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Digital Projection at InfoComm '09
DP's Extraordinary Showcase at InfoComm '09 -- The Unveiling!

DP's engineering team has been working hard over the past year, and we have a lot of new products and new capabilities to reveal at InfoComm in Orlando. With the show just a week away, now is the perfect time for us to share some of the exciting details:

On the product side, DP will be launching 14 new projectors - each with important capabilities that either enable completely new applications, or improve our products performance in existing applications. Our new products will include models with the following advancements:

    • WUXGA Native resolution (some equipped for Active 3D)
    • Increased Lumens, including an expanded lineup of 30,000 lumen LIGHTNING models
    • Additional Active 3D models
    • Improved Efficiency
    • Revolutionary LED illumination - a lifetime lamp system!
    • Broader input Connectivity
    • Lower entry prices
    • And of course, Best-in-Class imaging
On the capabilities side, DP will have plenty to share in Orlando:
    • The most extensive lineup of Active 3D products - both 3-chip and single-chip DLP!
    • High frame rate connectivity - up to 144+ Hz (depending on source resolution)
    • Reference / Ultra Contrast capabilities - up to 5000:1 native contrast without resorting to active signal or aperture manipulation
    • Precise, Intelligent Lens Mount - provides the ability to calibrate projector optics to provide automatic, native support for multiple aspect ratios and screen sizes
    • FastFrame - an extraordinary smear reduction technology for fast-motion content
    • Low Latency, ultra high bandwidth signal path - assures DP products introduce less than one frame of video delay to the system architecture
    • Dual Flash Processing - frame doubles sources for display at maximum frame rates
    • Portrait Orientation - TITAN 700 series models can be applied at full brightness to support portrait applications
    • VIDI Lamp Pulsing- improves the color saturation and color space rendered by single chip, color wheel based projectors
    • ColorMax - our exclusive color calibration technology makes it simple to render precise color from a single projector, or perfectly match multiple projectors, via a simple user interface
    • HIGHEST Efficiency and LOWEST cost of ownership - a result of the fact that DP's CoolTek engineering produces projectors that consume LESS watts to produce MORE lumens
    • Our first projection displays with lamps that NEVER need to be replaced!
    • Mercator III - Advanced, low latency Warp and Blend, for one to dozens of display channels
    • And more!
That is a lot of new, application-enabling products and capabilities to squeeze into our 60' x 50' booth. However, having invented a way to engineer 2 million pixels and tens of thousands of lumens into our comparably small projectors, you can bet we can find a way to fit all our new technology into 3000 square feet.

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Digital Projection's M-Vision Series
New DP Product Launches at InfoComm '09

DP will be launching a massive array of new products at this year's InfoComm.

Here is a sample of the new products being introduced:

M-Vision Series -- DP's newest family of high performance DLP projectors. Two initial M-Vision products, the M-Vision 260 1080P and the M-Vision LED 1080P, will be introduced and displayed at InfoComm. Both products utilize a single Texas Instruments .95" 1080P DLP chip. The 260 uses a 260W Mercury Lamp, while the LED is illuminated by three high-performance LEDs. Both units are extremely flexible and offer multiple lens options and substantial lens shift. Click here to read the M-Vision 260 Press Release.

TITAN WUXGA displays -- The new WUXGA native resolution displays present a 16:10 aspect ratio - a format that is becoming widespread in high-resolution desktop and notebook computer displays. The WUXGA format is also capable of displaying full 1080p video at native resolution with no scaling required. Click here to read the TITAN WUXGA Press Release.

XTP, the world's first environmental-proof projector -- The 4,500 lumen, 2000:1 contrast XTP HD-300 employs Texas Instruments' 3-chip DLP technology to deliver stunning digital imagery, suitable for digital signage up to 6m in width. At the core of this projection system is a ruggedized, custom designed chassis capable of withstanding the rigors of the IP65 standard. The XTP's closed-loop heat exchanger ensures the projector operates well within its specified thermal range, while preventing any environmental contaminants from compromising the performance of the system. Click here to read the XTP Press Release.

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DP's InfoComm '09 Booth -- the Specifics

DP's Extraordinary Applications Showcase is a Product and Technology workshop where you can interact with 10 demanding and compelling projection applications - each demonstrating the depth of DP's products and the breadth of the applications our technology enables.

Here is the rundown:

Pod 1 - Simulation: 4 TITAN 1080p units, two in portrait orientation, will be displaying a 6 million pixel military flight simulator on a 4 meter wide hemispheric dome. The 4 TITAN projectors will be warped and blended using the Mercator III system. Immersive Displays, Rockwell Collins and CATI are the DP partners contributing to this impressive system.

Pod 2 - State-o-the-art single-chip DLP imaging via DP's new M-Vision series: 1080p native resolution, 3500 lumens and precise optics with lens shift - all from a ruggedly built, small, quiet and low cost chassis. This new M-Vision platform runs on just 350 watts - producing an amazingly efficient 10 lumens per watt!

Pod 3 - DP's Ultra Contrast Theater: This venue will feature two distinct displays:
  • Our new M-Vision 1080p LED - Our newest single-chip offering, this product boasts 10,000:1 contrast and solid state lamp technology that lasts 60,000 hours, completely eliminates the need for a color wheel, yet produces the color space and saturation of a 3-chip DLP projector. An amazing innovation in projection that is a must see.
  • DP's remarkable TITAN 1080p 3D-Ultra Contrast, presenting high frame rate, Active 3D 1080p content on a 10' wide screen with a whopping 5000:1 native contrast. What's more, the 3D imagery will be sublime and you won't have to wear the funky cardboard glasses - our Active 3D system uses funky plastic glasses with ultra fast LCD shutters. Mechdyne is the DP partner contributing to this impressive and immersive presentation.

Pod 4 - A presentation of DP's FastFrame technology: FastFrame is a user selectable and user adjustable capability that dramatically reduces image smear on fast motion content. This important feature is standard on all of our LIGHTNING projectors, as well as on all of our TITAN 3D displays, and can be added as an option to non-3D TITAN models.

Pod 5 - A demonstration and training venue for DP's ColorMax Technology: If you want to learn how to easily and precisely calibrate color on a single DP projector, or precisely match the color performance across multiple DP projectors, visiting this venue should be at the top of your list!

Pod 6 - "ROVR" - a knock-down and transportable 3D RP display: The ROVR is a system innovation created by Mechdyne, world renowned experts in single and multi-channel visualization. This system enables the deployment of high-fidelity Active 3D imaging to nearly any location. At the heart of the ROVR is DP's TITAN 1080p Dual 3D,capable of producing 9000 lumens of absolute 3D magic. Even more magical - the content will be highly interactive. This venue will also serve as our training pod for 3D system design. Mechdyne is the DP partner working with us to create this very impressive presentation.

Pod 7 - A dual demo of our low latency connectivity, (via our high bandwidth sideboard input) as well as our ILM (Intelligent Lens Mount) capability. Customers with IMAG or immediate response simulation applications will want to see the remarkable speed at which DP projectors accept and process a source signal and present the image to the screen. Customers with multi-aspect ratio applications employing masking screens will want to learn the extreme flexibility and accuracy DP's ILM brings to those venues.

Pod 8 - Another DP exclusive - the XTP system. XTP stands for eXtremely Tough Projector, and we can promise you the name is not an exaggeration. Originally created to present digital advertising in harsh underground railway operations, the XTP is a field proven, hardened, IP-65 compliant, environmental-proof Display system that can be deployed in a myriad of hostile venues. Humidity, rain, extreme heat or cold, airborne dirt and sand - not even metal particles can stop the XTP. When you see it, you will know why.

Pod 9 - Features DP's brilliant solution for extreme ambient light environments, the RP97. This turnkey system is a high contrast and high brightness 97" rear projection structure that, at just 32" deep, can be designed into nearly any room. Equipped with a TITAN 1080p 500 and a black bead screen, it has the lumens and the contrast to produce remarkably dynamic imagery in nearly any level of ambient light. RP Visuals and DNP are the DP partners contributing to this powerful ambient light solution.

Pod 10 - Staging, Lighting and Digital Signage: An array of 3 of our powerful LIGHTNING Displays will illuminate 11 giant portrait screens on 6 distinct planes, flying from our Tomcat truss, 22' in the air. As you invest your time in DP's InfoComm booth, you will be surrounded by beautiful imagery, sublime lighting and a tastefully informative presentation on DP's people, products and applications. Hang around long enough and you may even be treated to a mind-bending light show. ShowSage, the US distributor of WatchOut, is the DP partner supporting this major component of our InfoComm presentation.

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Training at InfoComm '09 from Digital Projection
A Lucky Few Will Receive Hands-on Training
with DP's Technology Experts at InfoComm


Digital Projection is launching over 15 new products at this year's InfoComm in Orlando, Florida. With so many new products augmenting our already robust product line, the time is now to perfect your knowledge of DP's display fundamentals. Register here via email.

Class topics are designed so that each participant will leave the show with new abilities, new ideas and a deep knowledge of the industry's most powerful, efficient and environmentally responsible displays. In such a competitive market, extra insight can make the difference between landing or losing a lucrative opportunity.

Give your team a competitive edge -- reserve your space in DP's Applications training classes by sending Lynne Smith an email at with your preferred reservation time, class name and date.

Just a reminder: classes are limited to the first six registrants. If the class you prefer has already been filled, you will receive an email requesting you choose another time slot.

Wednesday, June 17th:
2:00 - ColorMax, Intelligent Lens Mount and Blend
with Richard Hill, Southeast RMDM

3:00 - 3D Visualization and Display Methods
with Chuck Collins, VP of Commercial AV w/ DP and Kurt Hoffmeister, VP of R&D w/ Mechdyne Corp.

4:00 - Specifiying the Perfect Projector
with Mike Akridge, VP of Operations


Thursday, June 18th:
2:00 - ColorMax, Intelligent Lens Mount and Blend
with George Walter, VP of Home Cinema and Richard Hill, Southeast RMDM

3:00 - 3D Visualization and Display Methods
with Chuck Collins, VP of Commercial AV w/ DP and Kurt Hoffmeister, VP of R&D w/ Mechdyne Corp.

4:00 - Specifiying the Perfect Projector
with Mike Akridge, VP of Operations


Friday, June 19th:
10:00 - ColorMax, Intelligent Lens Mount and Blend
with George Walter, VP of Home Cinema and Richard Hill, Southeast RMDM

11:00 - 3D Visualization and Display Methods
with Chuck Collins, VP of Commercial AV w/ DP and Kurt Hoffmeister, VP of R&D w/ Mechdyne Corp.

12:00 - Specifiying the Perfect Projector
with Mike Akridge, VP of Operations

In addition to the training that DP is doing on-site, innovative technology partners such as Immersive Displays and Mechdyne will also be on-hand to discuss specific application concepts and answer questions. We look forward to seeing you at InfoComm next week!

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Digital Projection InfoComm Specials
HUGE Savings on InfoComm Projectors and B-stock Units

Our InfoComm show specials list is now available to authorized DP dealers. The specials list included deep discounts on A-stock, barely used show stock, B-stock and demo displays.

Available models include:

    • (2) TITAN 1080p Dual 3D displays
    • (10) dVision 30 1080p XC displays
    • (7) iVision 30 1080p-C displays
    • (3) TITAN 1080p-500
For a comprehensive list of products that are still available, please contact your local DP Rep.

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Digital Imaging '09
Digital Images 2009 Recap

Digital Projection and NewComm Technologies, our Mid-Atlantic region's Commercial AV Manufacturer's Representative, recently hosted nearly 100 guests at the Digital Images 2009 technology showcase. Held in Fairfax, Virginia from May 14-15, a select group of manufacturing leaders engaged attendees with cutting-edge technology, hands-on training and new product unveilings.

Digital Projection's presentation of the MERCATOR III Blend and Warp Engine on an 18' wide Stewart screen was a highlight of the show. Another highlight was the participation of DP's business partner, Immersive Display Solutions Inc., as we demonstrated their special dome lens coupled with a dVision 30 sx+ on a 3-meter dome used for training and simulation environments. DP also teamed up with Stewart Filmscreen to demonstrate their amazing Starglas technology.

Digital Imaging '09

DP would like to thank all of the manufacturers and, especially, NewComm Technologies, for their planning and hard work. The success of Digital Images 2009 has inspired us to schedule special training events in several Mid-Atlantic cities throughout 2010.

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Digital Projection Logo
InfoComm RU Credits for Digital Projection Course

Digital Projection is pleased to announce that our common lunch and learn course "Integrating Any Venue Using Digital Projection Precision Display Systems" has been approved to provide 0.5 RUs for all three InfoComm certifications. Our course will be added to the InfoComm online RU Provider List in the next update.

Any time a Digital Projection regional manager hosts a Lunch n' Learn for our dealers or consultant friends on this topic, the attendees will receive .5 RU credits. These credits are applicable to CTS, CTS-D, and CTS-I certifications. The RMDM will bring pre-printed certificates and fill out the necessary information.

The attendee then submits the completed certificate to InfoComm upon renewal of their certification. More information can be found by clicking here.

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Tribeca Film Festival
DP's Displays Brighten Another Excellent Tribeca Film Festival

It's a wrap! Digital Projection displays performed flawlessly over the course of the 2-week Tribeca Film Festival in late April and early May.

Karl Mehrer of K2 Imaging entrusted seven Digital Projection TITAN 1080p 700's and three LIGHTNING displays to project the works of some of the world's most important filmmakers to thousands of enthusiastic film festival attendees. Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff founded the Tribeca Film Festival in 2002 in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the consequent loss of business in the TriBeCa neighborhood in lower Manhattan.

Digital Projection is proud to have delivered the digital imagery at Tribeca for five years of the festival's history.

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Digital Projection Raceday
Digital Projection is Off to the Races

The second weekend race event of 2009 at Texas Motor Speedway is in the record books.

On Friday night, June 5 we hosted friends and business partners for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series. It was run under the lights of the Texas Motor Speedway and proved to be a record-breaking night. Todd Bodine became the first series driver to win 5 times at the same track. Bodine averaged over 152 mph in route to his win.

Our guests on Saturday night were also treated to a fantastic day of motor sports. We opened the suite early on Saturday afternoon and watched a different race of horsepower - the running of the Belmont Stakes horse race in which "Summer Bird" flew past fan favorite "Mind That Bird" on the final stretch.

Later in the evening fans were treated to one of the fastest IRL races in Texas history. In the end it was something of a nail biter. Penske driver Ryan Briscoe dominated the whole race until the last set of pit stops. It was then that teammate Helio Castroneves pulled out the pits just a split second sooner and won the race by a scant 0.3904 of a second.

Our fans were able to watch the race and catch the Detroit Red Wings slam the Pittsburg Penguins in high definition , courtesy of our TITAN 1080p 700 that is installed in our suite.

Thanks again to everyone that came. We hope to see you in the fall for another NASCAR Race.

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Photo of the Month

Peery's Egyptian Theater, Utah

Peery's Egyptian Theater
Peery's Egyptian Theater, a beautiful Oregon theater operating since 1924, recently installed a TITAN 1080p-700 in order to showcase a wide array of digital content.

Peery's Egyptian Theater
The Peery Theater's projection screen is 19' high and 46' wide with adjustable side masking. All images are projected at 19' high, while the width varies depending on aspect ratio.

Peery's Egyptian Theater
John Snow, Production Supervisor for the Egyptian Theater, remarked, "Everyone who has seen the images produced by the TITAN projector is amazed at the brightness despite the fact that we use a perforated screen."

Photo of the month archive

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WUXGA and Where it Fits

Digital Projection has introduced a number of new WUXGA projectors over the past few months and will continue to develop products around this relatively new DLP chipset. The "Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array" (WUXGA) is a 16x10 aspect ratio with a display resolution of 1920x1200 pixels. Currently available in the iVision and dVision series of projectors, DPI will expand its WUXGA product offerings to include TITAN and LIGHTNING models. at InfoComm this month.

Originally emerging in high end desktop and laptop computing monitors, WUXGA projectors can now allow unique system designs for larger screen video applications. An extra 120 pixels can go a long way!

At 1920x1200 resolution, the added pixels give the projected image more height than a standard 16x9 display. For computer or graphics sources, these extra pixels can be beneficial for allowing the user to view more of the source content such as spreadsheet data, web pages, presentations, design software, etc. DP's iVision and dVision projectors are compact and powerful options for this type of system with light output up to 4,300 lumens. The new TITAN and LIGHTNING WUXGA models deliver tens of thousands of lumens.

In mixed graphics/video applications, WUXGA projectors are unique in that they can display full 1080p video sources at native resolution and still have extra pixels to incorporate graphical elements such as control strips, text, company logos and more. This is an excellent solution for post-production professionals or even a high-end digital signage application.

For the simulation market where multiple projectors may be edge-blended or needed to cover a large screen surface area, extra resolution is always welcomed. DP has a unique position in the marketplace for providing certain single-chip and 3-chip DLP projectors that can be rotated into portrait mode. A WUXGA projector in portrait mode will offer a larger blend area when overlapping projectors side by side.

Also, added pixels on the DMD equate to more reflective mirrors, meaning higher brightness projectors. Typically, a WUXGA resolution projector will be brighter than its 1080p equivalent. Look for projectors up to 30,000 lumens at our booth at InfoComm!

Integrators and designers: do not be weary of WUXGA - use this new platform to differentiate yourselves and provide outstanding video applications for your customers...just don't forget the 16x10 screen!

Tech Tip Archive

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