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Friday, October 24, 2014
DP’s Expansion is Underway!
DP’s Expansion is Underway!

Digital Projection International (DPI) was founded with one key objective; to innovate the projection technology of the future in order to advance the capabilities of large-screen displays. Since our company first took on this challenge, we have worked closely with our customers to assure our products create the most precise imagery possible within every application.

From our strategic partnership with Texas Instruments which led to refinement of the Digital Micromirror Device™ for projection applications and the world’s first 3-chip DLP projector, to receiving the only Emmy Awards ever awarded to a projector manufacturer, we’ve seen many successes. DPI’s progress over the years is proof that equal parts hard work and product knowledge can lead to great things.

2011 marks DPI’s 15th anniversary, and what a monumental milestone it is. With so many years of pragmatic growth and a sound corporate structure, the time is right for DPI to extend our product offerings and bring our precision displays to select new markets.

What does this mean for our current dealers, Reps and enthusiasts? DPI is already well-known for our responsive customer and technical services. Even so, our dealers depend on our reliability and responsiveness as a key to their success, and we take that trust very seriously. So, in addition to key service personnel we’ve added this year, there will be even more announcements to come in early 2011. We believe in our products, and 2011 will see DP deliver a level of customer support previously unheard of in the display industry.

Our dealers and partners will also see DP continue our careful but meaningful product line expansion. Having previously focused on the upper tier of the market in terms of product positioning and price, 2010 saw DPI introduce precision projectors at price points that accommodated many more users and applications. This means that a wave of new customers is becoming familiar with the unmatched product performance and customer services that DPI offers. Which provides a tremendous opportunity for our dealers. Our commitment to the most advanced precision displays will never cease. 2011 will also reveal more new DP solutions across a range of price points. Our dealers should prepare to capitalize on these new opportunities.

In addition to the product line and personnel expansion, our US headquarters is undergoing a huge expansion that will more than double our square footage. This means more streamlined shipping methods, more dedicated demonstration and training spaces, more technical and QC facilities, and more room to accommodate our future growth plans. All of which translate into better support and service for our partners.

Please help us welcome a new era for DPI. Better yet, if you aren’t currently a DPI dealer, contact your customer service or sales contact for more information on how to join our team by clicking here.

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