DP's New 3-chip 3D Powerhouse Now Shipping

HIGHlite 330 3D projector
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the powerful yet value-driven HIGHlite Cine 330-3D projectors. Delivering up to 5,500 lumens of brilliant imagery, the new 3-chip DLP enabled HIGHlite Cine 330-3D models present a compelling projection option for home entertainment enthusiasts worldwide. Two new models are available: the high contrast HIGHlite Cine 330-3D-HC delivering 3,000 lumens and greater than 20,000:1 contrast, and the high brightness HIGHlite Cine 330-3D delivering 5,500 lumens. With MSRP starting at $29,995, the new HIGHlite Cine 330-3D brings full HDMI 1.4a compatibility and full 10-bit color to discerning home venues.

To learn more about the new HIGHlite 330-3D displays, CLICK HERE to contact your regional representative.

Click here to read the full press release.

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Upcoming DP Training Events

Training Update – Upcoming Commercial AV Opportunities

Video Calibration
This course is designed to teach advanced techniques for calibrating projection displays. Topics will include source/signal verification, multi-point color balance, 3D color management, DPI ColorMax Utility, Colorimeter and other measurement tools and more. This course includes a "hands-on" calibration lab, and is an advanced class. 

Click here for additional information.

Warp and Blend Training
This course is designed to dive deeper into the topics of image warping and blending concepts and applications including hi-res NVidia Video Cards, Scalable Displays Auto Calibration Software and Screen Innovations display material. Experience presentations and demonstrations from each of these companies and learn how to create industry leading 2-piece projection displays. This is an advanced class. 

Click here for additional information.
For invitation, please download the event flyer.

View the Upcoming Training Opportunities Through May here.

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View the Webinar: "Sorting Through the Latest Technologies in Residential Video"

Changes in the video sector of the market are coming so fast and furious it's hard to keep up with them. In order to help clarify the current offerings in the market, as well as discuss a few future technologies that will affect your clients, George Walter, vp of home cinema for DP, Jim Groover, national sales manager for Stewart Filmscreen and Robert Archer, editor for CE Pro have made available a recent discussion on the above topics.

In this lively webinar, Walter Groover and Archer analyze some of the key features (and tradeoffs) within new projection technology, including 4K, 3D, LED, etc., and how those technologies stack up budget-wide and technology-wise in a sales scenario against large flat panel displays. Integrators will definitely benefit from listening to this webinar.

Click here to view the webinar.

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Solutions Spotlight – Eye-catching Marketing Idea for Integrators

Backyard theater created by Dell Smart Home Solutions.
Backyard theater created by Dell Smart Home Solutions.

Dell Smart Home Solutions (DSHS) recently launched a few lifestyle-oriented videos to augment their company outreach. Professionally executed and enticing, the videos do a great job of representing the company's abilities as well as their attitudes. Christine Dell, manager of Dell Smart Home Solutions, commented, "We didn't want our company videos to be overly corporate. We wanted these videos to speak for what we love to do, to tell the story of what this level of electronics can do for a client's actual day-to-day life." DSHS uses these in their outbound marketing, as well as a friendly in-house company introduction when a prospect first visits the showroom.

Watch a few of the videos here:

Well done, Dell Smart Home Solutions, and keep up the good work. If your company has recently introduced a distinct or interesting marketing idea, we'd love to hear about it. Let us know at

Company Details:
Dell Smart Home Solutions
261 Martindale Road Unit 2
St. Catharines ON L2W 1A1
t: 905.684.3355

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DP Adds New Market Managers in Central, Midwest Regions

DPI adds new market managers in Central, Midwest regions Great news for DP's integrators, industry partners and end-users in the Central and Midwest regions. We're pleased to announce new regional market managers in these territories. Effective as of January, 2013, the exceptionally experienced Tom Wilmers has joined DP to manage the Midwest U.S. territory. Additionally, Brian Blumhardt has moved from the Midwest territory to now manage DP's sales activities in the Central U.S. region. Both are massive assets for DP's network in each territory, and we have no doubt that both have already begun to prove themselves remarkably valuable or our clients.

Click here to read the full press release.

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Reminder: New Home Cinema Pricing Now Available

As of January 23, 2013, DP's Home Cinema Dealers can download newly updated Dealer and List pricing in our password-protected web portal.

If you are a DP Dealer or Rep with login credentials, CLICK HERE for access.

If you are a DP Dealer or Rep but don't have updated login credentials, CLICK HERE to register for access.

Please note: this portal is for authorized DP dealers, Reps and Consultants only, and credentials will be reviewed before approval.

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DP Dealers – Get the Recognition Your Craftsmanship Deserves by Entering the CEDIA Installation Awards

Over the years, countless DP dealers have received national recognition for their hard work by entering and winning CEDIA's Electronic Lifestyles® Awards. Don't miss your opportunity to showcase your team's efforts. CEDIA's Electronic Lifestyles® Awards recognizes the top projects, products, and individuals in the residential electronic systems industry. The competition honors innovation, creativity, and technical skill, and helps illustrate the many ways technology enhances the home. We'll be there to cheer on the winners, so enter today.

Click here for details on the CEDIA 2013 awards.

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Photos of the Month

Private Home Theater
Audio Command

Audio Command relies on Digital Projection Audio Command, a custom systems integrator with over 35 years of experience across the U.S., completed a casual penthouse media room that features a dazzling video experience. Combining an exceptionally bright Digital Projection TITAN 3-chip projector with a 144" Stewart Filmscreen StudioTec 130 screen, the client's dreams of a casual yet high-performance viewing environment were realized.

Typically working outside the U.S., the client wanted as oasis for the times when he returns to New York City. Only the best would do, as this NYC penthouse is used almost exclusively as a place to unwind and recuperate from a busy work and travel schedule.

Audio Command relies on Digital Projection As space is a premium in city dwellings, the powerful TITAN projector was chosen to deliver all content in an open media space regularly contending with ambient light.

An avid sports enthusiast, the client enlists a Crestron DVPHD video processor to, at times, watch four sporting events at once on the large screen. When not watching sporting events, a Kaleidescape server is used for movies and recorded entertainment.

Audio Command relies on Digital Projection John Clancy, executive vice president at Audio Command Systems, Inc., commented that the TITAN was chosen in this media space "because of the image quality and brightness. We've had great success with the Digital Projection line, and knew the client would be happy."

The two-story media room within the penthouse was designed with flexibility in mind. Conceptually, the client wanted a casual media area that could entertain a crowd during live sporting events. Although designed with socializing in mind, the 40' x 20' media space is quite advanced. Russ Berger of Russ Berger Design Group ensured the room was acoustically impeccable, while the projector is almost invisible, having been concealed within a soffit in a custom-created air conditioned cavity. Automated Lutron shades supply privacy when desired, and Genelec speakers deliver the aural experience.

Audio Command relies on Digital Projection

Audio Command relies on Digital Projection Many thanks to Audio Command for insisting on DP's premier home entertainment displays, and congratulations on creating such an effective media environment.

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Tech Tip: iVision & dVision Color Wheel Overview

Don't miss this opportunity to learn, via a short video, how to choose the proper color wheel for different applications. Focusing on the iVision and dVision single-chip DLP products, this video will help integrators, consultants and end-users pinpoint the appropriate color wheel option for their target venue. Details in the video include descriptions of the available color wheels, as well as their strengths within given applications.

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