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Sunday, November 23, 2014
DP Technology will be Rockin’ Everywhere at CEDIA 2010!
DP Technology will be Rockin’ Everywhere at CEDIA 2010!

We can hardly believe it, but CEDIA is less than a week away. DP’s trucks just pulled away from our dock last night, and our lead team is already on show site, commencing the construction of our 3000 square foot exhibit. Plenty of work to be done, but we are ready for the challenge! Our exhibit on the show floor will encompass an impressive Reception Lobby, with no less than 8 TITAN 1080p projectors presenting dramatic welcome imagery on, among other things, a sweeping 40’ SuperNova Infinity screen from DNP.

These 8 projectors will comprise 16 million pixels, 80,000 lumens and billions of colors, so as you can imagine, you won’t see anything like DP’s reception presentation anywhere else on the show floor. Beyond the Reception Lobby, we are staging six distinct theaters - each showcasing specific products from DP’s powerful array of home cinema displays. There will be a product for theaters and budgets of all scales. Here is the rundown:


    • M-Vision Cine 230 – This brand new member of the M-Vision family represents our entry level display, but there is nothing entry level about the performance: Native 1080p Dark Chip resolution, 1000 lumens, vertical and horizontal lens shift, Brilliant Color and Dynamic Black, all encased in our beautiful and amazingly quiet Cine cabinet.

    • iVision 20-1080p Theater – This small and streamlined single-chip display will be showcased on a 6’ Stewart Screen, and we can tell you, the picture will POP with color and dynamic range! Worth mentioning, the pricing of the iVision 20 series has just been reduced, so this elegant display now presents amazing entertainment at an even more amazing value.

    • M-Vision Cine LED – Another member of the great looking M-Vision family, but this model features DP’s extraordinary LIFETIME ILLUMINATION, via DP’s deployment of a remarkable LED lamp system. The illumination module literally operates for 60,000+ hours, meaning customers will never spend a penny on lamp replacement. Even more exciting, the use of distinct Red, Green and Blue LED’s eliminates the need for a color wheel (eliminating color wheel artifacts) and also produces a color gamut that is similar, if not broader than, our exceptional 3-chip models. LED illumination is a technology breakthrough and the M-Vision LED is a product you just have to see first-hand.

    • dVision 35 WQXGA – 4 million pixels from a single display – seriously. This all new dVision model is the first product in our lineup to feature Texas Instruments' WQXGA DMD. With 2560 x 1600 native resolution, the pixel density is just remarkable. Ultra precise, high-contrast, WQXGA optics assure all that resolution is conveyed to the screen, and the small area contrast performance is just stunning. The WQXGA resolution platform even enables the full resolution display of constant height anamorphic content, without the additional cost and complexity of an anamorphic lens. Suffice to say, 1080p entertainment never looked this resolute before.

    • HIGHlite Cine 260 – DP’s all new, entry level 3-chip platform, now shipping to rave reviews from customers worldwide. The great looking Cine cabinet assures the HIGHlite suits the architectural style of nearly any theater while presenting engaging 1080p Dark Chip imagery. Color performance, contrast and brightness are all superb. Extraordinary DP 3-chip entertainment, at a price that accommodates more budgets than ever before.

    • The Ultimate 3D Theater – This is the largest venue within our exhibit, and justifiably so. DP will display 3 of our distinctive 3D products on a Stewart CineCurve system, which will expand to more than 16’ wide! The bigger the screen, the more engaging the 3D experience, and DP’s 3D product line is powerful enough to tackle really big screens – in spite of the lumens that are sacrificed by 3D glasses - so forgive us for going a bit toward the extreme. The powerful 3D products to be exhibited in this venue include:
      --   Dimension 3D - The Total 3D Experience Server – Offered by DP in partnership with Mechdyne Corporation, this 2nd generation Dimension 3D server acts as a hub for all 3D content – serving everything from high impact 3D gaming to 3D movies and sports. It even includes a real-time 2D to 3D converter. The user interface and operating system are streamlined and sexy, so it is fun to operate and easy to enjoy. Pricing will be announced at the show, but we need to mention – it is now positioned with capabilities and a price to make it a must-have component for any 3D entertainment venue.

      --   M-Vision Cine 400 3D – This brand new precision display represents the very first 3D capable 1080p single-chip projector to hit the market! Single-chip 3D means that a capable, large screen 3D solution is now available at a price-point that serves a much broader base of budgets. Armed with 5500 lumens, the M-Vision Cine 400 3D can tackle the task of presenting 3D content on screens up to 12’ wide. Of course, all those lumens make it perfectly qualified to present 2D material on much larger screens, or in entertainment venues with ambient light. As you would expect, the beautifully designed and super-quiet Cine cabinet compliments any theater.

      --   Titan Reference 3D – The Flagship of DP’s TITAN 1080p product line, the award-winning TITAN Reference 3D presents the absolute pinnacle of large screen 3D performance. High lumens (configurable to match venue and screen requirements), immaculate native contrast of 5000:1, ColorMax, Xenon Color Mode, 3D display rates up to 144 frames per second (for triple-flash of 3D Blu-ray... just amazing) and every other DP innovation imaginable. DP has delivered hundreds of TITAN 3D projectors over the past year, and we can honestly say, if you truly desire the ultimate 3D entertainment, the TITAN Reference 3D stands far and above every other product that exists.

Beyond all the new technology we are presenting in our exhibit at CEDIA, DP’s projectors will also be found in the booths of many of our technology partners. When you visit Crestron, Stewart FilmScreen, DNP, and many others, you will see the DP brand proudly at work.

And speaking of new technology, DP has been selected to provide our award-winning TITAN Reference 3D and a Dimension 3D server for the Future Technology Showcase, which is a major feature of CEDIA 2010. Worth noting – the only projector being presented in this important showcase is the TITAN Reference 3D. DP has also been selected as the exclusive provider of large screen imaging for the CEDIA Awards Ceremony on Saturday, September 25th. You will see our 20,000 lumen LIGHTING projectors in action at that major event – the same displays that have lit the screens at the Sundance Film Festival and major awards shows for years. As we like to say: “When quality matters, the most important venues in the world rely on DP.”

Finally, but most importantly, DP is throwing our “Go to 11!” party at the Atlanta Hard-Rock Café on Friday night. This will be a major bash, with great music, food, drink and of course awesome projected HD, 3D and 3D gaming, all available for our guests to enjoy. DP’s “Go to 11” party is by invitation only, and RSVP’s are required, so if you have not RSVP’d yet, you need to click here immediately.

Whew – we have a lot going on. Lots of work ahead for us in the next few days, but we are really excited to get it all done. We can’t wait til the doors at CEDIA 2010 open so we can show you first hand what we’ve been creating.

Hope to see everyone next week!



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