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14 Sold. 2 Remain.  Better Act Fast!

TWO reservations are all that remain of the original 16 membership openings for DP's Reference Showroom Dealer club. If your company is considering becoming one of DP's exclusive 2009 Reference Showroom Dealers, we encourage you to act fast as once these reservations are filled, the opportunity vanishes.

Remember: if you take delivery of your TITAN Reference by May 31, 2009, you'll receive 50% off List Price! This amazing price headlines the valuable list of benefits your company can enjoy by becoming a Reference Showroom Dealer.

Reference Showroom Dealers

Invest in a TITAN Reference 1080p demo unit and receive the following:

    Take delivery by April 30, receive a 55% discount off of List Price.Sorry, April is over!
    • Take delivery by May 31, receive a 50% discount off of List Price.
    • Receive an additional 5% off end-column pricing on ALL additional TITAN Reference units purchased in 2009.
    • Receive an additional 3% off of end-column pricing on ALL iVision, dVision, TITAN and LIGHTNING 1080p purchases in 2009.
    • Your company will be prominently promoted as an exclusive DP Reference Showroom Dealer, featured in 5 Home Entertainment magazine spreads and 2 Luxury CE magazine spreads.
    • Exceptional photography submitted by Reference Showroom Dealers will be featured in DP ads, press releases, newsletters and other DP marketing collateral, along with appropriate caption credits.
    • Exclusive invitations to Reference Showroom Dealer training events, as well as our lavish Reference Showroom Dealer party to be held at CEDIA 2009.
    • Proudly display your limited edition Reference Showroom Dealer Awards, signifying your company's investment and expertise in superb home cinema technology.
You can view the original invitation with specific program details BY CLICKING HERE.

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Digital Projection at InfoComm '09
New Platforms. New Products. New Technologies. DP’s Extraordinary Showcase at InfoComm '09!

Ready for a bit of revealing InfoComm news? We’re pleased to announce DP’s Extraordinary Solutions Showcase at INFOCOMM 2009, booth #2861 (Hall B), in Orlando, Florida!

2009 has already proven to be an ambitious year for Digital Projection, as we’ve introduced numerous new products and application enabling solutions. From our 14 projector strong lineup of active 3D projection systems, to Dual Flash Processing, FastFrame smear reduction, portrait display capability and brilliant ultra contrast displays, DP’s remarkable innovation is as sharp as the high fidelity imagery produced by our products.

Indeed, as a company committed to being the provider of Precision Displays for Every Venue, we can’t rest on our laurels. DP has a robust technology roadmap, with many of our newest product and application advancements ready for near-term launch. As InfoComm is the perfect stage on which to unveil exciting new products, we are planning some major announcements, including new resolution platforms and alternative illumination technologies. However, as eager as we are to start sharing the details now, loyalty to our industry association compels us to wait just a bit longer...

At InfoComm 2009 in Orlando, many of DP’s newest projection capabilities will be revealed through our Extraordinary Solutions Showcase – a ten venue deep exhibit that will provide up-close, hands-on demonstrations of the projectors and technologies that equip our customers to create compelling and empowering large screen display applications.

In fact, we believe some of our new products are so important to our customer’s projects, we are offering a series of executive training briefs, during the show, right in our exhibit. Click here to see our training agenda. If you are interested in attending any of the classes, we recommend you reserve your seat early as space is very limited.

If you need a pass to attend InfoComm ‘09, it would be our pleasure to be your host. Click here to select the pass you'd prefer, courtesy of Digital Projection.

As always, thanks for trusting DP with your most important large screen display applications. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando at our Extraordinary Solutions Showcase!

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Training at InfoComm '09 from Digital Projection
Register for On-site Training in the DP InfoComm Booth

We are offering a limited number of training sessions in our booth on all three days of the show. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge via hand's-on demonstrations given by DP's experts.

Classes will be limited to the first six registrants, so reserve your time immediately. If the class you prefer has already been filled, you will receive an email requesting you choose another time slot.

To register for a class, simply drop Lynne Smith an email at with your preferred reservation time, class name and date.

Wednesday, June 17th:
2:00 - ColorMax, Intelligent Lens Mount and Blend
with Richard Hill, Southeast RMDM

3:00 - 3D Visualization and Display Methods
with Chuck Collins, VP of Commercial AV w/ DP and Kurt Hoffmeister, VP of R&D w/ Mechdyne Corp.

4:00 - Specifiying the Perfect Projector
with Mike Akridge, VP of Operations


Thursday, June 18th:
2:00 - ColorMax, Intelligent Lens Mount and Blend
with George Walter, VP of Home Cinema and Richard Hill, Southeast RMDM

3:00 - 3D Visualization and Display Methods
with Chuck Collins, VP of Commercial AV w/ DP and Kurt Hoffmeister, VP of R&D w/ Mechdyne Corp.

4:00 - Specifiying the Perfect Projector
with Mike Akridge, VP of Operations


Friday, June 19th:
10:00 - ColorMax, Intelligent Lens Mount and Blend
with George Walter, VP of Home Cinema and Richard Hill, Southeast RMDM

11:00 - 3D Visualization and Display Methods
with Chuck Collins, VP of Commercial AV w/ DP and Kurt Hoffmeister, VP of R&D w/ Mechdyne Corp.

12:00 - Specifiying the Perfect Projector
with Mike Akridge, VP of Operations

In addition to the training that DP is doing on-site, innovative technology partners such as Immersive Displays and Mechdyne will also be on-hand to discuss specific application concepts and answer questions.

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Digital Projection's TITAN and LIGHTNING now ILM-enabled DP Announces Intelligent Lens Memory for TITAN, LIGHTNING

DPI is happy to announce a major enhancement to all of our TITAN and LIGHTNING 1080P and SX+ models. Intelligent lens memory, or ILM, allows each projector to store specific lens zoom, shift, and focus values to specific preset positions. The ILM feature is easy to implement and even easier for end users to recall.

To initiate the lens memory, you must first calibrate the zoom and shift functions. This allows the electronics to “learn” the zoom, focus and shift range for the specific lens installed in the projector. Once the lens calibration is complete, up to 10 specific lens positions can be stored in preset locations. When the user selects one of those presets (either by remote or RS232), or a source associated with a preset, , the mount will reposition the lens to the previously defined zoom, shift, and focus settings. The ILM landing accuracy is superb - within 2 pixels over repeated cycles.

Although a creative genius could find many applications for a projector with intelligent lens focus, zoom, and shift capabilities, the most common request is from Home Cinema clients. High definition video is distributed on standard def and Blue Ray DVD’s in a variety of aspect ratios. Currently, the most common way to optimize a home theater for the display of varying aspect ratio content is to use a fixed height screen with a 2.35 native aspect ratio and movable side masking that can reduce that aspect ratio, along with a projector equipped with an anamorphic lens. If the video being presented is a 16X9 (1.78) aspect ratio, that video fills the projectors 1080p (or 720p) DMD(s), and the 2.35 screen is masked to produce a 1.78 aspect ratio screen. If the video is 2.35, the projector’s video processing is used to vertically stretch the image to “fill in” the horizontal black bars.

The anamorphic lens is then placed in the light path to horizontally stretch the image, resulting in a geometrically correct 2.35 image that uses the full native resolution the projector offers. The anamorphic approach delivers maximum projector resolution and lumens for 2.35:1 content. However, this approach also adds video processing, rectangular pixels, reduced contrast ratio, and a lot of additional hardware, optics, and costs. Also, since the anamorphic solution only provides a fixed 1.33 horizontal stretch, it cannot fully accommodate intermediate aspect ratios like 2.40, 2.30, 2.25, etc.

With the benefit of ILM, the projector (within the limitations of the zoom range of the lens) can actually zoom in to fill a full 1.78 screen, and zoom out (increasing the overall width of the projected image) to fill the unmasked 2.35 screen. Although this does result in 30% larger pixels, by employing ILM, no anamorphic lens is needed. This simplifies the installation, reduces the total system cost, eliminates the need for the additional video processing (to vertically stretch the 2.35:1 image) and the associated artifacts, assures that maximum contrast is maintained and optical distortion is minimized. Since ILM allows for up to 10 presets, in addition to 1.78 and 2.35, additional lens position presets can be assigned to support 2.40, 2.30, 1.85 or even 1.33 aspect ratios.

Home Cinema customers now have a choice between the traditional Theaterscope option, or implementing ILM, soon-to be standard on all TITAN and LIGHTNING sx+ and 1080p models, to achieve true cinema performance on fixed or variable height screens.

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Digital Projection Logo

Digital Projection is Hiring

Location: Kennesaw, GA
Department: Senior Application Support Engineer

Description: Digital Projection, Inc. (DPI), an Emmy® award winning manufacturer of high performance projection systems, is seeking candidates for a key Application Support Engineer position.

The Senior Application Support Engineer will provide technical phone support to customers in both Commercial and Home Cinema channels. Requires exceptional customer service and communication skills, both oral and written. Must have comprehensive understanding of electronics (AC/DC circuits). Ability to read schematics & logical thinking required. Will learn and maintain constant understanding of projector performance specifications, control protocol, operation and general troubleshooting techniques. Will provide technical and application training to customers and other team members. Must have great work ethic, great attitude, superior attendance record, and be a cooperative team player. Must be able to acquire a passport.

Digital Projection provides competitive compensation, benefits and exciting incentives. Salary commensurate with experience. If you have the skills, personality and motivation to work with a team that is committed to producing highly differentiated large screen display solutions and experiences, email your resume to or fax your resume to 770.420.1360.

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Photos of the Month

Cinema de la Mer
First Impressions Theme Theatres, Florida

Cinema de la Mer
Miami based First Impressions Theme Theatres recently created a home cinema masterpiece that reinvents the concept of luxurious home entertainment. The lush decor in the Palm Beach theater is accompanied by Hollywood's home cinema display, a Digital Projection TITAN Reference 1080p.

Cinema de la Mer A TITAN Reference 1080p projector fills the 14' Stewart CineWide screen from edge to edge with the help of Digital Projection's TheaterScope anamorphic optical system.

Cinema de la Mer Up to thirteen audience members can relax in the regal theater and experience what Jeffrey Smith, President of First Impressions Theme Theatres, Inc., called "The most stunning image I've ever seen on a screen of this size." Smith continued, stating, "The content rules the space with a crisp and very sharp image."
Photos courtesy of First Impressions Theme Theatres

Photo of the month archive

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How to Set Intelligent Lens Memory

This feature is only available on TITAN and LIGHTNING projectors with the latest lens mount micro and updated firmware.

1. Before trying to set or recall presets, the focus and zoom need to be calibrated for the specific lens in the projector:

    a. In the user menu, select “Setup” then “Projector” then “Calibrate Focus.”
    b. Press “OK” and then wait for focus to stop moving.
    c. Next, select “Setup” then “Projector” then “Calibrate Zoom.”
    d. Press “OK” and then wait for the zoom to stop moving.
2. To position save a lens position (zoom, focus & shift) to the ILM memory:
    a. Move the lens zoom, focus and shift as needed.
    b. Select “Input” then “Preset” then “Save Preset.” Choose the location to save.
    c. Repeat for each distinct ILM position needed - up to 10 in total.
3. To recall the ILM position:
    a. Select “input” then “preset” then “recall preset.”
    b. Select the preset name associated with the desired lens position.
Helpful Hints:
a. Do not store lens position at the extreme of zoom, focus or shift. 1 click back is sufficient.
b. For best and most accurate results, use the Java application for moving focus and zoom before saving presets.

Tech Tip Archive

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