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InfoComm Rep Meeting Announcement

Important InfoComm 2011 Update

2011 marks a bold push forward for DP, and this year's InfoComm show will offer the perfect opportunity to reveal our expansion to the rest of the Commercial AV world. In addition to holding our first press conference in three years (Thursday June 16th, 9:00 am - 10:00 am), DP will reveal numerous new and updated products in Booth #3343 at InfoComm 2011.

With so many exciting additions and new products to discuss, if you are manufacturers Rep for DP, your participation in the Rep Meeting, as well as the booth tour, is absolutely essential.

DP will be hosting Rep Meetings on Tuesday, June 14, at both 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Booth tours will be held in conjunction with the Rep Meetings. Please plan on investing two hours with DP, hosted by Chuck Collins, as we reveal new products, discuss performance, availability, tour the booth, and answer your questions.

IMPORTANT: Because the booth tour portion of the Rep meeting will take place on the show floor the day before the show opens, DP will need to order your badges to assure floor access. Please reserve your preferred meeting time IMMEDIATELY by contacting Lynne Smith at 770.420.1350 x4105 or via email at

DP dealers needing a free invitation to InfoComm can click here to register using DP's invitation code.

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Enabling Applications: The Extensive Capabilities of DP's FUSION Warp and Blend Processors

Digital Projection's FUSION Processors

In our April 2010 newsletter we introduced you to our FUSION platform. DP's FUSION MD and FUSION 3D processors were created to specifically provide the most advanced multi-channel warp and blend for critical real-time applications. Combined with DP's FusionNet software, large projector arrays can be expertly aligned on complex-geometry projection surfaces by technicians or projectionists with a simple understanding of the FusionNet application. Today we are proud to announce several new enhancements to the FUSION product line.

Key features in the FUSION Suite include the ability to manage an unlimited number of projectors from a single site via the FusionNet software over standard TCP/IP or RS232 control. Additionally, FusionNet allows for management of color performance and color matching through zone-based color correction. Benefits also include advanced pixel blending via 3-channel pixel level gain and lift correction, as well as individual RGB gain. FusionNet users can also take advantage of our Advance Blend Zone features as well as enhanced Black Level Matching. Most notably, FusionNet now offers real-time Warping Calibration, a truly invaluable tool which allows you to view your image adjustments as you perform your warp and blend modifications.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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DP is Growing…Again!

With all the news regarding our recent team member and facilities expansion, you're probably wondering if our hiring is now complete. Quite the contrary. In fact, we're still actively adding team members to our customer service, technical support and marketing teams. Our goal is to be recognized as delivering an unmatched standard of customer and technical support to our dealers and industry partners. Hiring the right people for the right roles is one way we're going to accomplish this goal.

With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce two new DP team members.

Digital Projection is Growing Again
First, we'd like to formally welcome Cameron Rawls to the team as a Field Operations Engineer. Having already supported DP during the past two years during trade shows, Cameron's extensive knowledge of our product line, as well as his energy and enthusiasm, make him an obvious fit for the role. Cameron's key responsibilities include supplying on-site support to DP's dealers and end-users in the western half of the US. He will also continue to support our major tradeshows as well as dealer events and product demonstrations.

Mark Fuell, Field Engineer Manager for DP, commented, "Having already worked with our team throughout the past few years on special projects, it's a pleasure to now formally welcome 'Cam' to the team. He will be based in L.A., but will help support DP's dealer and partner network on the entire western side of the U.S. Cam's training has already begun and he will be ready to deploy on field requirements in early May."

Cameron joins a dynamic team of mobile field engineers that also includes Mark Fuell and David Kile. You can reach Cameron at or 770-420-1350.

Digital Projection is Growing Again
We'd also like to welcome Damian Payne to the DP technical support team as Projector Technician. Damian brings a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering technology from Southern Polytechnic State University to his new position, as well as five years of experience as an aircraft electrician with the U.S. Navy.

Troy Cobb, Technical Services Manager for DP, stated, "Given his aptitude and work ethic, we expect Damian will eventually become one of our product experts, with a focus on our high-end units. DP's dealer network may also see Damian in field repair situations and technical training classes as well. He's a great asset to the technical team."

You can reach Damian at or 770-420-1350.

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IDS Unveils New Immersive Desktop with M-Vision LED Blend at GameTech 2011

Immersive Display Solutions Launches New Immersive Desktop

Immersive Display Solutions (IDS) recently introduced their new immersive desktop solution at the 2011 Defense GameTech Users' Conference.

GameTech is a unique user-focused conference specializing in gaming technologies that enhance warfighter training. Gaming experts from both the U.S. military and gaming industry discussed the current state of game technologies and virtual worlds. Held March 22 – 25 in Orlando, Florida, GameTech was held in conjunction with the Army's Games for Training Conference.

Immersive Display Solutions Launches New Immersive Desktop
IDS demonstrated their new Immersive Desktop high-resolution rear-projected display system, relying on 2 of Digital Projection's M-Vision Cine LED projectors with a Scalable Desktop warp and edge-blend desktop environment. Software content included a PC version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 as well as Lockheed Martin's PREPAR3D flight simulator.

Demonstrations also included a Microsoft X-Box gaming console connected thru a video capture card on the PC running Call of Duty Black Ops, as well as a Blu-ray player running HD movie content across the ultra-wide multi-projector display.

George Forbes, President and Founder of Immersive Display Solutions, remarked, "Immersive Display Solutions' new desktop product provides an immersive platform unlike any others running the PREPAR3D® flight simulation software. It's an affordable solution that complements PREPAR3D® and delivers a new level of fidelity to desktop training; it leverages multiple projectors for high resolution crisp imagery, integrated warp and edge-blend software, and the ultra wide immersive field of view to enhance the users' experience."

Watch the following video (youtube) of the Immersive Desktop in action:

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Reminder: New DP Pricing Now Available in Dealer Portal

As of April 1st, DP published new Dealer and List pricing for both our Commercial AV and Home Cinema dealers. Along with a variety of product and accessory updates, this new pricing document includes a number of important product announcements and price re-positioning.

Please note: adjustments made in this pricing update affect much of the product line. If you have yet to log in to your respective dealer portal and download the new pricing, we strongly suggest you do so at your earliest convenience.

Dealers can also log in to their Dealer portal immediately for specifics:
DP Dealers with Dealer Portal credentials - click here to log in
DP Dealers needing login credentials - click here to register for access

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Digital Projection Shines in New York City During Sapphire Marketing Roadshow

Digital Projection Shines at Sapphire Roadshow 2011 in NYC

Displaying key commercial and residential projectors, Digital Projection wowed dealers, consultants and industry partners alike at the recent Sapphire Marketing Roadshow in NYC, April 5 - 6, 2011.

Jeff Schneider, NE regional manager for DP, introduced attendees to select products such as the remarkable 2560 x 1600 dVision 35-WQXGA. At nearly twice the resolution of a 1080p display, the dVision WQXGA delivers up to 6500 lumens and 7500:1 contrast. Designed for applications needing incredible pixel density, the dVision WQXGA has already been implemented by customers with geologic, oil/gas survey and scientific modeling applications.

Digital Projection Shines at Sapphire Roadshow 2011 in NYC
Also featured were the powerful yet affordable 3-chip HIGHlite Cine 260. Capable of up to 3,500 lumens and up to 20,000:1 dynamic contrast, the HIGHlite 260 excels on large screens, even in venues contending with ambient light. With a newly released MSRP of less than $25K, the HIGHlite is the perfect solution for mid-scale venues needing power as well as precision.

Digital Projection Shines at Sapphire Roadshow 2011 in NYC
The final projector featured in the booth was DP's 60,000+ hour M-Vision Cine LED projector, featuring Lifetime Illumination. The Sapphire show proved to be the perfect venue to demonstrate how, by pairing the M-Vision LED projector with a light-resistant Supernova screen, the imagery largely retains both contrast and brightness, even under high ambient lighting. By presenting a split screen that included both typical screen material on the left side and Supernova material on the right, attendees were stunned by the Supernova's ability to accentuate the color, depth and black levels rendered by the M-Vision LED projector. The impressive imagery prevailed, even when displayed directly below a large and dramatic chandelier.

Digital Projection Shines at Sapphire Roadshow 2011 in NYC
Education was another major draw to the Sapphire show, with hundreds of AV industry members attending numerous classes throughout the 2-day event. DP's versatile 6,000 lumen, $5,995 E-Vision WXGA 600 provided the presentation imagery throughout the training courses.

Special thanks to the dealers, consultants and industry partners that visited with us in New York, as well as to Sapphire Marketing for organizing another successful Roadshow. Also a special thanks to DNP Screens for supplying the screens within the booth.

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Photos of the Month

Crocker Art Museum - Sacramento, CA
The Shalleck Collaborative and PCD, Inc.

Crocker Museum of Art Uses Digital Projection

Sacramento's Crocker Art Museum has been an important regional landmark since 1885. Generally acknowledged as the leading arts institution in the Sacramento Valley, the Crocker Art Museum enlists a private collection, as well as public lectures and demonstrations in its goal to promote an awareness of and enthusiasm for human experience through art.

In order to better serve the Sacramento Valley community, the museum recently upgraded its main auditorium with a powerful 3-chip TITAN 1080p-500 projector from Digital Projection. Already in use, the TITAN is delivering large-scale imagery during the museum's popular lectures, as well as enabling feature film events. The venue upgrade was specified by San Francisco's The Shalleck Collaborative with integration services supplied by Santa Rosa's PCD, Inc.

Crocker Museum of Art Uses Digital Projection

The TITAN 1080p-500 works in conjunction with a 11' x 28' Stewart Filmscreen AT3M cinema screen. An Analog Way OPUS300 switcher, Blu-ray and VHS player supply and manage the sources, while 8 stageside VGA laptop connections allow a lecturer to control the content on the large screen.

Crocker Museum of Art Uses Digital Projection

Chosen for its compact size, image quality, low-noise fan and low heat output, the TITAN has surpassed the expectations of the Crocker staff. The TITAN's plentiful lens shift and focus recall also helped accomodate some special installation requirements in the control room.

Ian Hunter, senior consultant for The Shalleck Collaborative, commented that the Crocker team has been "exceptionally pleased" with the new abilities the upgrade has enabled.

Crocker Museum of Art Uses Digital Projection
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Tech Tip

Integrating 3D Sources with DP's TITAN 3D Projectors

As anticipated, there is a wide and plentiful variety of new 3D sources showing up in the entertainment marketplace. In recent months we have seen new 3D gaming devices from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, as well as new 3D Blu-ray players from Oppo, Panasonic and Sony (just to name a few). All have slightly different means of determining 3D compatibility.

Some of these sources allow the user to "force 3D on" if 3D content is played, while others use an "auto-detect" method. The auto detect method is designed to read the EDID information from the display and, if determined to be compatible, automatically initiate 3D mode.

However, typical integration systems with long cable runs, switchers, audio processors and other components can compromise the display EDID, resulting in instances where the 3D source is not recognizing some products as compatible 3D displays. The Lumagen Radiance family of switchers / scalers can help alleviate this problem.

The Lumagen will typically reside close to the source, assuring a solid handshake to the source's 3D detector. To use the TITAN Reference 1080p-3D as an example, the Lumagen will detect a TITAN 3D projector and do one of two things: either automatically tell connected sources that a 3D device is present, or allow a manual EDID to be generated allowing the 3D compatibility to be transmitted back to the sources. Since the Lumagen has dual HDMI outputs, audio components do not need to be run in series with the video distribution path, thus reducing the number of devices reading the projector EDID.

In addition, the Lumagen can replace a system switcher and an HDMI line extender. Lumagen offers 3 products in the Radiance family: the Radiance Mini, the Radiance XS, and the Radiance XE. For more information, go to or call Digital Projection application support at 770-420-1350.

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