PRODUCT FEATURE: M-Vision LED 1000 Series

M-Vision LED 1000 projector from Digital Projection

DP expands brightness of single-chip LED projector series with new M-Vision LED 1000

At InfoComm 2013, DP announced a highly-anticipated brightness upgrade to the lampless M-Vision LED projector lineup.  By combining engineering innovation, new LED illuminators and color gamut expansion techniques, DP's M-Vision LED displays now deliver luminance breaking the 1,000 lumen threshold. Priced at $10,995 MSRP, DP offers an unparalleled variety of LED projectors for command and control, professional and simulation applications. In addition to the higher brightness, DP's LED displays continue to deliver Lifetime Illumination™, providing a virtually maintenance-free imaging solution that never requires a lamp replacement. 

Click here to read the full product launch press release.

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New Commercial AV Pricing Now Available

Digital Projection Pricing Update

As of July 25, 2013, Digital Projection is announcing an update to our Dealer and List pricing exclusively to our Commercial AV Dealers and Reps. The updated price list is available to you NOW on our password-protected web site for current DP Dealers.

1) DP Dealers with Dealer Portal credentials - click here to log in

2) DP Dealers needing login credentials - click here to register for access

Key highlights within this pricing update include:

    • NEW: Price reductions for select special order dVision models!

    • NEW: Price adjustments for TITAN special order portrait orientation models!

    • NEW: LAN control option for M-Vision 400-3D displays!

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DP's InfoComm 2013 New Product Launch and Wrap Up

Digital Projection's InfoComm Recap

InfoComm 2013 has wrapped after months of preparation, weeks of booth-building and loaner support, and three action-packed days of exhibit hours. With product updates and unveilings in every category, including brand new series unveilings such as the Mercury series, we couldn't be more happy with the results of the show. Additionally, we had hundreds of attendees in our training courses -- more so than any year in which we've offered training. And we have the many friends, partners and customers that visited with us in our booth, VIP product unveiling event and our numerous loaner partner booths to thank for such a fulfilling Expo.

CLICK HERE to read the full InfoComm 2013 show recap.

E-Vision 7500 projector from Digital Projection

Digital Projection at InfoComm 2013

M-Vision LED projector from Digital Projection

In addition to the numerous new products launched at InfoComm 2013, DP displayed numerous proven displays that our dealers and end-user clients have come to depend on and cherish. Some of these displays include the E-Vision 7000 and 8000 displays, our precision single-chip dVision displays and powerhouse 3-chip projectors from our HIGHlite and TITAN lines. Via the link below you'll see numerous photos from these displays and much more.

CLICK HERE to read the full InfoComm 2013 show recap.

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TWO DP Displays Win Awards at InfoComm '13

Digital Projection's TITAN projector wins BEST award at InfoComm

DP is honored to have our new 20,000 lumen TITAN 'Super Quad' chosen as a Commercial Integrator 'BEST' product at InfoComm. Per CI's website, "The Commercial Integrator BEST Awards program recognizes superlative solutions for an integration business. Judging criteria included: innovation, functionality, competitive advantages and benefits to the installer."

Click here for more information on this award.

Digital Projection's Mercury projector wins Top 5 award at InfoComm
DP is also exceptionally honored to have our brand-new Mercury 930 1080p 3D selected for a spot in Church Production's 'TOP 5 PRODUCTS FOR CHURCHES FROM INFOCOMM 2013' recognition. From the Church Production website, "...with over 930 exhibitors showing their wares, there were tens of thousands of products to see. With the help of several of our trusted readers and writers who were in attendance, we had the difficult task of selecting the 'Top 5 Products for Churches from InfoComm 2013.' What follows (in alphabetical order) are the five new products introduced at InfoComm 2013 selected by our team as having the best fit in the church market."

Click here for more information on this award.

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Transas User Conference Hosts 270 Attendees

Digital Projection attends Transas User Conference

Phil Laney, DP's Director of Simulation, and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager Matt Moscato represented DP at the TRANSAS User Conference the week of July 15th. TRANSAS is a privately owned Russian company with over 2000 employees providing equipment for aviation, Marine, Railway, Defence, Oil & Gas, Municipal, and Edutainment. TRANSAS Marine simulation systems are installed in 950 training centers in 91 countries.

270 attendees from 47 countries were in attendance. This conference was hosted by the TRANSAS Marine maritime simulation group of TRANSAS which had TRANSAS employees and distributors from around the world meet with their customers from around the world. TRANSAS also invited vendors as co-hosts, of which DP was one of a select few.

Day 1 was held at MITAGS where eight TITAN 660 sx+ projectors are installed on a Full Mission Bridge (FMB) simulator. Tours of the FMB were open to attendees. On Day 2, the conference moved to the Calhoon-MEBA. Bridge 1 at Calhoon-MEBA was made available for projector demos by Digital Projection throughout Day 2 and the morning of Day 3. Bridge 1 is a FMB simulator with a 7m radius. DP showed the HIGHlite WUXGA, HIGHlite 1080p, TITAN LED and M-Vision WUXGA LED out the windows of Bridge 1. Laney and Moscato also demonstrated the M-Vision 400 in dedicated booth space in the exhibit hall. Needless to say, all of the products were very well received.

Many thanks to Transas for inviting DP to participate.

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Training Update - August - Sept. Education Opportunities

Training Update – Upcoming Commercial AV Opportunities

Don't miss the opportunity to earn CTS credits while learning what lies ahead in the high-performance projection landscape. All courses will be led by Ken Eagle, DP's training and consultant relationship manager.

August 14-15
Commercial AV & Home Cinema Training – Kennesaw, GA

This Digital Projection training presentation is designed to help the participant understand his/her application needs, select the correct projector and understand the basic functions needed to calibrate that projector for the application. Topics include: DLP Technology, LED Illumination, Aspect Ratio and Image Size, Calibrating the Projector, Understanding Color, Contrast and Brightness, Screen Technology, Lighting and more. Additionally, this course will review the DPI product line including application examples and product pricing. This course is worth .75 CEDIA CEU's; .5 InfoComm RU's; 1 AIA Credit

September 9 - 12
Factory Service Training – Kennesaw, GA

Service Training is designed for the Technician who wants a deeper technical understanding of the board level operation of the projector as well as the firmware and software. This is an advanced level class. Note: This service training is broken up into two 2-day training sessions. You can register for either one or for both. If you register for both you will be in training for four days (9th-12th)
- Single Chip Projector Service Training: September 9th and 10th
- Three Chip Projector Service Training: September 11th and 12th

CLICK HERE to view the entire list of Training events for August and September.   

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Staging Corner: Staging Council Update

Staging Corner

Rental and Staging Partners,
You likely saw last month's news about the new Rental and Staging Council that DP is forming. In this short amount of time, we've already confirmed a number of Staging companies as members. However, we're looking for a few more actively engaged Staging companies to act as our guides to this ever-changing market.

As detailed in the introductory Rental and Staging Council email, Staging Council members will be invited to participate with DP in a number of fun yet important meetings and events throughout 2014.

With that said, we'd like to supply more details on the Five Day Costa Rica Adventure for Staging Council members, as this is a trip that you will not want to miss.

    - Getaway Destination - Los Suenos, Costa Rica
    - Costa Rica Adventure Dates: April 24 - April 29, 2014
    - Qualification - Contact DP via the 'Request Information' button below for qualification terms
    - Qualifying Period - purchases made between Jan. 1, 2013 and Dec. 31, 2013

Join your friends at DP and other members of the Staging Council as we explore one of the most amazing places on earth. DP's Staging Council Costa Rica Adventure includes round-trip airfare, luxury accomodations, exotic excursions, gourmet meals and incredible entertainment. Imagine being in Los Suenos, Costa Rica: part exhilirating adventure, part relaxing getaway, with the world's best fishing, championship golf course and dramatic rainforests. All of this can be yours, and it's only a few purchases away.


CLICK HERE to request Rental & Staging Council information from your Regional Manager.
Contact Digital Projection

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Photos of the Month

STAR Center Maritime Training School
Dania Beach, Florida

STAR Center relies on Digital Projection

CLICK HERE to read the entire case study.

STAR Center upgrades world-renowned maritime simulator for unparalleled 360 degree training experience

DP, Scalable Display Technologies, a leading provider of software for automatic edge-blending, and Electric Picture, a leading systems integrator recently collaborated on a significant system upgrade to STAR Center's maritime training simulator in Dania Beach, FL. This upgrade resulted in increased imagery resolution and vertical coverage, improved color management and made overall system maintenance more efficient.

STAR Center relies on Digital Projection

In operation since 1993, STAR Center (Simulation, Training, Assessment & Research) is regarded internationally as a top destination for ocean-going and inland professional maritime training and research. A division of the AMO Safety and Education Plan, STAR Center is the primary training provider for the U.S. merchant marine officers represented by American Maritime Officers.

At a time when some training facilities are compromising on overall experience by implementing flat-panel based simulators, STAR Center's 16' tall, 360° immersive ship bridge training display delivers an incomparably realistic experience. The sought-after training facility is so well respected that, with its previous components in place, the bridge simulator often operated from 7:00 a.m. to beyond 1:00 a.m., at least five days a week, for eight years. Not surprisingly, the bridge simulator was ready for a performance and modernization overhaul in 2012.

STAR Center relies on Digital Projection

"The upgrade was a resounding success," commented Brian Long. The existing projectors were replaced by nine of DPI's higher-resolution HIGHlite WUXGA 660 projectors with built-in advanced warp and blend capability, courtesy of their internal Fusion software. With the ability to run in both single and dual-lamp mode, the HIGHlite displays allow the STAR Center to accentuate extreme brightness or increased lamp efficiency based on the configuration.

CLICK HERE to read the entire case study.

Many thanks to STAR Center and Electric Picture for using DP's precision displays!

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Tech Tip:
Fighting the Flat Panel Trend in Professional Applications

Strategies for Identifying Qualified Projection Prospects -- CLICK HERE to read the entire Tech Tip.

Over the past few years, flat panels have become increasingly big in screen size, while at the same time decreasing in price. Without a doubt, flat panels are creeping into smaller-screen projection applications, and taking market share. This has not impacted DP up to this point - given the high light output of DP's projection solutions, even our lowest cost projectors are typically employed as solutions for larger screen applications.

While it is reasonable to expect the flat panel size and cost trends will continue, we can take comfort in knowing that there are practical limits to how big flat panels can get and how low the price can become. Nonetheless, given the current threat to smaller screen projection applications, we thought it would be helpful to provide some brief suggestions to help our customers identify prospects with display applications where technical demands assure projection will remain king.

Larger Screens Over 90" Diagonal:
Certainly bigger panels are available, but the costs are still fairly high. In addition, larger panels are extremely heavy, and moving them into existing facilities and mounting them in those facilities is often not possible due to facility design. The majority of DP's projection solutions are 5000 lumens or much higher. Given the lumen power we offer in our product line, nearly all of the applications where DP projectors are employed are for screens that are much larger than 90" diagonal. Strategy: Customers with very small conference rooms are not your target. Seek customers with larger screen requirements and you will identify solid DP prospects. Key markets include higher education, fortune 5000, worship, public entertainment, staging, home cinema, and anyone with a venue of a scale that exceeds what a flat panel can reasonably achieve.

CLICK HERE to read the entire Tech Tip.

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