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Why EVERY Customer Needs to Know Their 3D Options
Why EVERY Customer Needs to Know Their 3D Options

For those of us who have observed the various comings and goings of 3D technology and content over the past decades, it might be tempting to discount the latest wave of 3D products and releases as just another 3D market roll-out destined for failure - but that would be a very big mistake.

This time around, the technology has evolved to the point where amazing 3D experiences can be created on a scale suitable for nearly any venue, and with content catering to a wide array of applications. Just as vital, for both the consumer and professional markets, the move to 3D is being broadly supported by major technology and content creators. Having been utilized for medical, scientific and simulation applications for years, 3D is no longer a technological curiosity. It is now positioned to become an extraordinary experience that enriches our professional productivity and personal entertainment.

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M-Vision LED projector now available
Deliver the Projector that Truly Lasts a Lifetime

Limited Supply of New 60,000+ Hour LED Projectors Now Available for Pre-order

Surely by now you’ve heard the buzz about DP’s newly launched LED illuminated projector – the M-Vision Cine LED. Here’s your chance to get your hands on one!

A select group of DP dealers will soon be able to deliver DP’s M-Vision Cine LED. Launched to widespread acclaim at the recent CEDIA Expo, the Cine LED produces up to 600 lumens and 10,000:1 contrast. The M-Vision Cine LED is intended for theatrical viewing spaces with controlled ambient light and screens up to 8’ wide. If used in venues with limited light, the single-chip Cine LED produces the dynamic range, rich color saturation and vivid contrast of a 3-chip DPL display, but from a smaller and more cost effective chassis.

With a life span of more than 60,000 hours, the M-Vision Cine LED is DP’s first Lifetime Illumination™ display. Additionally, as the Cine LED incorporates Red, Green and Blue LED devices, it does not rely on a color wheel. This benefit renders the projector completely free of the color wheel artifacts that some home theater enthusiasts find distracting. Wide lens shift range of 30% horizontal and 120% vertical gives the M-Vision Cine LED the mechanical flexibility to match up with any application.

Reserve your M-Vision Cine LED today -- contact your DP Regional Manager or Rep.

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M-Vision 260 Now Shipping
M-Vision 260 Now Shipping

ATTENTION: Customers and applications needing a compact, bright and affordable single-chip display. Our 3,500 lumen, 2,000:1 contrast M-Vision 1080p-260 is now available and shipping. Ideal for small to medium screens, the M-Vision 260 delivers bright, vivid imagery, even in rooms with ambient light. From the board room to the family room, the M-Vision offers a compelling solution for a wide array of venues.

Installation flexibility is paramount with the M-Vision with lens shift ranges of 30% horizontal and 120% vertical, plus the compact, lightweight chassis which allows for simple mounting. Connectivity includes two HDMI inputs, as well as RGB via D-15, component, composite and S-Video inputs.

Multiple lens options provide further flexibility, with a throw range from .73 to 2.40:1. MSRP for the M-Vision 260 ranges from the $8K to $9K price point, depending on the lens selected.

To order your M-Vision 260, contact your DP Regional Manager or Rep.

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DP's 3D Displays
Unique, Powerful and Proven - DP's 3D Displays

DP now builds 21 different Active 3D capable projectors. Beyond offering the largest line-up of 3D displays of any manufacturer, what else makes DP’s 3D displays unique?

    • Most efficient lamp technology in the industry -- for instance, Digital Projection’s TITAN Dual 3D displays produce up to 10,000 lumens while consuming only 750 watts of power. Competitive projectors require as much as 2.2 kilowatts of power to produce less light output!

    • Using a more efficient lamp technology also results in these important benefits:
        - Longer lamp life
        - Lower lamp cost & lower total cost of ownership
        - Smaller, lighter chassis design
        - Reduced heat generation

    • Lowest possible operational noise levels -- while our 10,000 lumen TITAN 3D models are specified at just 42dBA, competitive 3D models are specified at an operating noise level of up to 60 dBA for similar or less brightness.

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DP Exhibits at Techxplosion '09
DP's XTP Wins AV Award

The 2009 winners of the recent AV awards were announced at a gala dinner attended by more than 500 people on October 9th, 2009, at the London Hilton on Park Lane in London, England. Digital Projection International won the first award of the evening, taking home the prestigious “Digital Signage Product of the Year” Award for its innovative fireproof, dustproof and waterproof XTP HD-300 projector.

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DP Exhibits at CEDIA
DP Steals the Show at CEDIA Expo

DP crafted one of the most often-discussed booths at the recent CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to the numerous new products launched, DP was the proud recipient of a CEDIA Manufacturers' Excellence - Best New Product Award with the TITAN 3D. Already well-recognized by elite home cinema enthusiasts for its stellar image quality, the TITAN 3D was the only projector recognized specifically for an award at the show, and our team considers it a huge honor.

In conjunction with the 3D award, DP and Mechdyne revealed the results of a constructive partnership with the Total 3D Experience system, the only turnkey 3D projection solution now available for the home. For more on the 3D system, click here.

At a time when other projector manufacturers are making deep cuts to their customer service and product development staff, DP announced new job opportunities (click here for information) and new lines of both single and 3-chip displays.

To read the full CEDIA show wrap-up, visit the DP blog by clicking here.

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DP Exhibits at Techxplosion '09
DP Exhibits at Techxplosion '09

Earlier this month, Digital Projection exhibited at the 10th annual Techxplosion show, hosted by Technical Resource Group (TRG) in Tampa, Florida. The event was held at Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater and featured technical training in audio, video, lighting, and projection for pastors, music ministers, media & tech directors, technicians, & volunteers.

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Congratulations Alford Media
Congratulations Alford Media!

Alford Media, a nationally recognized staging company providing audio, video, lighting and show coordination services, is celebrating it's 25th anniversary in November. DP has been priviledged to work with Alford on numerous projects througout the years, and we all want to extend a hearty CONGRATULATIONS on reaching such a huge milestone.

Mike Levi, President of Digital Projection Inc., remarked: "“Everyone at Digital Projection applauds Alford Media’s achievement of the 25-year business milestone. A number of us go pretty far back with Tom and Steve... I personally began working with the Alfords 19 years ago. Back then, Alford’s projectionists were setting the video benchmark by quadruple-stacking CRT projectors. While the idea of converging 12 CRT channels seemed an extraordinary technical effort to many, it was business as usual for the Alford crew, who, then and now, always do whatever is necessary to produce killer video and stage flawless events for their clients. Congratulations to the Alford Team for 25 years of creating Alford Media magic.”

Congratulations to everyone at Alford Media -- we're looking forward to many more productive years of partnership with you all!

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Photos of the Month

Carter Library and Museum

Carter Library and Museum

Design and Production Inc. recently completed an extensive multi-million dollar renovation of the Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, using 13 DP projectors.

Carter Library and Museum

Six Digital Projection dVision 30-1080p projectors communicate with six IRTOUCH T46 infrared touch frames to supply imagery for a 18' interactive table.

Carter Library and Museum

The large rotunda showcase uses six Digital Projection TITAN HD-600 projectors to display 13' tall portrait-oriented images of a day in the life of Carter's presidency.

Carter Library and Museum

After a $8.5 million renovation of the Museum's interiors and AV systems, the Library boldly displays the numerous humanitarian contributions made by the former president and his wife.

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Tech Tip

Active, Passive & Active/Passive 3D -
Selecting the Proper 3D Technology for your Application

As 3D visualization becomes more mainstream, it is important to understand the basic differences between Passive and Active Stereo Visualization.

Passive Stereo is one of the two methods commonly used to create high quality 3-dimensional projected imagery, and the system architecture is actually pretty straightforward. The imagery from two projectors is overlaid onto a single screen, with one projector dedicated to content intended to be viewed by the left eye and the other dedicated to content for the right eye. Opposing polarizing filters are then placed in front of the lens of each projector. Next, the projectors display the distinct left and right eye images onto a specially coated screen that maintains the left eye / right eye polarization of the reflected light.

The viewer wears “passive” polarized glasses that match the polarizers installed on the projectors. Thus, the viewer’s left eye only sees the content rendered by the left eye projector, and the viewer’s right eye only sees the content rendered by the right eye projector. Those distinct left and right eye images are interpreted by the human brain as 3D.

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