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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
A Simple Guide to Answering ANY Application Question: Simply Contact DP Application Support!
A Simple Guide to Answering ANY Application Question: Simply Contact DP Application Support!

Over the past year, DP has assembled a powerfully astute team of application experts to help our customers tackle every projection task imaginable. We are proud to introduce DP's application support team – an expert resource, exclusively available to support our customers applications questions:

Digital Projection's Incomparable Applications Support TeamPictured above, left to right: Mark Stephens (Senior Applications Support Technician), Brian Pahlas (Senior Applications Support Technician) & Ken Eagle (Training Manager)

Between their 3 careers, Mark, Brian and Ken bring decades of experience to the task of helping our customers achieve display perfection with DP projectors. The resources they represent are extensive and varied. Here are some examples:

    •  Provide assistance in defining projector location and lens selection
    •  Confirm lens shift capabilities, based on the geometry of the application
    •  Mock up designs that may be on the edge of optical performance in order to confirm system performance will meet customer expectations
    •  Provide details on control strings for system automation
    •  Assist in the remote troubleshooting of signal distribution / HDMI / HDCP and control issues
    •  Provide guidance on installation geometry and system alignment – even complex multi-projector arrays
    •  Recommend projector performance in terms of lumens and contrast in order to achieve screen brightness levels that meet application requirements
    •  Guide customers through the use of DP's exclusive ColorMax calibration technology and procedure
    •  Provide customized DP projector training for dealers, consultants, Reps, etc

The next time you have an interesting application that might benefit from the perspectives of the best minds in the projection industry, just call DP at 855-DPI-PRO1, and ask to speak with Application Support.

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