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August/CEDIA Headlines

Welcome To CEDIA 2007!

Digital Projection is preparing an incredible display of full 1080p imagery for CEDIA 2007 (booth #240).  Building on our multi-screen configuration from last year, we are raising the bar for presentation and style – using elements of projection technology never before shown on the CEDIA show floor.

Now that DP has a complete range of 1080p projectors in every size and price point, you can expect to see a breathtaking presentation of video and graphics from our exclusive single-chip and 3-chip DLP® home cinema displays.

New for CEDIA 2007, DP will introduce our expanded Reference Series of ultimate home cinema products.  This elite class of projectors comprises the pinnacle display from each TITAN, HIGHlite and LIGHTNING series.  At the other end of the spectrum, we will also show the smallest of our new 1080p projectors – the iVision 30-1080p.  The incredible resolution, small footprint and ease of integration position the iVision 30-1080p as an amazing solution for venues where simplicity and imaging quality are paramount.

Also, as announced earlier in the year, this will be the first opportunity for many dealers to experience DP’s new ColorMaxTM technology,  now integrated into all of our displays.  Through a combination of Brilliant ColorTM technology, electronics processing, 7-point colorimetry and advanced calibration techniques, ColorMaxTM renders revolutionary enhancements to image fidelity and color accuracy.

Finally, with the incredible surge in 1080p content and rising demand for anamorphic 2.35:1 displays, DP will showcase 3 of our home cinema projectors equipped with our exclusive TheaterScope Premier System.

For yet another opportunity to view DP’s precision displays in action, look for our projectors in the Stewart Filmscreen exhibit and at the Silicon Optix party at CEDIA.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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Reference Series Expanded For CEDIA Launch

Digital Projection is expanding our line of Reference Series displays, continuing to deliver professional performance and provide a true Hollywood entertainment experience for the most extraordinary home venues. Delivering the highest pixel resolution and incredible color-depth, Reference Series projectors are an evolution of the Company’s commercial displays, consistently relied on by post-production houses, dignified film festivals and major theatrical venues. Comprised of two new LIGHTNING Reference 1080p models along with the HIGHlite Reference 1080p and the new TITAN Reference 1080p, DPI’s Reference Series represents the highest echelon of DLP® projection at four distinct price points.

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NEW! iVision 30-1080p: Compact & Powerful

At only 3.5” tall and 11” wide, the iVision 30-1080p delivers up to 2,700 ANSI lumens through the use of a high-performance 300-watt UHP lamp. The projector is encased within a magnesium cabinet to optimize thermal efficiency, thus allowing for much higher lumen output than other projectors of similar size. Enabled with Brilliant ColorTM, the iVision 30-1080p can be ordered with any of three specialized color wheels - enhancing brightness, color or contrast. Depending on the color wheel selected, the iVision 30-1080p can produce contrast ratios up to 5000:1. Inputs include HDMI (1.3), DVI, component, composite, s-video and analog RGB.

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DP Announces Exclusive ColorMaxTM Technology

Digital Projection is proud to announce significant hardware and software upgrades to 85% of our product line, arming users with powerful controls over color calibration and color gamut. A derivative of the digital cinema technology we helped pioneer over the past decade, ColorMaxTM technology delivers a new level of precision and image quality to large screen DLP® projection.

For all single-chip projectors in DP ’s Vision Series lineup, ColorMaxTM leverages the benefits of Brilliant ColorTM technology from Texas Instruments. Brilliant ColorTM enables increased projector brightness and improved color saturation by expanding the color gamut through the addition of cyan, magenta, and yellow color points.

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infoComm China
TAGNZ Chooses DPI For The 2007 New Zealand International Film Festival

For the second year running, TAGNZ proudly sponsored the the 2007 Telecom New Zealand Film Festival at Sky City Theatre in Auckland and the Paramount in Wellington, New Zealand. Using Emmy Award winning Digital Projection 3-chip DLP technology, audiences were thrilled to experience the quality of digitally displayed films.

Sky City Theatre

Home of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival and the Auckland International Film Festival, Sky City Theatre is one of New Zealand's premium entertainment venues. Bringing many independent filmmakers works alive at the 2007 New Zealand Film Festival was Digital Projection's Mercury 3-Chip DLP® projection system. The audience and film makers alike were amazed by the the film like image quality of the Digital Projection Mercury.

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LIGHTNING Pro Projectors Rock The Hammerstein Ball Room

Photo of the Month


The Production Resource Group (PRG), with assistance from K2 Imaging, harnessed the power of 4 LIGHTNING HD projectors for two recent performances by DJ Tiesto at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

Pearl Room

Two LIGHTNING 40HD's and two LIGHTNING 35HD's were stacked to create a highly powerful DLP display, hitting the screen with nearly 80,000 lumens.

The unique 30' x 40' screen was inlaid with an LED system in which the projection and the LED sources interacted for a creative effect.

Photos courtesy of K2 Imaging & PRG

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VIP 2000 Firmware Update 1.3.4B

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We've tested this new firmware labeled 1-3-4B.brec for proper functionality.  We are pleased to release 1.3.4B.brec for use in any VIP2000!

The following issues have been addressed & features added in this version:

  • HDMI operation has been improved so that HDCP negotiation will often be quicker and also compatibility with certain players and display devices has been improved;
  • Some combinations of input formats that previously caused PIP to flicker now work properly;
  • PIP sizing is now much more consistent;
  • There is now a PIP Size dialog box available from the PIP menu in the OSD;
  • Added DTS audio support;
  • Audio muting and un-muting over channel is skipped if both old and new video channels have the same audio channel assignment;
  • Handling of interlaced PAL and NTSC over HDMI is improved.

Complete release notes are included in the .zip file. If you wish to download the firmware and update any other units you may have, please feel free to Click HERE.

Tech Tip Archive

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