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Digital Projection's Reference Showroom Dealer Program
Announcing 2010’s Reference Showroom Dealer Program

With the TITAN 3D's recent CEDIA "Best New Product" award still gathering headlines, Digital Projection is pleased to announce that we are now accepting reservations for our 2010 Reference Showroom Dealer program. For the first time in the elite dealer group’s history, 2010 RSD club members can choose between the TITAN Reference 1080p and TITAN Reference 1080p 3D projectors. As in prior years, membership in this exclusive club is limited and only 12 dealers will be accepted in 2010.

Beyond showcasing the finest home cinema projection available, all 12 of the 2010 Reference Showroom Dealers will also enjoy these extraordinary benefits:

    • Remarkable discounts on the TITAN Reference 1080p or TITAN Reference 1080p 3D purchased for admission to the 2010 RSD program.
    • Exclusive option to purchase (1) M-Vision Cine LED demo display for only $5,000, on the same purchase order as the demo Reference display.
    • Significant extra discounts on all DP 1080p models purchased throughout the 2010 calendar year.
    • Participation in DP’s Reference Showroom Dealer advertising campaign. This year’s advertising reach will be extended to 5 issues in Home Entertainment magazine. All 12 of our 2010 Reference Showroom Dealers will be featured in these high profile, luxury ads.
    • An invitation to attend our exclusive Reference Showroom Dealer Gala, to be held at CEDIA 2010.

Interested in becoming a Reference Showroom Dealer? Contact your DP Manufacturers Rep or DP Regional Manager (click here for contact information) for details. Reservations in the 2010 Reference Showroom Dealer program are placed on a strictly first come, first served basis.

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Digital Projection's HIGHlite Cine 260
HIGHlite Cine 260 Poised for Launch

Those of you who were able to visit DP’s exhibit at CEDIA 2009 may have caught a glimpse of a prototype of our newest 3-chip home cinema platform – the HIGHlite Cine 260. If you did see it, we are positive you would remember it – the unit simply looked outstanding. Based on the newest compact 3-Chip optical design, the HIGHlite Cine 260 boasts gorgeous 1080p native resolution, 2000 ANSI lumens, 12,000:1 dynamic contrast, and superb optics - all built into a sleek and ultra-quiet chassis.

We have been working on the new HIGHlite Cine platform for some time, and you can rest assured that DP will roll out more HIGHlite models over the coming year, providing unmatched solutions for a variety of markets. . DP’s Home Cinema dealers will be the first to benefit from the premier HIGHlite product – the HIGHlite Cine 260 detailed above. Development is now complete and we are just weeks away from the full launch. Stay tuned for our formal announcement on pricing and availability. Suffice to say, with the HIGHlite Cine 260, DP’s legendary 3-chip cinema imaging has never looked better, or been more affordable.

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Wiring a Venue for 3D

It’s time once again to ask that age old question: “How do I plan for the future without a Crystal Ball?” Most everyone has been teased with quality 3D by means of the runaway 3D hit Avatar, and some have seen killer demonstrations of 3D on flat panels or via the state-of-the-art performance of DP’s TITAN 1080p 3D, but how do we prepare our clients for the future of 3D? More importantly, how do we pre-wire current and future projects to ensure our installations are fully 3D capable? As always, the best way to prepare for the future is to learn from the past and research the present.

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Digital Projection's New M-Vision HB
Coming Soon… A New High-Brightness M-Vision

DP’s affordable and efficient M-Vision 260 will soon get a face lift. The current high brightness model will take on a similar appearance to its sibling, the M-Vision Cine LED.

Adorned with a tasteful faux carbon fiber top and sporting rounded edges, the entire M-Vision line will now resemble the “jewel box” design unveiled at last year’s CEDIA Expo. Lens position will change as well, as the new M-Vision 260’s lens will be flush to the front bezel, exactly the same as the current M-Vision LED projector.

To reflect this new design, the name will change slightly to the M-Vision Cine 260 HB. The HB extension reflects that the projector is optimized for brightness. Development is also underway on an HC version which utilizes the same electronics and cabinet design, but is optimized for maximum contrast. Look for the new cabinet design and both the M-Vision Cine 260 and M-Vision Cine 260 HB to be available in the May timeframe.

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Digital Projection's Total 3D Experience system
Total 3D Experience System Delivers Dynamic 3D Solutions for the Home

“3D is here.”
“3D is here to stay.”
“3D is a fad.”
“It’s the savior of the movie theaters.”
“It’s a new creative medium.”

There are many opinions about 3D right now, especially given the product launches announced at the recent CES show. It seems that 3D has suddenly exploded onto the scene. Interestingly enough, 3D solutions have been available for years but the technologies that can offer an enjoyable, immersive 3D experience have only recently converged into viable solutions for commercial venues and home theaters alike.

The 3D used for movies back in the 1950s, namely red and blue anaglyph glasses, returned in the 2000’s as a means of delivering 3D to the home. Similar color-based technologies were tested late last year for delivery of 3D via broadcast. Though positive signs of technological progress, they didn’t deliver the ultimate immersive experience. Especially in regards to discriminating buyers of luxury home cinema systems.

Digital Projection's Total 3D Experience system
Recently, there has also been a flurry of announcements from major electronics companies introducing 3D Blu-ray™ and 3D televisions. These utilize 3D technology that promises a sharp, colorful image. However, these technologies are targeting the mass home theater consumer with flat panel options. 3D technology suitable for projector-driven home theaters is not mass marketed, as it represents a smaller and more discriminating selection of AV consumers.

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Digital Projection's dVision 35-WQXGA
4,096,000 Pixels From a Single Projector... Really!

In the coming weeks, Digital Projection will update our product lineup to include an exciting new projector – a display that boasts the highest resolution of any DLP-based product available anywhere today. We are extremely pleased to introduce the dVision 35-WQXGA.

WQXGA is the nomenclature that represents 2560 x 1600 pixels – nearly twice the resolution of a 1080p projector, and all 4,096,000 of those pixels will soon be deployed in our popular and powerful dVision platform. We need to save some of the specific performance details for the full launch, but we can tell you now, viewing more than 4,000,000 pixels from our mighty dVision results in imagery with more resolution, detail and small area contrast than we could have imagined. It just looks extraordinary!

The dramatically extended resolution of the dVision 35-WQXGA demands more powerful electronics and even more resolute lenses, but all those components are in hand and as above, this revolutionary platform produces phenomenal imagery.

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S1Digital, DP and Microsoft To Demonstrate 3D Home Entertainment

S1Digital, Digital Projection International, and Microsoft will host a demonstration on the latest in digital entertainment and 3D technology for the home on March 16th, 2010 in New York. Custom home integrators and audiovisual dealers are invited to explore S1Digital’s media servers, as well as experience the most immersive 3D projector available to the home cinema channel today. Home theater design legend Theo Kalomirakis will deliver the event’s introduction. Interested parties can learn more about the demonstration by visiting, and can register for the event by emailing

Microsoft’s Manhattan office will host the dynamic demonstration. Attendees will see hands-on demonstrations of S1Digital’s Digital Entertainment Platform (DEP), a media server capable of capturing, storing and distributing a wide array of digital media content. Additionally, attendees will learn how to install and optimize the DEP server for their clients. The DEP offers home integrators an intuitive product capable of managing HD movies, cable and satellite HDTV, music, photos, videos and online content.

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Photos of the Month

Pro Football Hall of Fame

Pro Football Hall of Fame Uses Digital Projection

The Pro Football Hall Of Fame’s GameDay Stadium Theater recently received a major AV overhaul featuring two Digital Projection large-venue projectors. Displaying high-intensity footage shot by NFL Films of Mount Laurel, NJ, the GameDay Theater utilizes two distinct Digital Projection projectors. A 20,000 lumen LIGHTNING 40-1080p display, one of the most efficient large-venue projectors in the AV industry, illuminates the main theater from a dedicated projection booth. The LIGHTNING 40-1080p presents powerful NFL footage on a custom 30’ by 16’ Stewart Filmscreen Cinecurve screen.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Uses Digital Projection

Additionally, a 5,000 lumen TITAN 1080p Ultra Contrast projector is installed in a companion theater, which also employs a Stewart screen.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Uses Digital Projection

The Pro Football Hall Of Fame also enlists Digital Projection’s dVision 30-1080p projector in an interactive section of the venue. Displaying archival footage of some of the most recognized coaches and players in the history of the NFL, the dVision feeds an approximately 12’ screen.

Chuck Chiles, RBDG Project Manager, commented, “When the Pro Football Hall of Fame asked RBDG to upgrade their GameDay Theater from a 35mm film chain to high resolution video, we called on Digital Projection for the hardware. The results: excellent reliability, great service and stunning images.”

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Tech Tip

DP’s Top Seven Tech Tips

You can learn a lot from a Digital Projection Monthly Newsletter. DP is proud to be regarded as experts in the field of precision visual displays, and we strive to “pay it forward” in every way we can. For instance, each month in the DP newsletter we pass along a tech tip on a topic that our Application Support Engineers tell us is currently being raised by our customers.

Over the past several years, our experts have provided a bevy of information on topics such as how to calculate the long-term cost of ownership of any projector, how to correctly utilize lens shift, and even future tech topics such as 3D and LED-related articles. As a matter of fact, we were talking 3D before 3D was in any way mainstream.

Below is a list of our seven most popular Tech Tips. Why seven? Based on the application support conversations we have every day, we are confident that at least one of these “top seven tips” presents information that most of our customers will find helpful. If you have a application, product or integration subject you would like us to cover in a future Tech Tip, simply drop us a line at

1. What You Need to Know About Gamma

2. Using HDMI with HDCP

3. EDID Technology Overview

4. Handy Formulas for Projectionists

5. The Key to Assuring Maximum Visual Impact in any Venue

6. Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

7. Active, Passive, Active Passive 3D – Selecting the Proper Technology for Your Application

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