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Happy Holidays from Digital Projection
Happy Holidays from DP!

What a year 2009 has been. In light of the ups and downs experienced by the AV industry as a whole, we are eternally grateful to our dealers, customers and friends for everything you have done to help Digital Projection make 2009 a tremendous year.

Please click this link to view our Holiday Card.

Thanks for being a great partner in 2009. Let's welcome a new year of opportunities in 2010!

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Important Announcement: New CAV Dealer Pricing Available

On December 1st, 2009, Digital Projection published updated List and Dealer Pricing for our Commercial AV customers. These updated price documents include:

    • Introduction of DP’s new warp and blend capable VIP 3000 – a multi input video switcher, scaler and image processor that employs Silicon Optix’s HQV video processing and resizing technology. In response to numerous requests from our customers, the VIP 3000 also includes an advanced Geometric Warp capability. Accessed via a user friendly application, DP projectors paired with VIP 3000s can be configured to display geometrically correct imagery on curved or irregular projection surfaces. The VIP 3000 also includes a precise, 4-side soft-edge-blend capability, providing support for applications that rely on multiple projectors to create one contiguous image.

    • Pricing on DP’s newest displays – the M-Vision 1080p LED. Our revolutionary M-Vision LED projectors employ an LED-based Lifetime Illumination system that operates for up to 60,000 hours, while producing 3-chip DLP colorimetry from a small and very quiet single-chip DPL chassis. Other benefits of LED illumination include lifetime stability of light output and color reproduction, rendering the unit as bright and color accurate on day 1000 as it was on day 1. With the M-Vision LED pricing now formally announced, we are also pleased to advise that we have these remarkable projectors in stock, available for immediate shipment!

    • Important price repositioning for all dVision projectors – DP’s powerfully bright dVision models are the most capable single-chip projectors available today. Dual lamps, dual color wheels, a multitude of lens options, extensive horizontal and vertical lens shift, and a plethora of system integration capabilities assure the lumen horsepower and installation flexibility to expertly support nearly any application. And as of December 1st, all the performance and value of our dVision product line is available at new and extraordinary prices.

If you are a contracted Digital Projection Commercial AV Dealer and have not received our new CAV pricing, dated December 1st, 2009, Click Here to log into the secure dealer area of our Website to download the pricing. If you are a DP Dealer and need log-in credentials, contact your DP regional Manager, or Click Here to register.

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VIP 3000
DP Announces NEW Warp and Blend Solution

Digital Projection proudly announces a new member to our VIP series of image processors. The VIP 3000 features broadcast quality processing using “HQV by Teranex” algorithms on the Silicon Optics Realta chip, combined with industry leading warp and blend technologies.

The warp and blend features of the VIP 3000 are configurable by a laptop or PC connected to the VIP. A simple graphical interface enables easy setup and storage of even the most complex warp maps. Edge blending is performed using precise control of blend S-curve, gamma and black level correction.

Additionally, the system allows the user to control up to 9 blend regions with 10-bit blend depth. Mechanically, the 2 RU high VIP 3000 features an LED front panel with a simple keypad for menu navigation. Back panel connections include all conventional analog, DVI, and HDMI inputs and DVI, HDMI, and HDSDI outputs.

To find out more about the VIP 3000, contact your DP Regional Manager or Rep.

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I/ITSEC Insights

Orlando was the center of the universe for simulation and visualization in November when the annual Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) tradeshow took place.

Since 1966 I/ITSEC has promoted cooperation among the Armed Services, Industry, Academia and various Government agencies in pursuit of improved training and education programs, identification of common training issues and development of multiservice programs. In short, it’s where anyone interested in simulation goes to see the latest and greatest in display technology.

Conference attendees were treated to three separate booths, with three distinct applications, in which Digital Projection was proud to be featured.

In the Immersive Display Solutions (IDSI) booth, 11 of our new M-Vision 1080p 260 projectors were incorporated into two separate domes. In a four meter dome, five M-Visions were configured to fill the display area. In the smaller three meter dome, six M-Vision’s were used. Both domes were literally show stoppers. IDSI worked with a MetaVR Image Generator to create stunningly real imagery on domes used to create realistic training missions. The M-Vision’s low profile chassis mounted easily to truss flying at the top of the domes. With its precise color control, high contrast, impressive luminance uniformity, small footprint, low power consumption and long lamp life, the M-Vision 1080p 260 serves as a powerful projection platform for simulation applications.

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A Christmas Carol... Making 3D Magic

Given the extensive 3D projection lineup offered by DP, it is not surprising that we have some serious 3D enthusiasts... and critics here. That being the case, and with the holiday season upon us, a number of our 3D golden eyes jumped at the opportunity to see A Christmas Carol, Disney’s latest 3D release. This review presents our take on the 3D animated remake of this holiday classic.

Sitting in a packed, 300-seat theater with every movie-goer wearing 3D glasses should have been a slightly surreal experience, but it was not in the least. Everyone seemed very comfortable wearing the passive 3D glasses. When 3D content commenced, it was obvious that all eyes were seeing surprisingly good 3D. About half the film trailers that preceded the feature were in 3D, and if those trailers are any indication, many of the near-term 3D releases are going to be exceptional. One in particular, Avatar, looks to be spectacular.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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DP Exhibits at WFX 2009
DP Wows WFX in Charlotte

Digital Projection showcased precision imagery for the HOW market in numerous booths at WFX. Presented by Church Production and Worship Facilities Magazines, WFX offered 60+ updated conference sessions on everything from architectural design and fundraising to mixing sound and social networking.

Consultants, architects and dealers alike were stunned by the image quality and clarity displayed under full show lighting in the DNP booth, with NO COVER above the booth. Even with a tremendous amount of ambient light, DP's TITAN projectors worked in conjunction with DNP’s huge 204” diagonal Supernova screen to produce the talking point of the show.

DP Exhibits at WFX 2009
To demonstrate the incredible brightness of the imagery produced, a triangle of white material laminated was placed on the left side of the DNP screen for a direct comparison between standard diffusion front projection screens vs. Supernova optical technology.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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Nascar wrap-up
2009 Racing Season Wraps Up in Style

Digital Projection wrapped up our NASCAR racing schedule at the Texas Motor Speedway November 6-8 by entertaining more than 30 dealers and industry partners. And what a way to end the year, as our guests nearly witnessed racing history being made, courtesy of Kyle Busch.

Kyle Busch won the Craftsman Truck series on Friday night, and then followed with a win at the Nationwide race on Saturday. On Sunday, he dominated the Sprint Cup race until, with only a few laps to go, he ran out of gas and lost the lead. Who went on to win the race? Kyle’s brother Kurt Busch.

Click here to read the full race wrap-up.

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Shaw Brothers Chooses Digital Projection
Shaw Brothers Chooses Digital Projection for $200 Million Shaw Studios Project

Legendary Film company Shaw Brothers, founders of Hong Kong’s movie industry and shareholders of the Shaw Studios Project, a state-of-the-art audio post production facility, has chosen Digital Projection International for all their projector needs. After extensive global research on the highest-performing projectors available today, Shaw chose the Award -Winning TITAN series projectors.

The TITAN series has a full spectrum of light output units, capable of producing from 1600 lumens to 11,000 lumens, while also offering the most lumens produced from the lowest wattage consumed of any projector range today.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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Customize your TITAN
Customize Your TITAN

Have an application that needs a custom-colored projector? Contact DP at 770-420-1350 to find out more about custom chassis design options.

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Photos of the Month

Ruznak BMW Dealership

Ruznak BMW Dealership Uses Digital Projection

DSI Entertainment Systems, a nationally recognized custom audio video installation / systems integration firm, recently won a CEDIA Gold award for "Best Special Project" with a dazzling BMW dealership project.

Ruznak BMW Dealership Uses Digital Projection

The Ruznak BMW dealership contains SEVEN DP projectors, including two TITAN 1080p-700s delivering precision imagery on suspended Stewart Starglas screens in the main showroom. These screens show movie footage and more during the day, then act as digital billboards at night due to their visibility from the freeway nearby.

Ruznak BMW Dealership Uses Digital Projection

In total, the dealership boasts a high-performance theater, 16 zones of distributed video, 18 zones of distributed audio, and a private VIP lounge.

Ruznak BMW Dealership Uses Digital Projection

Josh Christian, Marketing V.P. for DSI Entertainment Systems, remarked, "The $70 million Ruznak facility now has a high-performance audio/video system consistent with the brand image."

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Tech Tip

Lens Shift Capabilities of the M-Vision Series

Now that we are delivering the M-Vision series in quantity, many of our business partners will be specifying the projector into many different projects and applications. It may be helpful for you to know the lens shift capabilities of each of the lenses in the M-Vision series. It is important to note that the illumination device, whether LED or Lamp, has no bearing on the performance of the lens. It should also be noted that the (.73) fixed lens has NO LENS SHIFT since it is meant as an on-axis or center of the screen lens best suited for rear screen projection applications only.

1.56 – 1.86:1 Zoom Lens
Vertical Lens Shift:
The (1.56 - 1.86 : 1) provides the ability to install the projector up to 17% of the image height above the top of the screen or up to 17% of the image height below the bottom of the screen, while keeping the projector perpendicular lens to the screen. Keeping the projector lens perpendicular to the screen assures correct optical geometry.

If additional vertical shift is required, the projector can be tilted accordingly. Please note – tilting any projector, such that it is not perpendicular to the screen, introduces keystone, and keystone causes the widths of the top and bottom of the image to be different. The smaller image width dictates the throw ratio, and as a result, when projector tilt is employed, a correlated decrease in throw ratio will result. Thus, please calculate throw ratios and select lenses carefully when employing projector tilt in installations.

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