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DP Adds to M-Vision Series with M-Vision 400
Introducing...DP's New High-Brightness M-Vision Display

Digital Projection launched the sleek and affordable M-Vision series in mid-2009. Since then, the first models in this important platform, the M-Vision Cine 260 and the M-Vision Cine LED, have become the projectors of choice for commercial integrators seeking an unbeatable combination of imaging performance, efficiency and value under the DP brand.

As we progress through 2010, Digital Projection is poised to expand the performance and versatility of the M-Vision series even further. The first step of this expansion involves the formal announcement of our new 1080p resolution M-Vision Cine 400!

Introduced at InfoComm 2010, the M-Vision Cine 400's dual lamp design is optimized for brightness. Producing up to 5,500 lumens and 2000:1 color contrast, the M-Vision Cine 400 stands as the brightest M-Vision display in the product line.

Ready for more? With an anticipated MSRP of only $11,995 and $12,495, depending on the lens selected, the 1080p DLP M-Vision Cine 400 delivers a high-brightness projector with exceptional price / performance value. Now more than ever, DP delivers precision projectors in every price range, as well as unmatched customer support.

We are now accepting orders for the M-Vision Cine 400, and first shipments of this exciting new product will commence in October.

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Digital Projection's InfoComm 2010 Recap
Looking Back on DP's Most Successful InfoComm Show

Digital Projection's massive "Precision Displays for EVERY Venue" booth delivered the most tradeshow traffic and badge registrations in the company's history. As many manufacturers focused on updates to existing products, DPI went BIG.

Two brand-new product lines were launched, introducing tens of thousands of attendees to both the single-chip E-Vision line and 3-chip HIGHlite Cine product line. Numerous large-image blends throughout the show demonstrated the power and precision of DPI's new FUSION suite of low-latency warp and blend solutions. In regards to DPI's uncontested lead in the advanced 3D visualization category, DPI and Mechdyne partnered to demonstrate real-world commercial 3D applications on an immersive dome. And these were only the beginning.

Thank you to everyone who spent time with us in Las Vegas. From dealers to consultants to industry partners and end users, we relish the individual time we get to spend with each of you. Please use the links below to view photos from the show, read our full show recap, view and download updated product literature and view an overview of new products launched at the show.

Let us know how we can assist you. And thank you again for making InfoComm 2010 a historical event for Digital Projection International.

Click here to view the full show recap

Video footage of DP's massive InfoComm exhibit

Video footage of DP's immersive 3D dome at InfoComm

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Now More Than Ever – Dedicated to Our Commercial AV Channel

For the last 14 years Digital Projection has been dedicated to providing a professional, pleasant and profitable business experience for our expanding network of dealers and system integrators. We have found that the best way to achieve the kind of forthright communication necessary in today’s business climate is by working directly with our dealers and integrators though our sales and service associates, as well as via our proactive team of manufacturer’s representatives.

By creating direct communication channels for the diverse disciplines involved in conducting day to day business, DP has created the benchmark for application, service and installation support.

Digital Projection is the only major DLP-based projector supplier that has chosen not to offer our products through 3rd party distributors.

This guarantees the attentive customer service that our customers have come to expect from us, while further separating us from competing companies that select commoditized sales channels over personal and responsive dealer networks.

If you'd like to speak with the DP representative in your region, please click here to view our regional contacts.

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DP Now Shipping Low-Cost, High-Lumen E-Vision Projector
E-Visions Now Shipping

DP’s projectors have long been acknowledged as the epitome of precision displays. As the only Emmy Award winning projector manufacturer in the business (we’ve earned two), we apply very high expectations to every product we develop.

What may come as a surprise is that the latest projector we have launched, the exceptionally bright E-Vision 600, is also the least expensive projector that we offer. The E-Vision WXGA 600, the first in a family of planned E-Vision displays, is now shipping and is a “certified hit” with consultants, dealers and end-users alike. Feedback has been tremendous, and the building enthusiasm is well-deserved. At only $5,995 MSRP plus lens, the 6000 lumen E-Vision WXGA 600 has a feature set previously found only in much more expensive projectors.

Recently launched at InfoComm in Las Vegas, this 6000 Lumen 1280 X 800 single chip projector features a rugged lens mount, with motorized zoom, focus, horizontal and vertical lens shift. In addition, a variety of fixed and zoom lens options are available. Lens choices encompass a throw ratio range of .77:1 – 8.3:1. Extended lens shift enable unsurpassed installation flexibility and optical performance.

Swappable color wheel options allow the integrator or the end user to easily install the color wheel that provides the best balance of lumens and color depth to complement their application objectives and venue lighting conditions. Other key benefits of the E-Vision WXGA 600 include:

• Advanced video processing featuring class leading de-interlacing with SD and HD sources processed using auto 3:2 and 2:2 extraction.

• Six user-selectable inputs, including HDCP compliant DVI.

• Up to 14 Bit color for high gray-scale performance and exceptional color depth.

• Easy to change, user swappable color wheels - four segment for maximum light output and six segment for maximum color performance. Changing color wheels is achieved in minutes.

• Dual lamp design provides high brightness with lowest cost of ownership. Each set of lamps can deliver up to 6000 hours of operational life, when operated in sequential eco mode.

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CAV Pricing Update

Important Update: DP commercial AV dealers should stay tuned for the release of an updated Dealer price sheet in the coming days. Numerous changes, including price alterations and new product announcements, can be expected. Watch for an email next week alerting you to new pricing availability.

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DP Now Shipping Powerful New 1080p, 3-Chip Projector for Commercial Venues
3-Chip HIGHlites Available for Immediate Delivery

Great news regarding DP’s new high-brightness, high-value 3-chip projector series. Our HIGHlite Cine 260 projectors are now in stock and available for immediate delivery. All DP regional managers have demo units available, and feedback from the demonstrations given so far has been outstanding!

“Crystal clear.” “Bright, dynamic colorimetry.” “Gorgeous, rich tones.” These are just a few of the descriptions used by dealers and end users alike, who have witnessed the HIGHlite in action. At a list price of $27,995 and $29,995, depending on lens selected, the HIGHlite Cine 260 delivers unmatched value and 3-chip DLP performance to the commercial installation market.

Need another reason to look at the HIGHlite? Installation and optimization flexibility are core to HIGHlite displays. Seven lens options are available, along with extensive motorized horizontal and vertical lens shift.

For theatrically dark venues that can make the most of the highest contrast, the HIGHlite Cine 260-HC delivers 2000 lumens and an absolutely stunning 20,000:1 dynamic black contrast. For venues with some ambient light, the brightness optimized HIGHlite Cine 260, produces 3500 lumens and a beautiful 2000:1 contrast. This new, higher brightness version is ideal for media rooms or larger screen applications needing exceptional brightness and impeccable color from a lower-cost precision display.

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MyDPrewards Update
Update: Claim Your Money with myDPRewards!

Around here, the hot August heat and humidity is causing at least a few of us to think about the cooler seasons ahead. With fall and winter comes the holiday season…and with the holidays comes unavoidable added expenses. Gifts, trips, and household expenses….they all add up.

What better way to supplement your income than with some extra cash in your pocket, courtesy of your friends at DP. By simply selling the precision displays you already know and respect, you can earn up to $1000 per projector by participating in DP’s myDPRewards program!

If you haven’t registered yet, go to to sign up. Once you are in the system and approved, we will send you your myDPRewards debit card. Every time you sell a myDPrewards qualifying projector, DP will stock your card with huge rewards – as defined on the myDPrewards website. It’s that easy.

Want yet another way to earn some extra income? Watch for our regularly updated Projector Specials List for discounted projector deals that can earn you even more cash rewards! Contact your local DP representative if you’d like to receive the Projector Specials list updates by clicking here.

Start putting some extra income in your pocket today through these simple and rewarding promotions from DP.

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D&P Wins
D&P Wins "2010 Best Museum AV Project"

Congratulations to DP dealer Design and Production (D&P) for winning Best Museum AV Project at the recently announced 2010 PRO AV Spotlight Awards. The museum features six TITAN projectors in portrait mode, dVision-based interactive touch tables, a small dedicated iVision theater and many other entertaining AV solutions.

From Pro AV: "23 years after first working on the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, D&P won the chance to overhaul it with 21st century technology. This time around, the company was tasked with creating “blockbuster” showpieces that make up the most interactive presidential library to date, as former First Lady Rosalynn Carter describes it."

Read the entire Pro AV article by clicking here.

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Photos of the Month


Digital Projection's LIGHTNING Displays at 2010 Medical Conference

K2Imaging recently used two Digital Projection LIGHTNING high-lumen projectors to deliver a wide array of medical imagery at a recent medical conference in New York City.

Digital Projection's LIGHTNING Displays at 2010 Medical Conference

The LIGHTNING projectors displayed medical imaging, surgical cameras, in-house IMAG, powerpoint presentations and more on a huge 18' x 32' screen.

Digital Projection's LIGHTNING Displays at 2010 Medical Conference

The massive imagery was a critical component in illustrating new procedures to a diverse group of medical professionals.

Digital Projection's LIGHTNING Displays at 2010 Medical Conference

Karl Mehrer of K2Imaging remarked, "The overlapped LIGHTNING displays ran so efficiently that the lamp power was reduced to 75% while still enabling the ballroom lighting to be kept at a relatively high level."

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