Special Promotion for DP's Commercial AV Dealers

Special Promotion for DP's Commercial AV Dealers

All NEW ORDERS FOR TITAN 800 and TITAN Quad Projectors
THROUGH 11/30/2012

Don't miss this special dealer discount on all TITAN 800 and TITAN Quad displays. Orders MUST BE PLACED by 11/30/2012 and released for shipment by 12/31/2012. This is an amazing discount on DP's incredibly powerful imaging solutions!

Click Here to view the terms of this promotion.

Commercial AV dealers - DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE to enjoy amazing savings on the newest in DP's TITAN displays technology! The 12,000 lumen TITAN 800 and 16,000 lumen TITAN Quad projectors incorporate DP's active 3D connectivity, advanced image Warp and Blend, Intelligent Lens Mount, ColorMax calibration technology, and a host of vital professional features to suit almost any commercial installation or staging application imaginable.

For more information, please contact your DP regional manager (Click Here for contact information).

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E-ZIP Pricing Now Available in the Dealer Portal

Great news for authorized DP Commercial AV Dealers currently using E-ZIP formatted pricing templates! We are happy to announce that you can now log in to the Commercial AV dealer portal and download our most updated pricing in this often-requested format. Simply look for the link marked EZIP once you log in and click the Commercial AV Dealer Portal link.

As of October 22, 2012, DP announced an update to our Dealer and List pricing exclusively to our Commercial AV Dealers and Reps. The updated price list is available NOW on our password-protected web site for current DP Dealers.

If you are a DP Dealer or Rep with login credentials, CLICK HERE for access.

If you are a DP Dealer or Rep but don't have updated login credentials, CLICK HERE to register for access.

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DP's TITAN Quads Enable Architectural Mapping at InfoComm 100

The annual InfoComm100, a cross-section of 100 dignitaries within and outside the A/V industry, met in Reston, Va. on Oct. 11-12. The topic of this year's event was "The Smart Building Imperative."

DP's TITAN Quads Enable Architectural Mapping at InfoComm 100 As in 2011, Digital Projection was the proud projector sponsor for this event, and four of DP's ever-reliable TITAN Quad projectors displayed presentation materials throughout the event on an assortment of panels and raised surfaces. In fact, the set design and custom content created for the show appropriately mirrored the complexity of an architectural mapping project that a staging integrator may develop for a live events or corporate client, and makes for an interesting application story on its own.

DP's TITAN Quads Enable Architectural Mapping at InfoComm 100 Legacy Scenic of Chantilly, Virginia, created the set with guidance from the InfoComm planning team and Swank Audio Visuals, a well-established commercial integrator and live events specialist. Two 9' x 16' screens, each with their own dedicated TITAN Quad projector, augmented the key content displayed on the center set. The center space consisted of varied raised planes along a backdrop that displayed over 50' of projected imagery. Two blended TITAN Quad projectors combined to supply impressive imagery to all the surfaces of the center set.

DP's TITAN Quads Enable Architectural Mapping at InfoComm 100 Per Johnathan Wilbert, sales manager with Swank Audio Visuals, "The main 13' x 44' screen and 12' x 12' panel were covered in heavy weight white muslin so as to be seamless and has a blackout between frame and fabric. The rest of the flats were blackout white satin." Numerous additional flat planes adorn the center set, with custom imagery mapped to each surface throughout the presentations to impressive effect.

This was yet another opportunity for DP to support InfoComm's education and business training events, and we are proud to dedicate our precision displays, as well as key senior personnel, to their endeavors.

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Staging Corner: TITAN and LIGHTNING Lens Compatibility Expanded

Staging Corner: TITAN and LIGHTNING Lens Compatibility Expanded

Many of our staging customers have asked DP to innovate a way to create compatibility with lenses, manufactured by other companies, with the new TITAN and LIGHTNING models they are adding to their staging fleet. We are pleased to announce that we have now created such a solution for many BARCO lenses.

Specifically, by changing the original lens collar with a DP lens collar, many current BARCO lenses become compatible with all current model TITAN and LIGHTNING projectors, while retaining 100% functionality. The procedure to change the lens collars is easy, takes mere minutes to complete, and is done with basic tools. By exchanging the lens collars, these BARCO lenses are instantly adapted for use on DP's powerful TITAN and LIGHTNING 1080p, WUXGA and SX+ models. Furthermore, should it be necessary, reversing the procedure allows those lenses to still be employed on the original BARCO projectors as well.

Click Here to view and download the simple lens collar change procedure.

The lens collars are available from DP now, and we will provide them to our authorized staging customers for a minimal cost of just $75 per collar. Simply contact DP Customer Service to place your orders.

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Commercial AV Training Opportunities

Training Update – Upcoming Commercial AV Opportunities

Commercial AV dealers and partners – numerous education opportunities exist this fall, including:

InfoComm Roundtable - Houston, TX
- Projection 101
- Warp and Blend

DATE: November 15, 2012
LOCATION: Hotel Derek
2525 W Loop S Fwy, Houston, TX 77027

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DP and Partners Hold Warp and Blend Factory Training and Open House Event

DP and Partners Hold Warp and Blend Factory Training and Open House Event

The ambitious expansion of DP's US headquarters has already created some remarkable networking, training and demonstration opportunities this year. Whether you're a DP Rep, dealer, industry partner or end-user, we've hosted specific events that pertain to YOUR area of interest. Haven't attended one of our sessions yet? Don't despair, as we're just getting started!

One such example is a recent two-day Warp and Blend training event, orchestrated and hosted by DP with support and participation by numerous industry partners, including Scalable Display Technologies, DNP Screens, NVIDIA and Delta Displays. Dealers of the partner companies were invited to spend two days immersed in warp and blend solutions, from manufacturer-led presentations to hands-on demonstrations.

The first day and a half consisted exclusively of live training. Ken Eagle, training manager for DP, tackled projector-oriented Warp and Blend concepts, applications and both manual and automated alignment techniques. Zach Hurvitz of Scalable Display Technologies then revealed automated Warp and Blend solutions, followed by Jesse Walsh of DNP Screens, who instructed attendees on ideal screen materials for Warp and Blend applications. Finishing out the training sessions were NVIDIA's Doug Traill and Tom Kaye, who described their Quadro scalable visualization solutions, and Patrick Ellis of Delta Displays, who discussed commercial video wall and LED applications. An enjoyable and well-deserved networking dinner followed the training sessions.

DP and Partners Hold Warp and Blend Factory Training and Open House Event
The second day began with a Warp and Blend hands-on lab, in which each manufacturer demonstrated their Warp and Blend solutions. Attendees were given the opportunity to test these solutions in real time, with the support of manufacturer team members. This provided the attending class with a first-hand perspective of what's involved in designing, installing and programming simple to complex warp and blend applications. Following the hands-on demonstrations and lab, a casual open house allowed for general strategizing and brain-storming among class attendees and the participating manufacturer partners.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with numerous requests calling for a regularly scheduled series of commercial-specific training courses throughout the year. Equally compelling was the partner feedback, with Zach Hurvitz commenting, "From the over-capacity attendee registrations to the outstanding team of partners, all signs point toward a bright future of multi-projector, edge blended displays. Scalable is pleased to have been an integral part of this class and we look forward toward participating again in the future." Jesse Walsh expressed similar sentiments, remarking that the recent training event was "…an outstanding event, both well-planned and executed."

If you'd like to attend one of DP's many upcoming training events, review the courses being offered by clicking here and register as far in advance of the event date as possible to ensure your space is reserved. We look forward to educating and entertaining you soon.

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LDI 2012 Attendees Experience the Power of DP's 16K Lumen TITAN Quads


LDI 2012 Attendees Experience the Power of DP's 16K TITAN Quads
DP and booth partner AV Stumpfl USA displayed gorgeous two-piece live-entertainment solutions at the recent Live Design International (LDI) tradeshow and conference for live design professionals in North and South America. From October 19-21 2012 in Las Vegas, LDI attendees witnessed astoundingly bright, color accurate imagery on a 9' x 12' AV Stumpfl professional screen, courtesy of the award-winning TITAN Quad WUXGA 3D projector.

LDI 2012 Attendees Experience the Power of DP's 16K TITAN Quads
Widely lauded in the Rental & Staging community for its 16,000 lumen light output, compact and rugged all-metal chassis, straightforward color calibration and internal Warp & Blend, the TITAN Quad impressed LDI attendees throughout the 3-day event.

LDI 2012 Attendees Experience the Power of DP's 16K TITAN Quads
Frank Genovese, DP's rental & staging manager, and Paul Gomes, DP's pacific southwest sales manager, introduced the Quad to stagers, designers and end-users alike from live event-oriented industries such as theater, corporate events, indoor entertainment facilities, museums and the hospitality industry, just to name a few.


LDI 2012 Attendees Experience the Power of DP's 16K TITAN Quads
TITAN Quad displays– (sx+, 1080p, WUXGA) – DP announced the complete reinterpretation of the advanced 3-chip display with the new, 16,000 lumen TITAN Quad product line in 2011. Incredibly compact for its lumen performance, the TITAN Quad platform incorporates DP's active 3D connectivity, advanced image Warp and Blend capabilities, Intelligent Lens Memory, a wide variety of native resolutions, and a host of professional features to suit almost any commercial or live staging application imaginable. DP's TITAN Quad 2000, which boasts 20,000 lumens, will join the DP product line and commence shipping in January 2013.

Many thanks to AV Stumpfl USA for their partnership. If you would like to see a TITAN Quad in action, please contact your DP regional manager by clicking here.

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DPL Confirms Commitment to Middle East Expansion with InfoComm MEA Exhibit


DPL Confirms Commitment to Middle East Expansion with InfoComm MEA Exhibit
Between October 14 – 18, 2012, InfoComm's Middle East and Africa (MEA) tradeshow assembled a wide range of AV systems and technologies geared towards numerous professional markets, including hospitality, retail, architectural design and building, entertainment, broadcast, corporate IT, as well as government sectors such as transportation, education, healthcare and defense. Digital Projection Limited (DPL) presented a robust array of high-performance projectors in their impressive booth at this growing show.

DPL Confirms Commitment to Middle East Expansion with InfoComm MEA Exhibit
The exhibit saw the first unveiling of the 20,000 lumen TITAN Super Quad (TITAN QUAD 2000)—the smallest, lightest, brightest and quietest projector in its class on the market today. In addition to the Super Quad, DP demonstrated four key projectors from our product line in an open style booth, completely exposed to the high ambient light conditions of the exhibit hall. Purposefully done, visitors to DP's booth could easily see how well each projector performed in the compromising conditions, as well as interact with the displays and thus leave with a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities and functionality.

DPL Confirms Commitment to Middle East Expansion with InfoComm MEA Exhibit
All of the projectors in the exhibit worked in conjunction with DNP Supernova One screens, while the show-reel was created using Dataton WatchOut.

DPL Confirms Commitment to Middle East Expansion with InfoComm MEA Exhibit
Ciaran Doran, DPL's EMEA Sales and Marketing Manager, commented, "This was a great opportunity to launch our brand to a new market and we are delighted with the reception we received. Having the projectors in such a bright environment really allowed people to see how they would perform in their own real world applications."

DPL Confirms Commitment to Middle East Expansion with InfoComm MEA Exhibit
Click here to see more photos of Digital Projection at InfoComm MEA in Dubai.

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Photos of the Month

ALBRIGHT-KNOX MUSEUM's 150th anniversary

Albright-Knox Museum Relies on Digital Projection

In celebration of the Albright-Knox Museum's 150th Anniversary, K2imaging, New City Video and Stereo Advantage collaborated to bathe the museum's exterior in glorious light using seven of Digital Projection International's 16,000 lumen TITAN Quad projectors.

Albright-Knox Museum Relies on Digital Projection

Digital projection and technical presentation experts K2imaging provided projection equipment and engineering services. New City Video and Dan Hartnett brought content and control equipment to the table, while Kevin Bohner, system design manager with Stereo Advantage, oversaw the implementation of signal and communication connectivity.

Per the Albright-Knox website, the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy—the governing body of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery—was founded in 1862. As such, it is among the country's oldest public arts institutions in the United States. Today, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery is dedicated to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of contemporary and modern art through education, exhibition and public events.

Albright-Knox Museum Relies on Digital Projection

VIDEO: To truly appreciate most architectural mapping projects, one needs to see the creative in full motion. Fortunately, Albright-Knox captured the event and posted the video, viewable by clicking here, on their YouTube channel.

Albright-Knox Museum Relies on Digital Projection

Albright-Knox Museum Relies on Digital Projection Many thanks to everyone involved in ensuring a successful event transpired, and congratulations to the Albright-Knox Museum on such a monumental anniversary!

Special thanks to Karl Mehrer of K2imaging for once again sharing his exceptional photography.

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Tech Tip

EDID Technology Overview

EDID stands for Extended Display Identification Data, a standard published by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). Used as part of an interface between a source device and a display, EDID supplies the necessary technological handshake needed for video or computer display. An EDID ROM chip is required to be present in all display devices that include HDMI / DVI support. Its inclusion in HDMI is part of a host of intelligent features that the standard offers. Using the DDC channel and EDID, a Blu-ray player or other source device can request and learn the display limitations of a display or video projector.

EDID contains basic information about a display and its capabilities, including manufacturer information, maximum image size, color depth, Native Resolution, factory pre-set timings, frequency range limits, and character strings for the display and serial number. This information is stored in the display, and then used to communicate with the rest of the system.

When intermediate products are used in the video distribution chain, these "middle" products are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the EDID and the HDCP encryption. These devices include switchers, receivers, HDMI extenders, distribution amps, and video scalers. NOTE: Caution must be taken when using multiple devices in a system, to assure the EDID does not become compromised as this could limit the performance of either the source or the display. An example of this is 3D EDID. If the EDID from the display does not make it all the way back to the source in its complete format, the source may not recognize the display as a 3D device and therefore not send 3D signals.

Digital Projection Tech Tip
With this in mind, here's the tech tip: If a display or a projector is not properly displaying a source that is otherwise known to be working, it is possible that the EDID handshake was interrupted. This can happen when the connection between the display and the source is momentarily interrupted. For example, a bad cable, or a momentary loss of power to a distribution accessory could cause this interruption, as would moving the DVI / HDMI source cable from one display to another.

The simplest way to solve the problem is to reboot the source, making sure the hardwire connection to the display is restored before powering the source back on. On power up, the source submits a renewed EDID query to the display, and upon receipt of the requested data, commences providing a properly formatted signal to suit the display's parameters.

HDMI sources can present another set of digital handshake challenges. In order to protect copyright holders, HDMI sources, such as Blu-ray players, also include HDCP – a complex and sometimes frustrating High Definition Copy Protection standard. Like EDID, sources with HDCP need to see the display at all times -- not just at power up. Any loss of connection to the display is viewed as an attempt to pirate the digital signal, and the HDCP enabled source responds by killing its output – replacing it instead with HDCP snow. To minimize HDCP distribution challenges, make sure all the components in your signal distribution chain are fully qualified per the HDMI and HDCP standards.

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