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Digital Projection's CEDIA Exhibit
CEDIA - Amazing New Products and Dimensions for Digital Projection

CEDIA 2009 is right around the corner on the calendar, and right down the street on the map. This amazing showcase of home technologies and systems takes place September 10-13, and for the first time ever, will be held in DP Inc's hometown of Atlanta, in the World Congress Center.

Digital Projection will be staging a dynamic 2800 sq ft exhibit on the show floor, and it will be packed with plenty of exciting new products we are launching at the show, including:

All New M-Vision Cine Series
High performance, value-priced home theater displays. Recognize, in DP's world, "value" does not mean sacrificing any features.
The M-Vision Cine series includes:
    - 1080p Dark-Chip resolution
    - Up to 2000 lumens - suitable for cinema screens up to 12' wide!
    - Up to 10,000:1 contrast
    - Extensive vertical and horizontal lens shift
    - A variety of lens options to suit nearly any venue
    - Quiet operation, low power consumption

All New M-Vision Cine LED Series
Equipped with all the high value features of the M-Vision products, the LED series feature a remarkable new "PhlatLight" LED illumination technology, eliminating the traditional color wheel while empowering the single M-Vision Cine to deliver the color depth of a 3-chip display. Further, the PhlatLight LED's boast a useful life of up to 60,000 hours - that equates to a lifetime illumination system that precludes the need to ever replace a lamp. Sounds unbelievable, but really, it is simply remarkable.

All New HIGHlite Cine Series
DP's latest 3-chip DLP platform, exclusively created for our Home Cinema customers. By designing this new product around Texas Instruments' latest, small footprint 1080p DMD's we have been able to create the most compact and aggressively positioned 3-chip DLP projector in our history - and perhaps in the world.

Standard with TITAN Extreme packages and TITAN's ordered with our TheaterScope System, and available as an option for all TITAN's, the CineSkin is a sleek, active installation enclosure. "Active" indicates active thermal management, with integrated power and control distribution, and acoustic suppression added for good measure. With its streamlined design and high gloss appeal, TITAN's equipped with the CineSkin are polished systems, suited for installation within the most extravagant Home Cinemas.

A DP Exclusive:

Get ready to be entertained in dimensions never before possible. Developed in cooperation with Mechdyne Corporation, our Total 3D Experience System is a revolutionary projector and server solution that integrates into any home cinema. When paired with one of DPI's TITAN 3D projection displays, the Total 3D Experience server renders powerful, large-screen 3D imagery, and provides off-the-shelf compatibility with current and future stereoscopic 3D media. If you have customers who expect the absolute best in their entertainment and technology, the Total 3D Experience System is the ultimate solution! Click here to read the article.

Speaking of 3D, we'll be showing remarkable 2D and 3D content on the largest Stewart CineCurve screen ever built in our 3D Theater. This will surely be one of the most talked-about displays at the show, so don't miss the chance to see precise, immersive 3D imagery on an 18' screen!

All of our new and current home entertainment solutions will be dramatically displayed in our exhibit at CEDIA. In addition, we are constructing workshop areas where we will provide on-site demonstrations and hands on training of a few of our most vital Home Cinema centric innovations:
    ColorMax - DP's exquisite color calibration technology, provides installers with a simple path to nail projector color setup, every time and with certainty.
    FastFrame - A DP Exclusive that is standard on all of our 3D capable TITAN and LIGHTNING displays, allows the installer to precisely calibrate frame display duration to eliminate artifacts associated with fast motion content, such as sporting events. In a side by side comparison, again, you won't believe your eyes.
    Understanding 3D Technologies Workshops
    (AKA - Selling 3D Systems Today) - Every day during the show, DP will be joined by Mechdyne Corporation as we review the basic components of high performance 3D systems, plus detail how easy we have made it for DP's Home Cinema Dealers to deliver our Total 3D Experience to your most prominent customers. If your company wants to harness the opportunities 3D can bring to your business, your attendance at this workshop is an absolute must.
    Here's a schedule for the Workshops:
      - Thursday, Sept. 10 -- 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm
      - Friday, Sept. 11 -- 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm
      - Saturday, Sept. 12 -- 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm
      - Sunday, Sept. 13 -- 11:00 am, 1:00 pm
    Reserve your space via email by clicking here.
DP's High Elevation Bash at CEDIA!
Finally, on Thursday September 10th, after the show has wrapped for the day, DP will be hosting our Home Cinema Dealers and Industry partners to a High Elevation Bash. Just minutes from the convention Center, our party venue is "The View." Located on the 72nd and 73rd floors of the Westin hotel, the Sundial Bar provides breathtaking views of the Atlanta Skyline, and will be the perfect place to party, meet other DP Home Cinema Dealers, and get to know more members of DP's extraordinary team. If you are a DP Customer or one of our Industry friends, Click here to RSVP and reserve your pass to the Bash.

DPI, the Emmy Award-winning experts in precision displays, has a lot going on at CEDIA this year. New products, 3D systems, technology workshops, all topped off by a party with an amazing view. We really hope you can join us in booth #519 and look forward to seeing you there!

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The Total 3D Experience
Digital Projection Introduces Turnkey 3D Solution for Home Entertainment

Digital Projection International (DPI) and Mechdyne Corporation, the world's largest immersive visualization solutions company, have developed a turnkey 3D entertainment system, complete with custom media server, designed to provide a range of 3D content for home cinema applications. A powerful Windows based server is the heart of the Total 3D Experience System, which also utilizes the most advanced active 3D glasses, IR emitter and powerful graphics adapter. When paired with one of Digital Projection's 3D displays, the Total 3D Experience System presents 1080p images at 120Hz, creating the most dynamic, large scale, high resolution 3D entertainment imaginable.

Powerful 3D entertainment has long been a dream for the consumer market, but a standardized delivery system has not been available. The Total 3D Experience System fills that gap. The pre-configured packages are customizable, but every system includes:

    • A TITAN or LIGHTNING 1080p 3D display, suitable for the scale of the home cinema
    • The Dimension 3D server - a commercial-grade ultra high bandwidth multi-media powerhouse
    • A high performance graphics adapter - capable of rendering 1080p gaming and HD content at frame rates up to 120 Hz
    • Latest generation Blu-ray Drive - compatible with future Blu-ray 3D releases and current active stereo 3D movies
    • Preloaded stereographic viewers, 3D games and 3D demonstration movies
    • Active 3D glasses - for the highest quality 3D available
    • Infra-red emitters to synchronize the server, projector and 3D glasses
    • A pre-programmed iPod Touch™ that acts as a touchscreen system controller, complete with simple user interface
Combining all the hardware, software and media in one system, not to mention crafting a straightforward user interface to make 3D entertainment easy for anyone to enjoy, has been impossible until now. Recognizing the need for such a system, the display experts at Digital Projection turned to the 3D system experts at Mechdyne Corporation. With decades of experience integrating high performance 3D displays, servers and software for advanced commercial and military applications, Mechdyne has been integral in the development of this seamless, high performance 3D system for the high-end home entertainment market.

The beauty of the Dimension platform, the Mechdyne crafted 3D server that is the heart of the Total 3D Experience System, is its flexibility. It can be used as an engine for 3D gaming, as a source for streaming pre-loaded 3D media or as a tool for downloading new 3D content via 3D oriented websites on the internet. The Dimension server additionally includes a latest generation Blu-ray DVD drive that will support future 3D Blu-ray movies, which are expected to be plentiful in the near future. Furthermore, the Dimension server incorporates an advanced application that renders existing 2D DVD's as virtual 3D entertainment.

The Total 3D Experience Systems will be sold and delivered by Digital Projection. Home cinema enthusiasts investing in the Total 3D Experience System will receive customer support from both companies, with DPI supporting the projection displays and Mechdyne providing support on the balance of this advanced system. To assure Total 3D Experience customers can begin enjoying their 3D system right away, numerous 3D movie clips and games are provided pre-installed on the server. In addition, customers and integrators who purchase the Total 3D Experience System will receive periodic updates on newly released 3D content and how it may be obtained and enjoyed via the Dimension 3D server.

Acknowledging in advance that integrators will want an in-depth assessment of the 3D system, Mechdyne and DPI will be conducting 3D training workshops in the Digital Projection booth (#519) each day of the CEDIA show. These sessions will cover the essentials of 3D technology and delivery, as well as provide integrators the opportunity to ask questions of some of the most innovative 3D pioneers in the AV industry. The Workshops are expected to fill up quickly, so reserve your space via email by clicking here.

All of the necessary components have finally aligned to deliver the highest quality, truly immersive 3D home entertainment to the home cinema venue: server, content, user interface, and a DPI 3D display for the ultimate presentation. The Total 3D Experience System brings the latest 3D movies, games and events home, for an extraordinary entertainment experience.

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Digital Projection's HIGHlite
New Product:
HIGHlite Cine 280

The 3-chip, single lamp HIGHlite Cine 280 delivers 3-chip DLP® precision at remarkable price points. Providing up to 2,000 lumens and 12,000:1 contrast, the HIGHlite Cine thrives in cinemas with screens up to 12' wide, as well as in venues with some ambient light. The compact and quiet chassis, 1080p resolution, integrated electronics and straightforward user interface make the HIGHlite Cine a viable solution for installations where simplicity and imaging quality are paramount.

Showcasing the same new elegant body design as the new M-Vision Cine displays and CINEskin enclosure, the HIGHlite Cine 280 addresses a common request among home integrators seeking DPI's industry-leading imaging performance in a small, sleek cabinet.

The HIGHlite Cine 280 fills a key position in the existing DPI product line. Both the award-winning 3-chip TITAN Reference 1080p and LIGHTNING Reference 1080p are already well established in the most elite home cinemas in the world. Additionally, the single-chip iVision, dVision and new M-Vision displays are widely recognized for their precision and image quality for smaller screens. The new HIGHlite Cine delivers DLP 3-chip image fidelity for home applications with medium-sized screens, at a price point more akin to the top end of the single-chip product line.

The HIGHlite Cine 280 will be on display in DP's booth, so come by and experience it for yourself. To find out more about the new HIGHlite Cine 280, click here to read the press release.

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Digital Projection's M-Vision Cine LED
New Product:
M-Vision Cine LED

There will be plenty of news regarding LED projectors at CEDIA, but only one LED display boasts DP's precise, saturated imagery in a sleek cabinet. The single-chip M-Vision Cine LED adds the first Lifetime Illumination(TM) display to DPI's already extensive single-chip product line.

Advances in LED light management have now achieved our imaging quality requirements, leading us to our first LED-based display. The M-Vision Cine LED produces up to 600 lumens and 10,000:1 contrast, which can appear a bit off-balance to those used to lamp-based specifications. In the case of the M-Vision Cine LED, however, the end result is 3-chip color saturation in an affordable and precise chassis. Ideal M-Vision LED venues include theatrical viewing spaces with controlled ambient light with screens up to 8' wide.

As the Cine LED does not incorporate a traditional lamp, media environments utilizing the new display will benefit from their Lifetime Illumination(TM) 60,000+ hour lifespan. Additionally, the single-chip M-Vision Cine LED does not rely on a color wheel, which renders the projector completely free of the color wheel artifacts that some home theater enthusiasts find distracting.

Installation is incredibly flexible due to the M-Vision Cine LED's compact and lightweight chassis design, and extraordinary lens shift range of 30% horizontal and 120% vertical. Multiple lens options provide further flexibility, with a throw ratio ranging from 1.25 to 3.0:1. There is also a fixed lens which offers a .73:1 throw ratio. Connectivity includes two HDMI inputs, as well as RGB via D-15, component, composite and S-Video inputs.

The M-Vision Cine LED will be on display in DP's booth, and is truly a "seeing is believing" experience. To find out more about the new M-Vision Cine LED, click here to read the press release.

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Digital Projection's M-Vision Cine 260
New Product:
M-Vision Cine 260

As the complimentary UHP-based display within the M-Vision Cine series, the new Cine 260 delivers flat-panel brightness on screens up to 115" with the imaging fidelity of Texas Instruments' DLP® technology. The single chip, single lamp M-Vision Cine 260 adds another affordable and efficient 1920 x 1080 display to DPI's already extensive single chip product line.

Carrying the same new sleek cabinet as the M-Vision Cine LED and HIGHlite Cine 280, the M-Vision Cine 260 provides 2,000 lumens and 3000:1 native contrast. The high lumen output and contrast allow the Cine 260 to thrive in cinemas with screens up to 10' wide, as well as in venues with some ambient light, such as media rooms with smaller screen sizes. The compact and quiet chassis, 1080p resolution, integrated electronics and straightforward user interface make the M-Vision Cine 260 a viable solution for installations where simplicity and imaging quality are paramount.

With the same installation flexibility as the M-Vision Cine LED, the Cine 260 creates a viable solution for installations where simplicity and imaging quality are paramount.

The new M-Vision Cine 260 projector provides incredible images for rooms with ambient light including family rooms, living rooms and theaters. All at an incredibly affordable price point.

To find out more about the new M-Vision Cine 260, click here to read the press release.

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Digital Projection's CINEskin
New Product:
CINEskin TITAN Enclosure

Another first for DP, the CINEskin delivers sound isolation, an optional anamorphic solution and more within an elegant body suitable for the finest home cinemas. Customizable and beautifully designed, the CINEskin offers DP dealers a perfect aesthetic solution in elite home cinemas desiring an "invisible" display.

The new TITAN enclosure delivers numerous benefits to DPI's home entertainment customers, including a sleek outer appearance, pre-engineered thermal management, projector sound isolation and the integration of DP's optional TheaterScope anamorphic solution. Installation is simple due to pre-milled installation points in the bottom of the CINEskin enclosure. Once installed, access to the projector's input panel is simple by way of a pressure-activated magnetic panel.

In addition to the CINEskin's aesthetic and functional features, the enclosure also acts as both sound dampener and thermal management system. Molded sound isolation material surrounds the projector and absorbs acoustic wavelengths, thus eliminating projector noise in the viewing environment. The CINEskin's internal cavity is also designed to efficiently disperse heat generated by the projector via a carefully engineered thermal management system. Low noise fans pull cool air into the front of the enclosure while additional fans simultaneously draw heat away from the projector and out the rear exhaust vent.

George Walter, Digital Projection's Vice President of Home Cinema, commented, "The CINEskin gives our TITAN and TITAN Reference projectors all the benefits of a high-end anamorphic solution in a fully integrated system. Its sleek design allows it to coexist in theaters of most any type, and can even be customized to meet individual tastes or decor. We're excited to unveil the CINEskin at this year's CEDIA show, as it's yet another installation option for our dealers and integrators."

The CINEskin will also be on display at our CEDIA booth in both black and Ferrari red. To find out more about the new CINEskin enclosure, click here to read the press release.

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Photo of the Month

DP's Reference Showroom Dealers

Digital Projection's 2009 Reference Showroom Dealers

Digital Projection's 2009 Reference Showroom Dealers

Digital Projection's 2009 Reference Showroom Dealers

Digital Projection's 2009 Reference Showroom Dealers

Digital Projection's 2009 Reference Showroom Dealers

Digital Projection's 2009 Reference Showroom Dealers

A special thank-you to all of our Reference Showroom Dealers. We're thrilled that you're part of the DP team.

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How to Display WUXGA on a 1080p Projector

With the growing popularity of 16x10 displays, and in particular, WUXGA (1920 X 1200), we are commonly asked how to display a 16x10 source on a 16x9 projector. The obvious answer is to use a 16x10 or WUXGA projector! But, due to the overwhelming popularity of 16x9 displays (primarily 1080p), upgrading to a WUXGA projector is not always an immediate option.

There are basically 3 options:

    1. Resize the 16x10 image and squeeze it into the 16x9 display, distorting the aspect ratio of the native image, making everything look a bit short and fat.
    2. Resize the 16 x 10 image, leaving black bars on the left and right side of the image.
    3. Display "native, cropping the bottom 120 lines (or 60 lines at the top and 60 lines at the bottom) of the WUXGA source, and display it as 1920 x 1080.
    Option 1 -- Resizing and distorting the aspect ratio, is the least desirable option, as distorted aspect ratios are confounding to view.
    Option 2 -- Resizing the image so it fits within the 16 x 9 window, will allow the viewers to everything on the big screen that exists on the computer, but may result in a serious loss of image detail because of the amount of resolution that has to be discarded in the resizing.
    Option 3 -- Cropping the bottom 120 pixels (or 60 at the top and bottom) will provide the full horizontal resolution and 1:1 sizing on the vertical, just missing the last 120 lines, or top and bottom 60 lines. The 120 lines not displayed represent only 10% of the total vertical resolution, and these areas are often used for menus on desktop. Unless the application requires the operating system menus to be visible, this solution provides the best overall image.

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