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Thursday, November 27, 2014
Comparing the HIGHlite Cine to DP's Legendary TITAN Displays
Comparing the HIGHlite Cine to DP's Legendary TITAN Displays

As we approach announcing formal pricing and first shipments of our all new HIGHlite Cine platform, a few of our customers have asked how this value-priced 3-chip DLP product compares with our revered TITAN product line. That is actually a great question, as the HIGHlite Cine has been engineered to compliment the TITAN by making 3-chip DLP performance available to customers with smaller budgets.

Let’s start by comparing the DMD’s the products employ. DP’s TITAN series displays use the larger and most technically advanced DMDs offered by Texas Instruments. In the case of the TITAN 1080p products, the 3 x DMDs are .95" in diagonal, and they also benefit from TI’s highest implementation Dark Chip native contrast enhancement.

By comparison, the HIGHlite Cine products employ 3 of TI’s .67” 1080p DMD’s. These smaller Dark Chip DMDs can be supported with smaller internal and external optics, and this is the primary factor that allows the HIGHlite Cine platform to be offered at the lowest price of any 3-chip DLP 1080p projector to date.

The difference in DMD’s and Dark Chip implementation translates to notable differences in performance. Specifically, TITANs equipped with DP’s high contrast optics (TITAN 1080p 250, and TITAN Reference / Ultra Contrast units) deliver a native contrast ratio (full on / full off) that exceeds 5000:1. By comparison, the HIGHlite Cine’s native contrast is 3000:1. Recognizing this lower native contrast, DP equipped the HIGHlite Cine with Dynamic Black, which optimizes black level on a frame by frame basis. However, for native contrast purists, the TITAN platform is notably superior. In fact, its native contrast is superior to any comparable DLP product offered in the market.

The bigger DMD’s employed on the TITAN’s also yield a higher fill factor. That is, more of the image area is comprised of pixels, rather than the space between pixels. This is due to the fact that, although the mirrors (pixels) on the .67” DMD are smaller than those on the .95” DMD, the space between those mirrors (pixels) is approximately the same.

The TITAN 1080p products also offer:

    • Intelligent lens mount – provides the ability to support constant height screen applications without the need for anamorphic optics.
    • ColorMax – DP’s patented color calibration technology, which simplifies the process of optimizing projector color space, and assures accurate color performance is maintained for the long term.
    • Xenon Color Mode – empowers TITAN projectors to replicate the color space of digital projectors used in commercial cinemas, while maintaining the long life and low cost of ownership benefits of the more advanced High Intensity Discharge lamps (The HIGHlite Cine also uses HID lamps, but does not include Xenon color mode).
    • Larger, commercial cinema quality optics with the highest Modulation Transfer Function (MTF), assuring the sharpest pixels, luminance uniformity and accurate geometry.

Finally, DP’s TITAN product range includes a complete line-up of 3D displays, assuring compatibility with all existing and anticipated 3D standards and formats. If your customers plan to view any of the 3D content that is rapidly coming online, a DP TITAN (or LIGHTNING) 3D display is the only solution that assures full connectivity and the absolute highest level of image quality and 3D immersion. As an added benefit, all TITAN 3D projectors also include our FastFrame technology, which dramatically reduces motion artifacts normally associated with fast moving content, such as sports events.

In summary, we expect DP’s TITAN product line will remain our flagship for the vast majority of Commercial AV and Home Cinema applications. This is mainly due to the TITAN’s powerful feature set and imaging performance, giving them the diverse capabilities to tackle the most demanding projects while delivering the highest imaging fidelity. Justifiably, TITANs carry a price that reflects all the technology and performance they offer, and we recognize that price-points can be a barrier for some customers, or for applications that simply don’t require the more advance capabilities or 3D connectivity.

For those applications and customers, the new HIGHlite Cine offers an unprecedented 3-chip DLP alternative. The use of the smaller DMD’s and optics enables an amazing price point for a precision display that renders beautiful, highly saturated, color-accurate 1080p imagery. With a measured dynamic black contrast at greater than 20,000:1, the HIGHlite Cine is sure to create quite a stir among the residential and commercial AV communities.

Pricing for the New HIGHlite Cine products will be announced in late April, and DP will commence accepting orders in tandem. First shipments of this mighty new platform will commence in June of this year.

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