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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
CEDIA Expo Marks New Milestone for DP
CEDIA Expo Marks New Milestone for DP

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DP's CEDIA 2011 an Overwhelming Success!

Digital Projection's CEDIA 2011 Showcase



A special THANK-YOU to everyone who joined us in our booth, visited one of our partner booths, attended one of our training sessions and/or visited the Future Tech Pavilion.

This year's CEDIA Expo marked a new milestone for DP, as our 60' x 60' CEDIA exhibit was the largest in Digital Projection's history. Years ahead of the competition in developing 3D, LED and high-lumen precision projectors, DP introduced new advanced 2D and 3D displays in a variety of price points. The "Best New Product" Finalist dVision 35-1080p 3D attracted plenty of attention, winning both a CE Pro "BEST" award and a Custom Retailer Excite! award at the show. The TITAN Quad 3D introduced unprecedented brightness (at 16,000 lumens!) to audiences looking for the ultimate immersive 3D experience. All this and more are covered in detail below.

Beyond our own exhibit and the array of new product announcements, we also had a record number of partners relying on DP to present their large scale imagery at the show. After all, audio sounds better, control runs perfectly, chairs are more comfortable, and screens look their best when our eyes are enjoying beautifully rendered HD and 3D entertainment. Many thanks to each of our booth partners for insisting on the best in projected home entertainment:

      • Stewart Filmscreen
      • Crestron
      • Steinway Lyndorf
      • Pro Home Cinema
      • Panamorph
      • DNP Screens
      • CEDIA's FutureTech Pavilion

Special Promotion Launched at CEDIA for ALL DP Home Cinema Dealers
Attention all DP Home Cinema Dealers: End the year with a Bang, and start 2012 with a Bash! DP will be hosting a large number of dealers on an all-inclusive getaway to Los Suenos, Costa Rica, in late April, 2012. EVERY DP Home Cinema dealer is eligible, and there is NO LIMIT to how many getaways you can win.
Contact your DP Regional Manager for more details - click here for contact information.

Thank you to everyone who spent time with us in Indianapolis. Your interest and loyalty through the years has made the DP booth
a highly-anticipated and bustling location for integrators, end users and industry partners alike. Let us know how we can assist you. And thank you again for making CEDIA Expo 2011 a historic event for Digital Projection International.

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CEDIA Booth Summary and Highlights

DP's New Product Reveal

3600 square feet of dazzling projected imagery makes an impact, and this year's booth delivered a stunning testimonial to all things projection for the home. Enlisting 14 distinct DP models, displayed in a mix of galleries and formal theaters, attendees witnessed a range of 2D, active and passive 3D, LED and ultra-high lumen displays in action.

As DP's robust product line features almost 30 3D-enabled projectors, the left-hand side of the booth consisted of four 3D displays demonstrating four distinct 3D experiences.

3D Gallery
First was the dVision 35-1080p 3D, lauded by attendees for the extreme installation flexibility and lens options that accompany this impressive single-chip DLP display. All for less than $35K. Next was the high-value, high-lumen M-Vision Cine 3D, delivering 5,500 lumens of 2D and 3D content for less than $18K.

DP's TITAN 3D displays commanded the last two 3D screens, but in quite different demonstrations. Showing identical content, attendees conducted side-by-side comparisons of the 10,000 lumen TITAN 3D powerhouse showing 3D content via active and passive solutions. Working in conjunction with a DepthQ modulator screen and Stewart Silver Screen, attendees participated in the subtle differences that define a passive and active 3D experience.

2D and LED Gallery
The right side of the booth displayed both newly-launched and well established DP displays showing 2D content. Long-time favorites such as the $6,995 M-Vision Cine 230 and iVision 20-1080p produced rich, saturated imagery on medium-sized Stewart screens. Complementing the established products were new projectors such as the dVision Scope 1080p, a revolutionary new display capable of natively showing 1.78 and 2:35:1 content without the use of a peripheral anamorphic lens.

Additionally, the new 3-chip DLP HIGHlite Cine 660 powerhouse was shown alongside the mighty TITAN Reference 1080p so that attendees could compare large-screen imagery in two different price points. The tried and trusted M-Vision Cine LED provided a counter-point to lamp-driven technology by showing off what the future of small to medium-sized imagery could be as lumen output continues to increase.

DP's New Product Reveal

DP's New Product Reveal

Go Big - Go Bold - Use Your Imagination
Never content to simply duplicate our efforts from previous years, DP created a visual spectacle in this year's booth that became one of the most oft-discussed applications on the show floor. Three 12,000 lumen TITAN 1080p displays seamlessly projected custom "venues" onto a 16' x 12' custom theater facade. Though it needs to be seen in person to grasp the full experience, a few of the following photos illustrate the overall effect. Projectors are, in a broader sense, tools that enable the imagination, and the more the residential integrator group grasps this potential, the more dynamic the installations become.

DP's New Product Reveal
DP's New Product Reveal

The TITAN Holds Court in a Dedicated Theater
No matter how many times we see it in action, nothing compares to a dedicated theater with a TITAN Reference 1080p delivering the imagery. A massive Stewart screen acted as the perfect palette for the TITAN to paint incomparable large-screen imagery upon, as attendees absorbed a variety of Blu-ray content.

Future Tech Pavilion Shows the Digital Dashboard of the Future
Having almost fifteen years of proven experience in critical installations has many perks. One of which is conceptualizing how displays may be used in future settings. In this spirit, DP joined CEDIA and a group of other visionary manufacturers to show a massive "digital dashboard," where the numerous streams of data that affect a household can be displayed on one projected surface. Six dVision 1080p projectors fed XBox gaming content, Blu-ray movies, weather and stock data, as well as web-based data simultaneously to a 20'+ Stewart screen. The effect was staggering, garnering a Best of Show acknowledgement from Cali Lewis of GeekBeat.TV fame.

DP's New Product Reveal
DP's New Product Reveal
DP's New Product Reveal
DP's New Product Reveal
DP's New Product Reveal

For more photos from the DP exhibit space and beyond, visit our blog by clicking here.

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Digital Projection's Featured Products at CEDIA '11

Digital Projection's dVision 35-1080p 3D projector

Single chip DLP® -- dVision 35-1080p-3D
The newest 3D platform to join the array of 3D displays in our product line, the dVision 3D products will be available in a selection of color wheels, to optimize projector brightness for specific screen sizes and home venues. While DP also offers another impressive single-chip 3D platform, the M-Vision Cine 3D, the dual-lamp dVision projectors benefit from more extensive capabilities, and as such, provide extensive flexibility in both source connectivity and installation capabilities. As one example, the superb dVision optics provide the greatest range of throw ratios and available lens shift.

Read the full press release
Link to dVision 35-1080p 3D page
Download high-res images

Digital Projection's dVision Scope 1080p projector

Single chip DLP® -- dVision Scope 1080p
Another important new dVision platform, but this one is based on the native WQXGA (2560 x 1600) DMD – a DP exclusive. In the dVision "Scope," the native resolution of the WQXGA chip is masked down to 2560 x 1080 pixels. This enables constant height "TheaterScope" applications without the need for costly anamorphic optics and mechanical sled systems. Here's how it works: When the projector is presented with a 1080p source, it displays that source at the native 1920 x 1080 pixels. When the projector is presented with scope content, the vertical 1080 pixels are maintained, while additional horizontal pixels are added to present the wider image. As an example, a 2.35:1 source would be displayed at 2538 x 1080 pixels, bringing more resolution and more lumens to the wider, scope aspect ratio screen. The dVision Scope 1080p represents the simplest, most elegant and highest resolution solution for constant-height screen applications.

Read the full press release
Link to dVision Scope 1080p page
Download high-res images

Digital Projection's HIGHlite Cine 330 projector

3-chip DLP® -- HIGHlite Cine 1080p 330
At CEDIA 2010, DP introduced our revolutionary HIGHlite Cine 260 – an all-new, value-oriented 3-chip DLP projector, with all of the benefits that 3-chip brings… the broadest color gamut, the deepest color saturation, extensive gray scale and bit depth, and of course, exceptionally high contrast. At 4500 lumens, our new HIGHlite Cine 330 is a higher brightness addition to the HIGHlite product line. Still as compact, nearly as quiet and just a bit more expensive than the 260, the brighter HIGHlite Cine 330 is perfect for residential cinemas with larger screens, or media rooms with higher ambient light.

Read the full press release
Link to HIGHlite Cine 330 page
Download high-res images

Digital Projection's HIGHlite Cine 660 projector

3-chip DLP® -- HIGHlite Cine 1080p 660
Further expanding the HIGHlite series, we are pleased to introduce the HIGHlite Cine 660 – our first dual lamp, entry level 3-chip display. Benefitting from a pair of long-life, low-cost lamps, the powerful HIGHlite Cine 660 belts out an impressive 8000 lumens. At this brightness level, massive image sizes and/or higher levels of ambient light are easily managed. The new HIGHlite Cine 660 even includes image warp for perfecting geometry – especially useful when projecting on curved screens, or on irregular projection surfaces. As an example, want to put a giant, 20' image on the side of the house next to the pool? The HIGHlite Cine 660 would be the perfect solution!

Read the full press release
Link to HIGHlite Cine 660 page
Download high-res images

Digital Projection's TITAN Quad 3D projector

3-chip DLP® -- TITAN Quad 1080p 3D
The new pinnacle of TITAN performance. At 16,000 lumens, the TITAN Quad 3D may offer a bit too much horsepower for the typical home theater, but for non-traditional venues – say, the 40' image on the side of the house next to the pool… the sheer lumen power of this remarkably compact 3-chip power-house makes nearly any idea possible. Make it as big as you like! Incredibly compact and efficient for such brightness capabilities, the TITAN Quad series incorporates DP's active 3D connectivity, Intelligent Lens Mount, ColorMax calibration technology, and a host of advanced features to suit any large-screen entertainment space imaginable.

Read the full press release
Link to TITAN Quad 3D page
Download high-res images

Digital Projection's TITAN Quad Reference 3D projector

3-chip DLP® -- TITAN Quad Reference 3D
DP's TITAN Reference Displays have presented the absolute benchmark for unsurpassed home cinema imaging for years. With true, native contrast ratios greater than 5000:1, the imaging is just remarkable and truly exclusive. DP previously only offered TITAN Reference models in dual lamp configurations, maxing out at about 6000 lumens. Believe it or not, some DP customers have entertainment aspirations that demand even more lumens, while also maintaining the exclusive "Reference-Level" contrast. The TITAN Quad Reference 3D can be site-configured to run on 1, 2, 3 or 4 lamps, producing lumens from 2000 – 8000 ANSI. Full 3D connectivity, ColorMax, FastFrame, Intelligent Lens Mount and extravagant color and contrast make this the most powerful and flexible Reference display in DP's history. No doubt, the TITAN Quad Reference 3D is destined for the most discerning clients in the world. With a display of this magnitude, we can't wait to see their theaters.

Read the full press release
Link to TITAN Quad Reference 3D page
Download high-res images

Digital Projection's New 3 Year Warranty

DP's precision displays present the pinnacle of performance. We now offer the best large screen entertainment in the world alongside the longest and most comprehensive warranty. Every projection product in our portfolio is now covered by a full 3 year parts and labor warranty. DP customers can own the best, knowing their investment is protected and their cost of ownership minimized for the first 3 years! All of the details are disclosed in our June 15th warranty statement.

According to Mike Levi, President of Digital Projection, Inc: "Providing a 3 year warranty across our entire product line serves as formidable evidence of DPI's confidence in the quality and reliability of our offerings. Furthermore, it provides assurance to our customers that their investment in DPI displays is guaranteed to benefit from a minimal long-term cost of ownership."

Read the full press release

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