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Monday, November 24, 2014
Why EVERY Customer Needs to Know Their 3D Options
Why EVERY Customer Needs to Know Their 3D Options
For those of us who have observed the various comings and goings of 3D technology and content over the past decades, it might be tempting to discount the latest wave of 3D products and releases as just another 3D market roll-out destined for failure - but that would be a very big mistake.

This time around, the technology has evolved to the point where amazing 3D experiences can be created on a scale suitable for nearly any venue, and with content catering to a wide array of applications. Just as vital, for both the consumer and professional markets, the move to 3D is being broadly supported by major technology and content creators. Having been utilized for medical, scientific and simulation applications for years, 3D is no longer a technological curiosity. It is now positioned to become an extraordinary experience that enriches our professional productivity and personal entertainment.

Perhaps most notable for entertainment, key studios have committed to rolling out dozens of feature-length 3D films over the next year, and 3D capable Blu-ray players are expected to be available by mid 2010. Streaming 3D content “on demand” is expected shortly thereafter. Gaming enthusiasts have had access to 3D capable gaming computers for some time, but new graphics cards from technology leaders like NVidia are delivering vast improvements in performance, connectivity and price-points. All the while, the catalog of 3D games continues to grow.

Dealers representing Digital Projection, and our extensive line of 3D capable TITAN, LIGHTNING and iVision displays, have an extraordinary opportunity to participate in the 3D technology revolution. Interestingly, the coming ubiquity of 3D has similarities to the transition from black and white television to full color TV, or more recently, from standard def TV to HD. In short, both of those display technology advances were in the making for years (if not decades), but when the standards were set and the technologies were fully developed, content began to emerge and the markets opened. Indeed, once the transitions actually commenced, the pace of the roll-outs and subsequent consumer adoption were fairly swift – measured in a handful of years. These two examples of technological transition do a good job of hinting at the opportunities, and risks, that we will face as 3D becomes much more broadly adopted by our markets over the next years.

Your decision: Go for the opportunity or accept the risk...

Digital Projection customers in both commercial and home entertainment channels have already made the decision to invest in high performance projection systems. Their decision to invest in the highest quality projection display is likely driven by more demanding applications, higher requirements for the imagery they create within their applications, or simply higher expectations of their viewing experience. One thing is for certain – all customers making the decision to invest in high performance projection systems today expect their investment will support the content they may need to display tomorrow. Our job is to assure our customers have the most current information about what tomorrow may bring - before they make their purchase decision - so they can make the right purchase decision.

And that describes the opportunity, as well as the risk. It is vital that consultants, DP reps and DP dealers help our prospects become fully aware of the rapid evolution in 3D technology and content, as well as the fact that DP offers an entire range of TITAN, LIGHTNING and iVision displays with broad 3D connectivity. Once armed with that knowledge, each customer can make the best decision for their situation.

By simply providing a view of the coming 3D world, we will create many opportunities to present the highest performance products DP offers. These products offer tremendous capability and unmatched bandwidth for future connectivity. We expect that by faithfully presenting the 3D landscape, DP’s commercial AV and home cinema dealers will find a majority of their TITAN 1080p prospects opt to upgrade to one of our TITAN 3D models. There is just too much compelling content coming in the near term to be ignored!

Conversely – consider the risk: Just imagine a customer investing $45,000 - 80,000 in an extraordinary TITAN projector in 2009, then finding out that it can’t display off-the-shelf 3D Blu-ray movies in 2010! If that customer was not advised of the 3D option in advance of their purchase, they will be disappointed, if not downright angry, with the company that they trusted to help them make the best projector purchase decision. So the risk is very high, including loss of customer trust and the potential loss of their future business.

If you represent DP, we urge you to explore the depth of our 3D product line. Get acquainted with the new age of 3D content that is right around the corner, and simply share that information with your customers. No matter what they decide is appropriate for their application, you can rest assured that your client had all the information they needed to make the right decision.

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