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Thursday, November 27, 2014
TITAN 3D and LIGHTNING 3D Projectors Receive Major Enhancements
TITAN 3D and LIGHTNING 3D Projectors Receive Major Enhancements

Just 9 months ago, DP introduced our comprehensive lineup of active 3D TITAN and LIGHTNING displays. With nineteen distinct models in total, we offer a 3D display with the perfect lumens, native resolution and contrast to suit any application. No other company has created such a powerful set of 3D display solutions.

Since the launch 9 months ago, DP's 3D products have found their way into a diversity of applications, including medical imaging, product design, immersive visualization, theme park entertainment and home cinema. Inspired by the multi-market success we have enjoyed, DP's engineers have been working overtime to expand the performance of our 3D products. Digital Projection is proud to announce the following new and enhanced capabilities for our TITAN and LIGHTNING 3D displays:

• MultiBlend - DP's four side image blend technology. MultiBlend supports the tiling of multiple projectors to create screens of nearly any resolution and aspect ratio. Users can define the location and size of the blend area, as well as accurately calibrate the black level of the non-blend areas so that they correlate with the black level of the blend areas. Our MultiBlend technology provides an unprecedented 16 bit-per-color gray-scale resolution, ensuring blends are smooth, seamless and invisible. When employed with one of DP's Reference / Ultra Contrast displays, which produce a native contrast ratio in excess of 5000:1, the resulting blended imagery is superlative. The user interface for adjusting MultiBlend is straightforward, and can be accessed via the OSD, or via desktop application.

• Silent Operation - All single and dual lamp TITAN 3D models have received major enhancements in thermal management, resulting in projectors that are literally a fraction of the noise level of the prior models, while actually enhancing thermal performance of the chassis. In specific terms, single-lamp TITAN 3D models, which produce up to 5000 lumens, now operate at less than 35 dBA. Dual lamp TITAN 3D models, which produce up to 10,000 lumens, now operate at less than 45 dBA. A similar reduction in operating noise level is also being introduced on non-3D TITAN models.

• Dual-Pipe Connectivity - 3D sources and formats come in a variety of standards. One, which we call "Dual-Pipe," actually sends the left eye and right eye content down two parallel cables. With this new connectivity, Dual-Pipe sources can now be input directly to the 3D projector.

• Ultra-High Bandwidth capability - The unique ability of these electronics to take up to 144Hz sources with up to 12 bits greyscale resolution per color and directly display them on the screen without compromising resolution, greyscale or color.

• On Screen Display for native 120 Hz signals - The OSD for the TITAN 3D and LIGHTNING 3D is now visible as an overlay on all 2D and 3D sources - even those running at 120 Hz. This makes optimizing setup for any source easier than ever.

• Dual-Flash Processing for All Inputs - Our Dual-Flash Processing technology allows 60 Hz 3D sources to be frame doubled and displayed at 120 Hz on screen. The doubled frames are also interleaved to assure smooth presentation with maximum 3D separation and no flicker. The Dual-Flash capability is now available for every input on TITAN and LIGHTNNG 3D projectors.

• Triple-Flash Processing for All Inputs - In applications where 1080-24p 3D content is to be displayed (24 frames for the left eye, 24 frames for the right eye), Triple-flash is applied. In short, each of the 24 frames of the left and right content are tripled, such that 72 frames per eye, or 144 frames in total, are presented to the screen every second. Triple flash processing assures the smoothest, flicker free presentation of 24P 3D content. The majority of digital projection in commercial cinemas relies on this same triple-flash standard.

• FastFrame for All Inputs - This exclusive DP technology reduces motion artifacts associated with rapidly moving content, such as what may be seen when viewing sporting events. With FastFrame properly set, moving edge sharpness is dramatically enhanced and motion blur reduced, if not eliminated. It is now available for every input on TITAN and LIGHTNING 3D displays.

The majority of TITAN and LIGHTNING 3D projectors delivered as of April 2010 will include all of these new capabilities. If you have an earlier TITAN 3D or LIGHTNING 3D projector and are interested in upgrading your unit to include these new features, contact your DP Regional Manager or DP Application Support by clicking here.

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