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Thursday, November 27, 2014
DP Brings Rockin’ Products and Programs to InfoComm 2011
DP Brings Rockin’ Products and Programs to InfoComm 2011

Important InfoComm 2011 Update InfoComm 2011 is just around the corner and DP has huge news to share. Although we are compelled to save the specific details of our new product announcements until just before the show, we want to give you a top level glimpse right now.

Our booth design is an all new layout, providing galleries where DP will present a selection of our most capable 1-chip and 3-chip models, as well as four very intense multi-projector application demonstrations.

In the Single-chip Gallery, iVision, M-Vision, E-Vision and dVision models will all be on stage and “dialed-in” to present a combination of powerful HD and critical graphics content. Our 3-chip Gallery will feature a variety of TITAN and HIGHlite models, presenting the same material, through maximum lumens and with the color accuracy, color saturation and contrast for which DP 3-chip projectors are legendary.

The presentation will make it easy for DP partners, end-users and consultants to evaluate our products side by side, making it the perfect venue to identify the most appropriate DP solution for their projects.

In our applications demonstrations area, a trio of dVision WQXGA projectors will be at work presenting a 10-million pixel display wall, while a trio of TITANs will be employed in portrait orientation to create a 6-million pixel window of total 3D immersion – with amazing 3D content provided by our friends at Mechdyne Corporation, via a Quadroplex courtesy of NVidia.

For the ultimate demonstration of personal visualization, we will also be presenting four M-Vision 1080p LED projectors on a compound-curved, personal Immersive Desktop. This amazing, 8-million pixel system conveys astounding pixel density, and is proudly presented in collaboration with our partners at Immersive Display Solutions.

There will be two additional, very large screens at work in our booth, serving as digital marquees to convey DP’s company story, as well as product information and some extreme entertainment. Naturally, our flagship LIGHTNING and TITAN displays will be harnessed for these “feature” screens.

DP is preparing a powerful arsenal of new products and capabilities to be launched at InfoComm 2011 – all of which will be available for delivery in Q3, 2011. Although we can’t share the details quite yet, suffice to say, DP’s dVision, HIGHlite, TITAN and LIGHTNING product lines will be dramatically enhanced by the addition of some very important, extremely innovative and highly capable new products.

We have less than 2 weeks until we pull it all together, and we are incredibly excited! We love seeing all of our industry friends, partners and customers, and we are always proud to show off the amazing displays that our veteran team achieves with DP’s amazing technology…the absolute best projection solutions available anywhere in the world!

If you're attending InfoComm 2011, stop by Booth 3343 and see for yourself.

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