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Use the links below to view a custom-created holiday video message from the DP team, play a holiday-themed memory game, and download a DP-infused holiday-themed screensaver.

** Click here or on the image below to watch a short holiday greeting video from the DP team ** Happy Holidays from Digital Projection
2011 has been a year of unprecedented growth for Digital Projection International worldwide, and our team would like to thank each of you for the role you played in another exceptionally successful year. With this year's success in the Commercial AV, Visualization and Residential channels, we've never been more capable of delivering cutting-edge video solutions to our integrators and industry partners.

With this in mind, we are eternally grateful to our dealers, customers and industry associates for helping DPI take another huge stride forward. Below you'll find a few holiday treats from all of us at DP.

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Happy Holidays from Digital Projection
Thanks for being a great partner in 2011. With our 15th Year Anniversary fast approaching, 2012 is sure to bring a new year of exciting opportunities. In the meantime, we wish each of you a fantastic holiday season, and look forward to seeing you in the new year!

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Only 12 BUSINESS DAYS LEFT in DP's Quad Kick-Off Promotion -- ACT FAST! DP's TITAN Quad Kick-Off Promotion in Full Swing Remember: Must Be Ordered and Released by 12/31/11

Delivering up to 16,000 lumens with built-in Image Warp and Blend, plus full-resolution active-3D capability for unmatched 2D and 3D performance, Digital Projection International proudly unveils the TITAN Quad 3D lineup. Our new TITAN Quad platform, available in presents a powerful standard for advanced DLP projection.

DP announced extraordinary package pricing options to celebrate the introduction of this transformative product, but is due to expire as of December 31, 2011. Dealers should click here to ask their DP regional manager for more details on this once-in-a-lifetime promotion. But act fast, as there are only 12 business days left in December!

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DP's "Displays at Your Doorstep" Roadshow Recap Video and Photos

Displays at Your Doorstep Roadshow Recap

Digital Projection, Delta and Mersive's six-day "Displays at your Doorstep" Roadshow culminated in November with a final stop in Los Angeles. The "Displays" Roadshow wound through key cities across the U.S., including Orlando, Atlanta, New York City, Washington D.C., Dallas and Los Angeles. Hundreds of attendees joined the three companies to experience leading display technologies, as well as watch live demonstrations of compelling imaging solutions for a variety of commercial applications.


Many thanks to the Commercial AV Integrators, Consultants, Press and Interested Industry Partners that joined us along the way at one of our display technology events.

Displays at Your Doorstep Roadshow Recap
Displays at Your Doorstep Roadshow Recap
Displays at Your Doorstep Roadshow Recap
Displays at Your Doorstep Roadshow Recap

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A Simple Guide to Answering ANY Application Question:
Simply Contact DP Application Support!

Over the past year, DP has assembled a powerfully astute team of application experts to help our customers tackle every projection task imaginable. We are proud to introduce DP's application support team – an expert resource, exclusively available to support our customers applications questions:

Digital Projection's Incomparable Applications Support TeamPictured above, left to right: Mark Stephens (Senior Applications Support Technician), Brian Pahlas (Senior Applications Support Technician) & Ken Eagle (Training Manager)

Between their 3 careers, Mark, Brian and Ken bring decades of experience to the task of helping our customers achieve display perfection with DP projectors. The resources they represent are extensive and varied. Here are some examples:

    •  Provide assistance in defining projector location and lens selection
    •  Confirm lens shift capabilities, based on the geometry of the application
    •  Mock up designs that may be on the edge of optical performance in order to confirm system performance
        will meet customer expectations
    •  Provide details on control strings for system automation
    •  Assist in the remote troubleshooting of signal distribution / HDMI / HDCP and control issues
    •  Provide guidance on installation geometry and system alignment – even complex multi-projector arrays
    •  Recommend projector performance in terms of lumens and contrast in order to achieve screen brightness levels
        that meet application requirements
    •  Guide customers through the use of DP's exclusive ColorMax calibration technology and procedure
    •  Provide customized DP projector training for dealers, consultants, Reps, etc

The next time you have an interesting application that might benefit from the perspectives of the best minds in the projection industry, just call DP at 855-DPI-PRO1, and ask to speak with Application Support.

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Inspiring Imagery the Focus at DP's WFX 2011 Exhibit

Digital Projection's WFX 2011 Exhibit

For the fourth year in a row, DP partnered with DNP Screens to bring inspiring imaging solutions to the WFX Conference. This year's House of Worship-centered event took place in Dallas, Texas. From the Warp & Blend capable DLP-based TITAN Quad and HIGHlite 660 projectors to the high-brightness, high-value single-chip E-Vision, attendees experienced the bold imagery that has made DP's displays a household name in commanding worship venues.


Many thanks to DNP Screens and Ford AV for partnering with DPI this year in yet incredible presentation of dynamic projection systems and superlative screens.


TITAN Quad 1080p
TITAN 1080p Quad 3D
DP recently announced the complete reinterpretation of the advanced 3-chip display with the new TITAN Quad product line. Incredibly compact for its 16,000 lumen capability, the TITAN Quad platform incorporates DP's active 3D connectivity, advanced image Warp and Blend capabilities, a wide variety of native resolutions, and a host of professional features to suit most any commercial venue imaginable. As efficient as they are capable, the introduction of the TITAN Quad range marks the world's first projectors of this brightness in a chassis with such a small form factor. Furthermore, the new TITAN Quad projectors include DP's exclusive ColorMax, FastFrame and Dual Flash technologies, and now represent the flagship of DPI's TITAN product line, which now incorporates over 30, 3D capable precision displays.

HIGHLite Cine 660
HIGHlite Cine 1080p 660
The compact dual-lamp, 8,000 lumen HIGHlite Cine 660 platform incorporates image Warp and Blend capabilities, native 1920 x 1080 (1080p) or 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) resolution, bright, sharp optics and a host of professional features to suit a wide range of commercial venues. Every HIGHlite Cine 660 projector delivers brilliant image fidelity through DPI's expert implementation of Texas Instruments' 3-chip DLP® technology. Conservatively priced for such application-enabling solutions, the HIGHlite Cine 660 series continues DPI's legacy of delivering powerful and efficient displays for every venue.

E-Vision WXGA 600 border=
E-Vision WXGA 600
Weighing in at just 44 lbs., the dual-lamp, 6,000 lumen E-Vision WXGA 600 employs the latest in Texas Instruments' 1280 x 800 dark metal DLP™ technology to deliver 6,000 lumens and up to 2400:1 contrast. Robustly built and ultra-quiet, the E-Vision WXGA 600 is an unmatched solution for corporate boardrooms, conference venues, Houses of Worship, digital signage, and any other application needing bright, accurate imagery at an remarkably accessible price point.


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DP's Team Members Do More than Create the World's Most Capable Displays

Orion Nebula photo from DP

Creating the world's most capable precision displays takes a great deal of skill and technical know-how, in addition to a heavy dose of ingenuity. As you can imagine, DP is full of multi-faceted personalities, with interests that far surpass projectors alone. Graham Moss, Engineering Development Manager for Digital Projection Limited, is one such team member. Graham's interest in both astronomy and photography has, for many years, led him to creating long exposure photos of some of the galaxy's most fascinating configurations. The image above is one such image.

Click here to learn more about the photograph above, how it was achieved and what gear was used to produce it.

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Photos of the Month

Menlo Park Presbyterian Church
Michael GArrison Associates

Michael Garrison Associates Uses Digital Projection

Paul Wonsek Associates (PWA) of Marietta, GA, and Michael Garrison Associates (MGA) of Fresno, CA, recently implemented an impressive $2 million renovation of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. The goal was to put together a plan that included acoustics, audio and video systems in addition to other building systems upgrades. Menlo Park Presbyterian Church's "home campus" attracts a diverse group of people to multiple weekend services held in two separate venues. More than 3,000 people attend services over four sites on a weekend.

Michael Garrison Associates Uses Digital Projection

Three retractable projection screens were installed in the 1,100 capacity main sanctuary: one 9.0'x 16.0'Stewart Filmscreen with Ultramatte 130 and two 7.2'x 12.8' Stewart Filmscreen with Ultramatte 130. With a long throw distance plus ambient light to contend with, three 10,000 lumen Digital Projection TITAN 1080p-700 projectors were chosen to deliver the imagery to each screen.

Michael Garrison Associates Uses Digital Projection

For Durst and MGA, the project was a resounding success. Said Garrison, "We went from working with a church concerned that their budget might limit what the systems could accomplish to people thrilled with the finished product."

Many thanks to Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, Michael Garrison Associates and everyone else involved that selected DP's precision displays for this commanding installation.

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Tech Tip

DP's TITAN 3D Quick Start Guide

Based on the increasing number of TITAN 3D, M-Vision 3D and dVision 3D projectors being purchased, there is no doubt that the adoption of 3D in commercial applications continues to accelerate. That is great news!

Installing end-to-end 3D systems that encompass more than just a 3D Blu-Ray player and a flat panel requires a good understanding of a variety of the newest technologies, including the HDMI 1.4a standard, compatible signal distribution hardware, Infra-red sync transmitters and system control. DP's applications team helps our customers with 3D installation questions every day.

The frequency and similarity of the 3D-related questions that are presented to us has helped us realize that 3D Quick Start guides would be immensely helpful for our customers. Thus, we are proud to present the TITAN 3D Quick Start guide, which applies to all Rev F TITAN 3D projectors. We recommend this document as a "must read" if the sale or installation of a new TITAN 3D projector is in your future.

Click here to view or download the TITAN 3D Quick Start guide.

We will be working on creating Quick Start guides for many of our other products over the coming months. Watch for those to be released throughout 2012.

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