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2012 Ushers in DP's 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Digital Projection's 15th Anniversary Logo

As 2012 swiftly commences, we would like to thank each of you for your support and partnership throughout 2011. Through these partnerships, as well as the steady strengthening of the economy, 2011 saw DP post the biggest year in our company history… by leaps and bounds!

Entering 2012, the year which commemorates DP's 15th year of precision display success, we could not be more committed to the success of our customers. Integrator, Consultant and End User activity continues to grow in nearly all markets, our dealer channels to these markets are more meaningful than they have ever been, and our precision display lineup is more diverse, capable and application-relevant than ever before.

With such a positive outlook for 2012, our customers are already realizing the benefits of the significant investments we made in 2011. From the major expansion of our US headquarters to over 30,000 square feet, to the strategic positions and talented associates we added in every department, we have the team, as well as the infrastructure, to deliver the best projection solutions along with the best customer services in the projection industry. And this is only the beginning.

Without a doubt, we owe sincere thanks to the multitude of customers and industry partners who have been true friends and important contributors to our growth. We plan to return the favors by bringing you the most dynamic and innovative product range in our history, along with the most comprehensive package of customer-oriented resources DP has ever offered. Here's to making 2012 a great year for all of us!

From everyone at Digital Projection, thanks for helping us grow, and welcome to 2012!

For a light-hearted video kicking off our 15th Anniversary festivities, please click here.

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DP Embarks on Unprecedented InfoComm Sponsorship Throughout 2012

Digital Projection's InfoComm Sponsorships for 2012

In addition to the many other exciting announcements we have in store this year, we are thrilled to announce a huge campaign of support for InfoComm and its education endeavors throughout 2012. In addition to a sponsorship that makes DP the exclusive display products sponsor for infoComm's upcoming series of national Roundtable meetings through 2012, we will also be top-tier sponsor for the 1st annual InfoComm Live event in March. Further support includes the sponsorship of select webinars throughout the year aimed at assisting industry members with continuing education.

Free to InfoComm members, the Regional Roundtables are designed to bring AV professionals together to learn more about the industry, while facilitating peer networking and obtaining feedback on ways InfoComm can better serve the industry. Also of note: attendees can earn lucrative RU CTS: 1, CTS-D: 1, CTS-I: 1, Max: 1 by attending. More information here:

InfoComm Live
InfoComm Live is InfoComm International's invitation-only Live Event summit being held March 15 and 16 in Washington DC at the Harman Center for the Arts. Fifty Senior Managers, CEOs, Presidents and Owners from Live Event companies will come together for inspiration and thought-provoking discussions surrounding such trends as leadership in the age of social media, hybrid meetings, generations in the workplace, sustainability and the value proposition of AV technologists in Live Events. Attendees will be encouraged to discuss these trends and think in novel ways about the future and the Live events industry. More information here:

Too busy to leave the office for professional development? No budget for training? Need to earn renewal units (RUs) for your CTS? If you answered yes to any of the above, InfoComm International can help. More information here:

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DPL to Unveil Powerful New Displays at ISE

Digital Projection's ISE 2012 Teaser

With headquarters in Manchester, UK, Digital Projection Limited (DPL) will display both new and well-established precision projectors at the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) expo in Amsterdam. Taking place from 1/31 - 2/3, 2012, this year's ISE is expected to be the largest professional AV and systems integration trade show ever held in Europe.

Located in Booth #4S82, DPL will entertain and enlighten ISE attendees from both the Commercial AV and Home Cinema channels with a completely redesigned booth layout. Throughout the booth, both single projector and blended projector applications will demonstrate the power and precision of DP's product line.

New products to be unveiled at the show include:
Digital Projection's E-Vision 8000 projector
E-Vision 8000 -
New WQXGA resolution higher-brightness E-Vision series projectors serving as a bold complement to the WXGA solutions launched at InfoComm 2011. With advanced features such as Warp & Blend and lens memory, the new 8,000 lumen E-Vision 8000 displays deliver incredible performance for such affordable projectors.

Digital Projection's TITAN 800 projector
TITAN 800 - Warp & Blend. Intelligent Lens Memory. 12,000 lumens. 3D capability. The new TITAN 800 line delivers many of the technological advances synonymous with the new TITAN Quad product line, at a more accessible price point. A remarkable range of lens shift allows for extensive installation flexibility, further augmented by a suite of fixed and zoom lenses with throw ratios ranging from .73 to 11.2:1.

If you're attending ISE 2012, stop in and see the world's most capable precision displays in action!

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Attention Dealers: Coming Soon - Commercial AV Pricing Update

Important Update: DP's Commercial AV dealers should stay tuned for the release of an updated Dealer price sheet in early February. This will be a major pricing update, affecting DP's single and 3-chip product lines.

Watch your email the first week of February for an availability update.

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DP Presenting at 18th annual HPA Tech Retreat

Details and registration info here:

HPA, the Hollywood Post Alliance, is holding its 18th annual HPA Tech Retreat, February 14-17, and DP will be presenting as a technology leader. Held in Indian Wells, California, the HPA event is a gathering of approximately 500 of the top engineering and technology talent from all aspects of the moving-image business worldwide.

Representatives from the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the National Security Agency and others are routine attendees. Additionally, major television networks and movie studios are represented, as are industry leaders in theater, broadcast and live entertainment.

DP's participation includes an hour-long panel discussion, focusing on 'alternative' lamp-less light engines for both large venue and smaller screen studio/home projection. Paul Gomes, Pacific Southwest Market Development Manager, will speak on the topic of LED light engines.

Examples of this year's presenters include Jenny Read, a British Royal Society Research Fellow presenting on binocular vision. With advanced degrees in astrophysics, neuroscience, and psychology, Read will be speaking on 3D perception.

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Photos of the Month

Rogers arena, home to the vancouver canucks
Epic Production Technologies

Rogers Arena Uses Digital Projection

View a video of the opening presentation which takes place moments before the Canucks hit the ice by clicking here.

Established in 1970, the Vancouver Canucks now call the 475,000 square foot Rogers Arena home. Already well-respected as the official ice hockey venue during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the Canucks brand and creative team wanted to set a new, and largely unchartered, direction for the venue. Led by creative director Mark Raham, the Canucks contacted Epic Production Technologies to discuss large-scale imagery solutions for the venue. Given the numerous installation details to consider, as well as the large surface area that needed to be illuminated, Larry Darling, VP of Sales for Epic Production Technologies, suggested Digital Projection International's (DPI) high-brightness projectors.

Rogers Arena Uses Digital Projection

After initially selecting lower lumen displays, four 30,000 lumen LIGHTNING 45 sx+ displays were eventually chosen. The Canucks couldn't be more pleased, as Raham remarked, "We're so glad we went with the higher lumen displays because they have so much visual punch. We're discovering new ways to use them every time we work with them." The LIGHTNING displays are used in conjunction with Hippotizer servers and a Datapath X4 processor to project a blended and mapped 200' x 80' image on the ice. To add dimension and scale, the ice projections are complemented by four hanging scrims, reaching four storeys in height, creating a vertical projection surface above each corner of the ice surface.

In order for the projected imagery to fit within the frame of the rink, the projectors needed to be installed above the ice, as close to each center half of the ice as possible. This presented a challenge, however, as the LIGHTNING displays also had to be installed low enough to shoot under a massive clock. Furthermore, the projectors had to dodge lighting trusses, banners and other suspended accessories. It was decided that the LIGHTNING displays would be installed 90' above the ice, enlisting the integrated pitch, roll and yaw adjustments found in DPI's RapidRig rigging frames. The expanded lens shift capabilities inherent in the LIGHTNING platform continue to aid the team in precisely mapping their graphics to the ice surface.

Rogers Arena Uses Digital Projection

With such powerful displays in their creative arsenal, the Canucks production team are regularly discovering new ways to, as Raham describes, "make the venue itself an all-encompassing, immersive experience." To date, attendees will experience an approximately 10-12 minute custom-created pre-game ceremony, including imagery shown during national anthems. Additionally, at key moments in the game when action on the ice has paused, the displays reveal imagery mapped to specific surface details on the ice, such as boundary lines and logos. A massive light show occurs at the end of each intermission, enlisting the projectors to elevate the intensity level of the crowd with rock-concert styled effects. A final application includes the three stars presentation at the end of the game, with custom graphics accentuating the awards ceremony.

Rogers Arena Uses Digital Projection
Darling and Raham are both elated with the impact the projectors have already made. According to Darling, "The upgraded fan experience really stood out during last year's playoffs. TV broadcasters started to show the venue as soon as they possibly could so that they could show off the imagery." Raham agrees, stating, "Our initial goal was to take the Canucks fan experience to the next level by making the venue come alive. Our fans expect and deserve to have an amazing experience every time they walk in the arena. We've had a great response so far and we can't wait to unveil our next ideas."

Many thanks to Larry Darling and the Epic team, as well as Mark Raham and everyone at Rogers Arena, for insisting on the world's most powerful precision displays in such a compelling installation.

Video Credits
Producer: Canucks Sports & Entertainment
Creative Director: Mark Raham
Visual FX and Post Production: The Sequence Group
Lighting and Visual Design: Kurt Wagner
Technology Solutions and Integration: Epic Production Technologies

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Tech Tip

Basic Guidelines for Front Projection in a Media Room or High Ambient Light Application

Projection solutions add functionality to nearly any venue, by offering image sizes that are much larger than can be achieved with a flat panel display. For projectors to be an effective, high contrast solution in media rooms, presentation rooms and other mid to high ambient light venues, striking a perfect balance between projector lumens and screen performance is vital. In simple terms, employing front or rear projection screens that preserve image black level is a critical factor for projection success in ambient light environments. Black level (or contrast enhancing) screen materials are available from a number of leading screen manufacturers.

Although the technology employed varies, the goal is always the same – to produce an on-screen black level that is actually lower than the ambient light level in the viewing room. DP has evaluated two screen materials, one for front projection, the other for rear projection, which, when illuminated with appropriate projector lumens, deliver uncanny imaging performance in mid to high ambient light venues.

For front projection, DP has performed testing with the DNP Supernova front projection screen (.8 gain) and has defined the following rule of thumb: 2000 lumens of projector light output produces great looking images on 16 square feet of Supernova screen material in typical media room / presentation room ambient lighting. More specifically, 2000 lumens on 16 square feet of screen material equates to 125 Foot Candles, before screen gain is taken into account.

    Put another way, for typical ambient light environments:

    •   A 2500 lumen projector (M-Vision, dVision, HIGHlite Cine HC class projectors) will produce great imagery on a 6' x 3.375' Supernova screen.

    •   A 4500 lumen projector (dVision, HIGHlite class, TITAN single lamp class projectors) will produce great imagery on a 8' x 4.5' Supernova screen.

    •   A 7000 lumen projector (E-Vision, HIGHlite 660, TITAN class projectors) will produce great imagery on a 10' x 5.625' Supernova screen.

    •   A 10,000 lumen projector (TITAN Dual class) will produce great imagery on a 12' x 6.75' Supernova screen.

    •   A 16,000 lumen projector (TITAN Quad class) will produce great imagery on a 14' x 8.875' Supernova screen.

Although the above is just a rule of thumb based on our in-house testing, we believe it provides a very good guideline for front projection, using Supernova screen material, in a typical media room environment. In this case, "typical" is defined as a room with multiple sources of indirect artificial lighting, but no direct sunlight pouring into the room.

For Media Rooms or presentation environments that can accommodate rear projection, we have seen absolutely stunning results achieved with StarGlas 60 and StarGlas 100 by Stewart Filmscreen. Indeed, when illuminated by adequate projector lumens, a 10' wide sheet of StarGlas can look like the brightest and biggest plasma you have ever seen – with amazingly deep black levels - even in a very brightly lit room. The dark and very robust StarGlas screen surface can be used in nearly any environment, both indoors and out, and provides so much black level enhancement the projected image seems nearly impervious to significant levels of ambient light. We suggest applying high lumen per square foot calculations, similar to the rules described above, to achieve bright and vibrant imagery with exceptionally rich color saturation and magnificent contrast.

In a media room, presentation room, or other mid to high ambient light venue, projection adds value by enabling image sizes far beyond what any flat panel can provide. When paired with a Supernova screen for front projection, or a StarGlas screen for rear projection, DP's product line can accommodate large to massive image sizes capable of excelling in typical ambient lighting. Without a doubt, contrast-enhancing screen materials from other manufacturers will also provide great performance. To reiterate, "typical" ambient lighting is defined as multiple sources of indirect artificial lighting, but no direct sunlight pouring into the room.

For additional application information and ideas, feel free to contact DP's Applications Support Team at either 770-420-1350 or

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