PRODUCT FEATURE: World's First 3-chip DLP LED

TITAN LED projector from Digital Projection

The world's premier Lifetime Illumination LED displays are finally here with the TITAN LED

Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announces the TITAN 1080p LED 3D, the world's first combination of 3-chip DLP imaging and solid-state LED illumination. Utilizing Texas Instruments' DarkChip DLP technology, DPI's new TITAN 1080p LED 3D merges the long-recognized precision and power of the TITAN product line with the stunning color space and black levels of LED illumination.

The TITAN LED's 2,000 lumen specification separates it from all other purely LED driven displays, yet understates the perceived image brightness and clarity delivered. In addition to the higher brightness, the TITAN LED enlists DPI's Lifetime Illumination™ platform, providing a virtually maintenance-free imaging solution that never requires a lamp replacement.

Click here to learn more about the TITAN LED.

TITAN LED projector from Digital Projection

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Training Update - Special Announcement

Training Update

We have big news regarding the award-winning training program at Digital Projection! We're pleased to announce that, as of this month, Erica Strickland has been appointed Training Manager - Americas for DP.

Training Update
Erica joined DP as an Applications Engineer in February, 2012, honing her technical skills within DP's Application Support team. Many of DP's integrators and consultant partners have already come to admire Erica's problem solving acumen, and we have no doubt that she will bring that same drive to DP's training and education opportunities in the future.

Erica will immediately begin creating engaging training materials and online portals to make DPI product education easily accessible. Erica will also deliver training courses to reps, consultants and internal employees throughout North and South America throughout the end of 2013. Click Here to view the newly redesigned Training Portal to view the training schedule.

Regarding the promotion, Erica commented, "I am thrilled by this new opportunity. I've always been passionate about teaching and I'm eager to participate in the evolution of DPI's Training Program."

Please help us welcome Erica to her new role. Erica can be reached at 770-420-1350 and via email at

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DP's Super-bright Worship Solutions on Display at WFX '13

Digital Projection at WFX 2013

Per the WFX website, this year's WFX event "successfully reached and supported hundreds of churches in their mission to impact lives." DP and DNP Screens co-located in a spacious booth at the show in order to demonstrate how compelling high-lumen imagery can be. Even in an exposed environment with unforgiving tradeshow-floor lighting.

Knowing that most worship venues have to contend with high amounts of ambient light, DP brought two specialty projectors that excel, from different ends of the pricing spectrum, at delivering saturated imagery in well-lit locations. Both the budget-conscious E-Vision 1080p 8000 and precision-oriented TITAN 1080p 930 illuminated large DNP screens to stunning effect.

Digital Projection's E-Vision displays
Digital Projection's TITAN displays
Many thanks to the many people that visited with us at WFX this year, as well as to DNP, our booth partner. We look forward to seeing even more attendees next year!

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TITAN Quads Help InfoComm AVEC Plan Ahead

Digital Projection at InfoComm AVEC 2013

A select group of AV executives recently gathered at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida, to discuss business agility and future industry trends. With some of the brightest minds in the AV industry in attendance, this was an inspiring moment of strategic thinking and brainstorming. DP was honored to both sponsor the event, as well as supply the imagery throughout the three-day session, courtesy of our 20,000 lumen TITAN Quad 2000 staging-grade projectors.

Digital Projection at the InfoComm AVEC 2013
An assortment of featured speakers, small-group workshops and peer breakouts filled the event with useful, actionable insights. Kirsten Nelson, editor of Systems Contractor News, astutely recognized David Nour's declaration of "the 'New Norm' in business transactions is centered on relationships built on 'solutions' and maintained via various 'pull' marketing schemes and social media" as a defining narrative throughout the event.

Click here to read Kirsten Nelson's comprehensive InfoComm AVEC recap.

DP is busy implementing the business practices learned at this year's AVEC event, and we look forward to attending next year's event.

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New Commercial AV Pricing Update

Digital Projection Pricing Update

DP Dealers - watch your inbox next week for a Commercial AV pricing update. If you haven't registered for the DP Authorized Dealer Portal, you can do so via the links below.

1) DP Dealers with Dealer Portal credentials - click here to log in

2) DP Dealers needing login credentials - click here to register for access

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Staging Corner: Staging Council Update

Staging Corner

Rental and Staging Professionals,
By now you've likely seen the updates regarding the new Rental and Staging Council that DP is forming. As we continue to add a number of Staging companies as members to this exclusive council, we're still looking for a few more actively engaged Staging companies to act as our guides to this ever-changing market.

As detailed in the introductory Rental and Staging Council email, Staging Council members will be invited to participate with DP in a number of fun yet important meetings and events throughout 2014.

One such event will be our Staging Council Costa Rica Adventure, about which we recently sent you a detailed Q&A. If you didn't receive this information, please let us know via the "Request Information" button below so that we can send it to you right away. Here are a few key trip details:

    - Getaway Destination - Los Suenos, Costa Rica
    - Costa Rica Adventure Dates: April 24 - April 29, 2014
    - Qualification - Contact DP via the 'Request Information' button below for qualification terms
    - Qualifying Period - purchases made between Jan. 1, 2013 and Dec. 31, 2013

Join your friends at DP and other members of the Staging Council as we explore one of the most amazing places on earth. DP's Staging Council Costa Rica Adventure includes round-trip airfare, luxury accomodations, exotic excursions, gourmet meals and incredible entertainment. Imagine being in Los Suenos, Costa Rica: part exhilirating adventure, part relaxing getaway, with the world's best fishing, championship golf course and dramatic rainforests. All of this can be yours, and it's only a few purchases away.


CLICK HERE to request Rental & Staging Council information from your Regional Manager.
Contact Digital Projection

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Brand New: Commercial AV Application Story Portal is Now LIVE!

Digital Projection's new application stories portal

Interested in 3D projection and architectural mapping? Wish you could find out more about how to design and implement a projection dome or cave? Ever wish you could see the inside of a maritime simulator?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, or you simply enjoy looking at beautiful installation photography, click here to view case studies for all of these and more.

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Photos of the Month

University of Massachusetts Medical School
DGI Technologies

University of Massachusetts Medical School relies on Digital Projection

CLICK HERE to read the entire case study.

DGI Technologies orchestrates remarkable upgrade of UMass Medical School

Massachusetts integration company DGI Technologies recently provided the Audio Visual presentation, video/audio conferencing, and lecture capture technologies for a lecture hall and numerous conference rooms throughout the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Used by research departments within the UMMS system, the overall goal was to provide each department with integrated audio visual technologies for their conference rooms that would foster collaboration and communication both internally and externally.

DGI and AV consultant Accentech relied on advanced audio visual systems to accomplish the school's goal, elevating the communication capabilities within UMMS beyond their expectations.

University of Massachusetts Medical School relies on Digital Projection

Lecture capture was a critical component of the upgrade, and an echo360 lecture capture system was installed to record and archive teaching events in numerous rooms. In addition, each room was outfitted with a Digital Projection M-Vision Cine 400 1080p projector to view high-resolution digital images with precise color matching.

University of Massachusetts Medical School relies on Digital Projection

In the function suite DGI implemented a Future Automation ceiling projection lift to house a Digital Projection Titan WUXGA 330-L projector, shooting onto a large projection screen for audience viewing. Shooting the opposite direction is a DP M-Vision Cine 400 1080p, acting as a confidence monitor for the presenter. Each room was outfitted with Crestron touchpanel control.

University of Massachusetts Medical School relies on Digital Projection

The lecture hall includes a control booth with 3 DP TITAN WUXGA 660 projectors, a Yamaha live mixing console, and a Panasonic production switcher. The lecture hall can be controlled with a Crestron touchpanel or manually controlled via the production switcher and the live mixing console.

CLICK HERE to read the entire case study.

University of Massachusetts Medical School relies on Digital Projection

Congratulations to DGI Technologies on delivering this world-class, impressively capable research space, and thank you for choosing DP's precision displays!

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Tech Tip:
Digital Projection on Screens and Screen Technology

CLICK HERE to read the entire Tech Tip.

Digital Projection is deeply interested in screens and screen technology, given that applying the right screen in an application helps the overall image quality, while the wrong screen can result in a reflected (front screen) or transmitted (rear screen) image that dramatically sacrifices the projector's native performance. The same goes for the mechanical relationship between the projector and the screen.

Here is a bit of insight from DPI's Application Support team as to how Digital Projection approaches screens and screen material.

Screens with Black Level Enhancement:
Black level enhancing screens, as offered by many screen manufacturers today, can add a lot with respect to black level performance in an ambient light venue. However, it is important to keep in mind that dark screens and ambient light venues swallow projector lumens, and as a result, much higher foot lambert targets should be set when designing projector/black level enhancing screen combinations for such venues.

As an example, in a theatrically dark venue, attaining 20 Ft Lamberts will result in an exceptional image on a unity gain white screen. However, 100 Foot Lamberts or more is generally required to attain exceptional image quality on a black level enhancing screen in a high ambient light venue. Stated another way, for the same screen size, the projector in the high ambient light venue would need to deliver 5 times the lumens as the projector in the theatrically dark venue – so a 2000 lumen projector in the theater translates to a 10,000 lumen projector in the ambient light venue! The lumen ratio can be even higher if the dark screen's reflectivity is less than unity gain.

CLICK HERE to read the entire Tech Tip.

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