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Digital Projection's All-In promotion for commercial AV dealers is off to a great start. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to win big with DP! We are already processing claim sheets and sending out checks and chips. Registering for the program couldn't be any easier. To provide you with another method of submitting your claims, we have implemented an online form that allows you to register information electronically. Please use the links below to register or submit a claim.

Program details and registration form PDF (for fax submission)

Program details and registration form (for online submission)

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Digital Projection "All-In" award example:
The sale of a Mercury gv projector, 1.5 1.8:1 lens and spare lamp module totals $15,775.00 in DP invoice value. DP will round all invoices up to the nearest $1000 when awarding spiffs and chips, thus, the sale of this system is rounded to $16000. In this example, the dealer sales associate is awarded $160.00 in cash (16 x $10) as well as 16 thousand dollars worth of All-In chips for the All In Tournament .

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DPs DVI and DigiLink Distribution Accessories

As most systems integrators and stagers can testify, signal distribution via DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is increasing in use. The reasons are simple; Digital sources with DVI outputs are becoming more common, nearly all digital displays now incorporate DVI inputs, and the image quality benefits of a 100% digital signal path from the source to the display are simply too significant to ignore.

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New Product News

VIP 1000

Digital Projection is proud to announce a partnership with Silicon Optix on our new external video scaler and input processor, the VIP 1000. Suitable for use with all Digital Projection displays, the VIP 1000 utilizes Terenax technology, previously available only in $50K and up processors, but now packaged in an affordable and user friendly solution. Powered by Silicon Optix's new Realta chip-set with HQV processing, key features and benefits include:

  • True 1080i de-interlacing (4 field processing to preserve original content)
  • Multi directional diagonal filter with 10 bit interpolation to removes jaggies without reducing image sharpness
  • Adaptive noise reduction
  • True 10 bit processing from input to output
  • Mosquito noise reduction
  • e-warp geometry correction
  • Fully adjustable audio delay
  • Output settings from 480P to 1080P DVI or Analog
  • Inputs include DVI, SDI, Component, RGB, S-video, and Composite

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