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Thursday, November 20, 2014
DP's InfoComm Training Update
DP's InfoComm Training Update

Digital Projection is pleased to announce that Ken Eagle, our training manager, will be delivering two projector-specific courses a total of six times at the upcoming InfoComm 2012 show in Las Vegas. Commercial integrators looking to update their knowledge of today's top-line projector capabilities can gain RU credits while sharpening their expertise. Courses being taught include:

1) Commercial Projection Technology 101 – Producing the Perfect Projected Image
This Digital Projection training presentation is designed to help the participant understand his/her application needs, select the correct projector and understand the basic functions needed to calibrate that projector for the application.

2) 3D Projection Technology for Cinema, Education, Engineering and Medical
This Digital Projection training presentation is designed to introduce you to the world of 3D projection video. In this course we will discuss 3D in our industry today as well as trends in technology and media. We will look at where 3D is headed and how you and your company can be ready to participate. Additionally this course will focus on basic setup and operation of single chip and three chip DLP 3D projectors and accessories.

Interested in learning more about these classes? Click Here to download full summaries of the two classes outlined above.


STEP #1:

Click Here, then select Ken Eagle as the class instructor from the drop-down menu to view all of Digital Projection International's InfoComm classes (Each class carries .5 InfoComm CTS RU's):

STEP #2:
Visit and register for InfoComm 2012 in Las Vegas. ** USE VIP CODE: DIG790 for free registration and access to the show!

Once you've registered, Click Here to find the DP booth on the show floor. We look forward to entertaining and educating you at InfoComm 2012!

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