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Watch Your Inbox…DP to Publish New Pricing This Week!

DP is poised to publish new Dealer pricing, dated April 1st, 2011. Along with a variety of product and accessory updates, this new pricing document includes a number of important new product announcements and price re-positioning.

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Important Employee Update from DP

In addition to the expansion of our US Headquarters, plus recent personnel additions to further strengthen our technical and customer support teams, DP is pleased to announce a first for our team. Ken Eagle, previously employed as DP's Midwest Market Development Manager, has been named Education and Training Manager for DP. Ken's responsibilities will include presenting DP product training courses throughout the US and Canada, as well as serving as an additional resource within DP's applications support team.

Digital Projection Is Expanding
"As our application support team grows, I am very pleased to have someone with Ken's level of expertise dedicated as an educational resource for our nationwide customer base," stated Mike Levi, President of Digital Projection, Inc. Levi continued, "In addition to Ken's personal contributions, it's exciting to consider the larger scope of his position. From the curriculum that he will create and present, to the day to day solutions he will provide through applications support, Ken will be a huge addition to DP's dealer knowledge and support infrastructure."

Ken can be contacted in the DP Headquarters office at 770-420-1350, or at

In related news, DP is pleased to introduce Brian Blumhardt as our new Midwest Market Development Manager. Brian has been traveling with Ken over the past month, and is now responsible for supporting DP's Commercial A/V, Home Cinema and Staging channels in the Midwestern U.S. region.

Digital Projection Is Expanding
With over 10 years of experience in AV, Brian has worked in both the residential AV and commercial AV markets. Brian joins DP having recently worked in AVI Systems' Lenexa, Kansas office as a Systems Sales Representative.

In regards to joining DP, Brian commented, "Years ago, I studied DP projectors before even starting my professional career. Even then, I was enthralled by the performance power and precise imaging DP technology offered. I am thrilled to now have the opportunity to work for the company that introduced DPL technology to the projection market, and look forward to working with our clients to exceed their project goals."

Brian can be contacted via the DP Headquarters office main office at 770-420-1350, or at

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DP Releases Comprehensive Guide to US Headquarters
Looking for a Comprehensive Guide on Working with DP's US Operations?

Authorized Dealers and Consultants can now download the DP Resource Guide from the log-in portals on our website.

Consultants and authorized Digital Projection dealers for Home Cinema and Commercial AV seeking a guide to the Who, What and How of DP's US operations now have access to a comprehensive resource. Entitled the DP Resource Guide, DP contacts with login access to either the dealer or consultant portals can download the guide immediately by logging in. We put great effort in creating this resource, so we hope it becomes a heavily utilized information resource for our dealer network.

Within the guide you'll find a breakdown of the different departments within DP US, the personnel within each department, and who to contact with different questions and requirements. Also outlined are key website resources, as well as instructions on how to submit a PO to DP US, how to track a service ticket, and much more.

This document is continuously updated, so remember to check the log-in portal regularly to download the most current version. When a new update is released, a new date will be posted in the link name. If there is anything you'd like to see added to the guide, please send your suggestions to This is yet another way DP is striving to offer the best customer service experience imaginable.

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Digital Projection 3D Mapping Demonstration
Trains, UFOs and an Outrageous Warehouse Fire: A Must-see 3D Mapping Demo at DP's US Headquarters

DP Commercial AV dealer TSAV teamed up with Integrated Visions Productions and New Media Services on a recent 3D projection mapping demo, and the results simply must be seen to be believed.

DP provided a 30,000 lumen LIGHTNING 45-WUXGA projector for the imaging, and all of the content was produced and custom created by Integrated Visions Productions.

Watch video footage of the demonstration here:

"The following is an example of the phenomenal things that can be done when animators, video designers and sound engineers utilize the power of 3D projection mapping," commented Mary Pierce Bullock of TSAV.

This documentation footage is straight out of the camera with no post production or color correction. Make sure you have your volume turned up. Many thanks to TSAV for organizing the demonstration.

If you're interested in 3D mapping projects and how to accomplish one in your region, contact your DP regional manager by clicking here.

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Digital Projection Sponsors InfoComm Education Opportunities Throughout 2011
Digital Projection Makes Year-long Commitment to InfoComm's Education Opportunities

"The InfoComm Roundtables have become one of the most successful and valued of member programs and we could not have done it without the support of Digital Projection, Inc."
- Duffy Wilbert, Sr. Vice President of Membership Services for InfoComm

Last month's CAV newsletter included an article highlighting DP's sponsorship of InfoComm's Roundtable sessions. However, DP's support of InfoComm's efforts to educate the CAV channel goes beyond this central sponsorship.

Digital Projection Sponsors InfoComm Education Opportunities Throughout 2011
With continuing education opportunities for consultants, architects, integrators and end users, InfoComm has already begun enacting an ambitious program of nationwide seminars, Lunch and Tours, and networking for the professional AV community. DP is proud to be a central sponsorship for each of these continuing education opportunities. In addition to receiving valuable training and networking opportunities, integrators attending certain events in the program can earn lucrative CTS credits.

Digital Projection Sponsors InfoComm Education Opportunities Throughout 2011
Click here to read the full details of DP's partnership with InfoComm throughout 2011.

It is our honor to help enable the growth of the CAV channel through the numerous training, open forums and networking efforts detailed above.

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Tribeca Film Festival Uses DP Displays for NINTH Year

DP celebrates its NINTH year as a supplier of video projectors to the world famous Tribeca Film Festival, held April 20 – May 1, 2011.

Founded in 2002 in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks on NYC, the Tribeca Film Festival was initially meant to invigorate the area after the loss of business and activity in Manhattan's TriBeCa neighborhood.

Since then, the festival has grown into a major event both locally and internationally. In addition to exclusive movie premiers and high-profile film forums, attendees enjoy a street fair, panels and workshops.

Digital Projection will be well represented again this year, with several of our TITAN projectors as well as our flagship LIGHTNING projectors serving as the displays to present the visions of some of the world's most renowned filmmakers. Long-time DP staging partner K2Imaging will be on-hand throughout the festival to ensure DP's projectors wow the audiences for another year.

To view the full schedule of viewings and related events, click here for more information. We hope you join us there!

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US Headquarters Expansion Update

As you can see below, we've made major progress on our US Headquarters expansion, with new carpet, cubicles, offices and conference rooms now in place.

Digital Projection's US Headquarters Expansion

Digital Projection's US Headquarters Expansion

Digital Projection's US Headquarters Expansion The space will contain two dedicated theaters, one of which (above) will evolve to become a Reference home cinema theater featuring a Stewart screen, Crestron control and a TITAN Reference 3D projector.

Digital Projection's US Headquarters Expansion
Stay tuned for photo updates as we begin to integrate the AV systems that we will be featuring in the new space.

Digital Projection's US Headquarters Expansion
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Digital Projection Goes to Bristol

DP and Friends Take in a Race at Bristol

Digital Projection hosted several customers at the recent NASCAR weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway nestled in the hills of Tennessee. Bristol is a legendary and highly competitive ½ mile track that has historically been one of the toughest tickets to get.

Digital Projection Goes to Bristol
All the DP hosted NASCAR enthusiasts camped over the weekend and enjoyed two thrilling races that saw NASCAR favorite Kyle Busch dominate the weekend.

DP will be returning to Bristol in August for the NASCAR Night Races. If you'd like to join us, please contact Chuck Collins for more information!

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Photos of the Month

18 Wheeler Transforms from AV Demo Vehicle to Mobile Emergency Command Center

Solstice Multimedia, a residential and commercial integrator with offices in Colorado and Virginia, recently completed a unique commercial installation for the team at Intrado, Inc. of Longmont, Colorado. Part mobile demonstration vehicle and part emergency command center for the 911 services provider, Solstice Multimedia delivered a finished product that has become a tremendous asset to Intrado's sales team and their clients.

Intrado's THOR response unit
Aptly named "THOR" (Tactical Homeland Operational Response vehicle), Intrado's mobile response vehicle is an 18-wheel tractor trailer that expands to two stories tall and 20 feet wide. The dual-purpose vehicle is used as both a mobile demonstration center for the latest in 911 services technology and as a mobile emergency response operations center. Capable of taking 911 calls, dispatching police, interfacing different police agencies, and capturing a variety of electronic data, THOR was recently enlisted by the Dallas Police Department at Super Bowl 45.

Intrado's THOR response unit
Truly a sight to behold, the vehicle contains a Dolby 7.1 theater featuring a Digital Projection iVision 30-1080P-W-XB projector and 69" Stewart Luxus Model A with Greyhawk G-3 screen. A Crestron Pro2 processor provides the signal control while a Crestron Digital Media system manages HDMI video and controls using DM-RMC-100 receivers at each display. A TPMC-8L and a TPS-6x provide the user interfaces. Nine Apple TVs and a Kaleidescape system also supply content.

Intrado's THOR response unit
Further enhancing the response and demonstration capabilities of this mobile AV marvel are 16 HD flat screen displays, 12 Mac-Mini computers with Sedna digital signage software, and a digital movie server. Nine fully capable emergency response workstations, plus a war room on the second floor with a motorized flat screen lift allow the vehicle to seamlessly convert from a demonstration center to a fully operational emergency response center.

Intrado's THOR response unit
Travis Deatherage, President and Co-founder of Solstice Multimedia, describes how the THOR project came to fruition. "The THOR experience mandated life-like sound and video invoking the emotion of a true emergency response situation with zero tolerance for failure required in the 911 services industry." Deatherage continued, "As operation stability and ease of use were of equal importance, we chose proven products that perform under a myriad of conditions. As expected, the vehicle has been a huge asset to the entire Intrado team and we're honored to have played such a major role in the project."

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Tech Tip

Proper Environmental Cooling for TITAN Projection Systems

In most AV systems, Digital Projection's displays mounted in an open space require no special venting or cooling, as long as the ambient room temperature is within normal ranges (65°F - 85°F).

However, some applications require the projector be enclosed, to either preserve the architectural integrity of the venue, or to reduce ambient room noise to an absolute minimum. In cases where a projector is enclosed, it is extremely important to properly ventilate the enclosure.

In the TITAN family of projectors, DP created a mechanical architecture that reveals a simple and efficient airflow path. Filtered cool air moves through the chassis with few obstructions and few turns, minimizing back pressure as well as noise due to airflow turbulence.

When a projector is placed in an enclosure, this same care and attention must be given to properly ventilate the enclosure system. It is advisable to install a temperature sensor inside the enclosure that can trigger the cooling system as necessary and cut off power to the projector should the enclosure cooling system fail.

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