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Happy Holidays from Digital Projection
Happy Holidays from DP!

What a year 2009 has been. In light of the ups and downs experienced by the AV industry as a whole, we are eternally grateful to our dealers, customers and friends for everything you have done to help Digital Projection make 2009 a tremendous year.

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Thanks for being a great partner in 2009. Let's welcome a new year of opportunities in 2010!

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A Christmas Carol... Making 3D Magic

Given the extensive 3D projection lineup offered by DP, it is not surprising that we have some serious 3D enthusiasts... and critics here. That being the case, and with the holiday season upon us, a number of our 3D golden eyes jumped at the opportunity to see A Christmas Carol, Disney’s latest 3D release. This review presents our take on the 3D animated remake of this holiday classic.

Sitting in a packed, 300-seat theater with every movie-goer wearing 3D glasses should have been a slightly surreal experience, but it was not in the least. Everyone seemed very comfortable wearing the passive 3D glasses. When 3D content commenced, it was obvious that all eyes were seeing surprisingly good 3D. About half the film trailers that preceded the feature were in 3D, and if those trailers are any indication, many of the near-term 3D releases are going to be exceptional. One in particular, Avatar, looks to be spectacular.

Having screened a fair amount of 3D content over the years, we feel compelled to state, many of the Hollywood Studios are learning very quickly how to create GREAT 3D films. Using our screening of A Christmas Carol as an example, it was not simply the fact that the 3D effects were impressive (which they were), or that A Christmas Carol is such a good story, or even that Jim Carrey is quite an entertaining actor. Indeed, the reason the film worked so well is that, rather than 3D technology simply being tossed on top of the story as an interesting effect wherever it could fit, the creators of A Christmas Carol 3D artfully employed the 3rd dimension to improve both the story and the impact of the cinematography. It was an engaging, immersive and occasionally breathtaking film. In fact, it was so well done and comfortable to view, we often forgot we were watching 3D.

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M-Vision Cine LED Now Shipping
M-Vision LED Now Shipping

ATTENTION: Customers and applications needing an affordable, low-maintenance, 60,000+ hour Lifetime Illumination single-chip display. We are pleased to announce that our 10,000:1 contrast M-Vision Cine LED projectors are now in stock, available for immediate shipment!

Providing 3-chip color saturation from a small-form single-chip display, the M-Vision Cine LED presents a powerful yet remarkably affordable solution for home theaters and gaming venues where image quality and long-life usage are equally important. In any environment where ambient light can be controlled, the M-Vision Cine LED represents home theater precision.

Installation flexibility is paramount with the M-Vision with lens shift ranges of 30% horizontal and 120% vertical, plus the compact, lightweight chassis which allows for simple mounting. Connectivity includes two HDMI inputs, as well as RGB via D-15, component, composite and S-Video inputs.

Multiple lens options provide further flexibility, with a throw range from .73 to 2.40:1. MSRP for the M-Vision 260 ranges from the $15,995 to $16,995 price point, depending on the lens selected.

To learn more about the M-Vision Cine LED, click here to visit the product page.

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DP's 3D Displays
3D Display Tech Review

Comparing the Technology Behind 3D-capable RP Televisions and Professional 3D Projection Systems by George Walter, VP of Home Cinema

Extraordinary 3D is all about creating the best environment and equipping it with powerful 3D displays capable of delivering a truly immersive experience. In the world of 3D entertainment, the believability of the experience is everything! This article will review the more advanced levels of 3D display technology available for home use today.

Low-tech: 3D via Anaglyph 3D
Due to the limited number of true 3D televisions currently in our homes, the delivery of television-based 3D content has had to rely on the anaglyph 3D process. Viewed in 2D mode, the images look like “double vision” with one image having a cyan tint, and the other image having a red tint. Anaglyph content is viewed using matching glasses, which have a cyan filter as the lens for the left eye, and a red filter as the lens for the right eye. Through the anaglyph viewing process, the cyan content is only seen by the viewer’s left eye and the red content is only seen by the viewer’s right eye. This is the simplest and least expensive 3D delivery method, and not surprisingly, also provides the least dynamic 3D experience. Additionally, the cyan and red filters tend to distort the the color accuracy of the 3D content. Thus, while anaglyph 3D technology does allow 3D content to be delivered to any television in any home, it is generally considered to provide a 3D experience that is far from state of the art.

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Customize your TITAN
Customize Your TITAN

Have an application that needs a custom-colored projector? Contact DP at 770-420-1350 to find out more about custom chassis design options.

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Nascar wrap-up
2009 Racing Season Wraps Up in Style

Digital Projection wrapped up our NASCAR racing schedule at the Texas Motor Speedway November 6-8 by entertaining more than 30 dealers and industry partners. And what a way to end the year, as our guests nearly witnessed racing history being made, courtesy of Kyle Busch.

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Photos of the Month

Carefree Electronics Inc.

Carefree Electronics Inc.

Carefree Electronics Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona won an Installation of the Year award from Home Entertainment magazine with this majestic home integration project that features two DP projectors.

Carefree Electronics Inc.

A 15,000 lumen DP LIGHTNING 30-1080p projector delivers precision imagery to a massive 21' diagonal Stewart screen in the luxurious theater.

Carefree Electronics Inc.

In order to display beautiful content outdoors as well as in, the client chose a Digital Projection dVision 30-1080p projector, installed in the outdoor bar area.

Carefree Electronics Inc.

Read the full story behind both the integration and the award by clicking here.

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Tech Tip

Lens Shift Capabilities of the M-Vision Series

Now that we are delivering the M-Vision series in quantity, many of our business partners will be specifying the projector into many different projects and applications. It may be helpful for you to know the lens shift capabilities of each of the lenses in the M-Vision series. It is important to note that the illumination device, whether LED or Lamp, has no bearing on the performance of the lens. It should also be noted that the (.73) fixed lens has NO LENS SHIFT since it is meant as an on-axis or center of the screen lens best suited for rear screen projection applications only.

1.56 – 1.86:1 Zoom Lens
Vertical Lens Shift:
The (1.56 - 1.86 : 1) provides the ability to install the projector up to 17% of the image height above the top of the screen or up to 17% of the image height below the bottom of the screen, while keeping the projector perpendicular lens to the screen. Keeping the projector lens perpendicular to the screen assures correct optical geometry.

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