DPI's high-brightness, high-value projection line. DP's existing E-Vision WXGA 600, a popular display solution within the corporate AV and house of worship community, will now graduate to the E-Vision WXGA 7000 moniker. Alongside this change comes both an increase in luminance output, redesigned cabinet, as well as limited 3D capability.

Now producing up to 7,000 lumens of illumination, the E-Vision 7000 will employ a wide array of lens options, user swappable color wheels and advanced color controls that have made the E-Vision an integral AV solution. With MSRP's starting at $5,995, plus lens, the new E-Vision WXGA 7000 will commence shipping in Q2.

Click here to read the full E-Vision 7000 series product release.

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Attention Integrators and Consultants - Helpful Online Resources from DP and Commercial Integrator Magazine

Architectural Mapping with Projectors whitepaperPhoto: TITAN display architecturally mapped to building facade at CEDIA 2011

** Click Here for more details and to download the free whitepaper **

** Click Here to register for the webinar **

DP has partnered with Commercial Integrator magazine to bring you two helpful education resources.

The first is a downloadable whitepaper, available now via the link above, on architectural mapping via high-brightness projection and the opportunities that exist today. A second resource is a free webinar on May 30, 2012, entitled "A Guide to Perfecting the Projected Image." Moderated by Arlen Schweiger of EH Publishing and Ken Eagle, training and consultant resource manager for DP, this one-hour webinar will make an impact on how you approach your video installations.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this article.

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Consultant Corner - DP Announces Focused Consultant Resource Program

Welcome to Digital Projection's Consultant Corner monthly news column! In this month's article, we'll introduce you to the new Consultant Portal, recently launched on the Digital Projection website. In addition, we'll also share some exciting news regarding AIA certification and the DPI training courses.

To gain access to the exclusive Consultant Portal of the Digital Projection website, consultants should visit and fill in the appropriate details. Once approved, registered consultants will have access to the suite of powerful tools listed below:

• Projector Application Toolbox - straightforward tools to help you identify the best projector and lens solution for your project.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this article.

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DP Proudly Sponsors Rental & Staging Network Meeting

Digital Projection presents at RSN meeting, 2012

Digital Projection was honored to sponsor the Rental and Staging Network's spring meeting in Las Vegas.

The Rental and Staging Network (RSN) is a group of (20) rental and staging partners from around the country. RSN members regularly communicate with their network peers, sharing business practices, solutions and resources. Particularly appealing to DP is the RSN's dedication to customer service. As a group, the RSN is committed to owning the best technology available, and take great pride in bringing industry best practices to their work.

At the event, which included a morning presentation as well as a networking dinner, DP demonstrated an edge blend solution using (2) of our HIGHlite 660 1080p projectors. In addition, we demonstrated our new and award-winning, 16000 lumen TITAN Quad 1080p projector.

The event represented an excellent exchange of ideas and knowledge from which all parties benefited. Digital Projection looks forward to our next sponsored event with the Rental and Staging Network, occurring at InfoComm in June.

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DP Chooses Distribution Partner for US

DP Chooses Distribution Partner for US

With plenty of InfoComm-centered new product reveals right around the corner, we have one exciting piece of news that we can unveil immediately. We are proud to announce that Digital Projection Inc. has selected iAVi as a Commercial AV distributor for DP's line of precision displays in the US. Working side by side with our own established dealer network, iAVi will extend DP's US reach by offering our displays to their extensive dealer network.

Founded in 1997, iAVi has offices across the US staffed with CTS & DSE certified AV professionals. Their customer base consists of independent dealers, system integrators and custom installers. Through this partnership, iAVi gains a stable, well-respected and diverse projector line, and DP gains a robust sales and marketing partner.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this article.

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Photos of the Month

Fort Edmonton Park
Capitol Theatre

Fort Edmonton Park's Capitol Theatre Relies on Digital Projection
Thanks to an ambitious reconstruction and renovation plan, Fort Edmonton's Capitol Theatre has resumed its designation as a notable feature in Edmonton's culture. As part of a plan to revitalize historic Fort Edmonton, the Capitol Theatre was a high priority in a list that includes almost 120 projects. Now fully operable, it is easy to see why this Edmonton mainstay is such an important destination from both cultural and entertainment perspectives.

Fort Edmonton Park's Capitol Theatre Relies on Digital Projection

Within the master plan, Robert Wyatt, founder of Artisan Design in Los Angeles, CA, saw the opportunity to create an entertainment venue that would employ cutting-edge technology while being able to feature a wide variety of community-driven productions. As revealed in the photography, Wyatt, David Willrich of DJ Willrich Ltd. and Fort Edmonton's technical team have created a stunning visual environment. Enlisting five 10,000 lumen TITAN 1080p-700 projectors, the Capitol Theatre's creative productions dazzle audience members as they learn the history of the region.

Fort Edmonton Park's Capitol Theatre Relies on Digital Projection

Amanda Bergen, artistic director for the Capitol Theatre, commented, "It's been very exciting to show off the facility and the gorgeous images in our live theatre. We've been able to use the technology both in our film presentations and in our live theatre program, and it's allowed us to change our backgrounds with smooth beautiful bright transitions from scene to scene." Bergen continued, "The projectors have really delivered a "wow" factor to the live productions. Without them, we would have had to go with traditional backgrounds and sets which potentially can cost more and be less flexible."

Fort Edmonton Park's Capitol Theatre Relies on Digital Projection

"Previously we've had nothing like this in Edmonton, never mind at Fort Edmonton Park," noted Bergen. "Having reopened in August, it's certainly changed the offerings we have for our rental clients as well as our Fort Edmonton Park patrons that want to visit the park year round."

Fort Edmonton Park's Capitol Theatre Relies on Digital Projection
When asked about the audience and cast reactions to the imagery produced, Bergen replied, "I'm always impressed with the crisp, large scale images we are able to have on stage. In our first production of The Importance of Being Earnest the audience gasped the first time we put an image up. In our film 'Northern Light: An Edmonton Journey' the audience always comments on the beauty of the images, and the unique atmosphere it creates."

To learn more about the Capitol Theatre's capabilities, please click here to read a recent article written by Sound & Communication magazine.

Many thanks to Artisan Design for the beautiful application photos.

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Tech Tip



DP is proud to present the following paper, written by Phil Laney, director of simulation and visualization, Digital Projection Inc. This paper was recently presented at the 2012 MARSIM Conference, held in Singapore in late April, 2012, in cooperation with the Singapore Maritime Academy.

Abstract: A discussion of the technical challenges of designing, installing, and maintaining a projector display system for the out the window view of a simulator for a ship bridge, side bridge, and vessels such as RHIBs, Anchor Handling, and so forth. This paper does not address system complexity due to niche display system needs like night vision goggle stimulation, motion blur reduction, low latency and so forth.

The basic building blocks of a simulator's projection display system, the LCD, LCoS, and DLP® technology based projectors, are examined for issues related to mounting, geometry, and edge blending. The projector technologies are then analyzed for advantages and disadvantages for long term use in a high use simulator environment.

Once a projection system is installed, the upkeep and maintenance of that projector system for linearity, color, intensity, and gray scale becomes a complex task. Manual alignment of a multiple projector system and new technologies, such as automated alignment systems are addressed.

The paper concludes with a discussion of new display technologies being installed in the simulation market that either simplify many maintenance tasks or reduce costs due to new technologies recently introduced or are within reach in the next few years.

CLICK HERE to download this paper.

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