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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
DP's Full CEDIA 2012 Recap
DP's Full CEDIA 2012 Recap

DP's Full CEDIA 2012 Recap

Digital Projection's CEDIA 2012 Showcase



A special THANK-YOU to everyone who joined us in our booth, visited one of our partner booths, attended one of our training sessions and/or visited the Future Tech Pavilion.

Embracing change is fundamental to progress, and DP's CEDIA 2012 presence rang in the changes in numerous ways. Instead of our traditional 'black box' that, in years past, displayed the industry's most advanced projectors in theater-like settings, we embraced a light, open and accessible layout. Attendees still experienced the power, precision and image quality of numerous DP displays, but this time in the fully-exposed environment of harsh tradeshow lighting. Integrators looking to expand beyond the traditional dedicated theater were given a real-world lesson in how light affects projection. As well as experience first-hand how DP's single and 3-chip products continue to produce dazzling imagery, even in the most unforgiving venues.

Two dedicated theaters balanced out the visual spectacle, displaying the new HIGHlite 3D, as well as the truly distinct dVision Scope and higher-brightness dVision LED projectors. More about those will be revealed below.

Beyond our own exhibit and the new product announcements, we had a record-setting number of partners relying on DP to present their large scale imagery at the show. Never before has DP supported so many partners at one show. In fact, DP's EPIC home entertainment displays were everywhere you looked! Many thanks to each of our booth partners for insisting on the best in projected home entertainment:

      • Stewart Filmscreen
      • DNP Screens
      • Crestron
      • Kaleidescape
      • Harman Luxury Audio Group
      • Steinway Lyndorf
      • Pro Home Cinema
      • CEDIA's FutureTech Pavilion
      • Audio Design Associates
      • D-Box

Thank you to everyone who spent time with us in Indianapolis. Your interest and loyalty through the years has made the DP booth
a highly-anticipated and bustling location for integrators, end users and industry partners alike. Let us know how we can assist you, as your success is an essential part of our mutual progress.

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CEDIA Highlights and Booth Tours

Digital Projection at CEDIA 2012



As one of the most visually striking spectacles at CEDIA 2012, this year's booth focused on the flexibility and multi-faceted features that DP's product line brings to integrators. Six massive screens, ranging from 214" to 135" wide, demonstrated the versatility and overall image quality of key single and 3-chip displays. Our 8,000 lumen E-Vision 1080p 8000 and HIGHlite 1080p 660 displays worked in conjunction with our 16,000 lumen TITAN Quad 1080p and 12,000 lumen TITAN 1080p 800 displays in a 6 screen array, fully exposed to show lighting.

Digital Projection at CEDIA 2012

Digital Projection at CEDIA 2012

Conceptually, the new layout introduced our integrators who are considering projection for media rooms, corporate venues and outdoor applications to the harsh lighting conditions found outside the conventional theater. An added bonus was the dazzling beacon created as the displays worked in unison, entertaining hundreds of viewers with custom video content as well as gaming, sports content and gorgeous still imagery.

Digital Projection at CEDIA 2012

Digital Projection at CEDIA 2012

In addition to the massive wall of awe-inspiring imagery that acted as the centerpiece to the booth, two dedicated theaters revealed new products, as well as new capabilities.

Digital Projection at CEDIA 2012

The newly-announced HIGHlite Cine 3D held court in one dedicated theater, displaying both 2D and 3D content from a Kaleidescape server, 3D blu-ray player and, through a strategic partnership, 10-bit uncompressed movie content from the new Prima Cinema movie server. The HIGHlite Cine 3D will begin shipping in December, 2012, and will launch in two varieties: the 2500 lumen, 10,000:1 contrast HIGHlite Cine 3D-HC, and the 4500 lumen HIGHlite Cine 3D-HB.

DP's precision dVision 35-1080p LED displays have recently benefitted from a luminance increase, taking the brightness specification to approximately 1100 lumens. Helped in part by the LEDs remarkable color purity, the dVision LED is perceived as being up to 25% brighter than lamp-based projectors with similar brightness measurements. Add this gain in luminance to the virtually maintenance-free design, Lifetime Illumination LED light source and cooler operation, and you have a serious contender for the world's greatest single-chip projector.

THEATER #2 - dVision Scope 1080p Demo
Also in the same theater, DP demonstrated the dVision Scope 1080p, the CE channel's only anamorphic lens-free, full resolution, constant height projector available today. Enlisting a 2560 x 1600 WQXGA DLP chip, the dVision Scope 1080p presents a superior solution for moving between 1.78:1 and 2.35:1 aspect ratio content (or any content wider than 1.78). Attendees saw first-hand just how remarkably streamlined the transition between aspect ratios can be, and all without an external anamorphic lens.

Digital Projection's Featured Products at CEDIA '12

Digital Projection's E-Vision 8000 projector

Single chip DLP® -- E-Vision 1080p 8000
The incredibly bright E-Vision 1080p-8000 presents the ideal imaging solution for home entertainment enthusiasts desiring bright, color-accurate imagery at a remarkably accessible price point. Combining 8,000 lumens of dazzling imagery with advanced features, the new E-Vision 1080p-8000 delivers top-of-the-line projector performance from a remarkably affordable DLP projector.

Link to E-Vision 1080p 8000 page

Digital Projection's dVision Scope 1080p projector

Single chip DLP® -- dVision Scope 1080p
Based on the native WQXGA (2560 x 1600) DMD – a DP exclusive, the dVision Scope 1080p enables constant height "TheaterScope" applications without the need for costly anamorphic optics and mechanical sled systems. Here's how it works: When the projector is presented with a 1080p source, it displays that source at the native 1920 x 1080 pixels. When the projector is presented with scope content, the vertical 1080 pixels are maintained, while additional horizontal pixels are added to present the wider image. As an example, a 2.35:1 source would be displayed at 2538 x 1080 pixels, bringing more resolution and more lumens to the wider, scope aspect ratio screen. The dVision Scope 1080p represents the simplest, most elegant and highest resolution solution for constant-height screen applications.

Link to dVision Scope 1080p page
Watch a video demonstration of the Scope

Digital Projection's HIGHlite Cine 660 projector

3-chip DLP® -- HIGHlite Cine 3D
Delivering up to 4500 lumens of brilliant imagery, the new HIGHlite 330-3D signals a bold expansion of DPI's already robust single-chip and 3-chip 3D projector line. Two new models were launched at CEDIA 2012: a high contrast version delivering 2500 lumens and greater than 10000:1 contrast, and a high brightness version delivering 4500 lumens. Particularly noteworthy is the HIGHlite 3D's conservative price points for such advanced displays. Priced at under $30,000 MSRP with lens included, the new HIGHlite 330-3D can be configured with fixed or zoom lens options, allowing for expanded installation flexibility.

Read the full press release
Link to the HIGHlite 330-3D High Brightness page
Link to the HIGHlite 330-3D High Contrast page

Digital Projection's TITAN Quad Reference 3D projector

3-chip DLP® -- TITAN Quad Reference 3D
DP's TITAN Reference Displays have presented the absolute benchmark for unsurpassed home cinema imaging for years. With true, native contrast ratios greater than 5000:1, the imaging is remarkable. DP previously only offered TITAN Reference models in dual lamp configurations, maxing out at about 6000 lumens. The TITAN Quad Reference 3D can be site-configured to run on 1, 2, 3 or 4 lamps, producing lumens from 2000 – 8000 ANSI. Full 3D connectivity, ColorMax, FastFrame, Intelligent Lens Mount and extravagant color and contrast make this the most powerful and flexible Reference display in DP's history. No doubt, the TITAN Quad Reference 3D is destined for the most discerning clients in the world.

Link to TITAN Quad Reference 3D page

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Updated Product Literature for Home Cinema

Global Company Brochure

Home Cinema Channel Brochure

Vision Series Brochure

HIGHlite Series Brochure

TITAN Series Brochure

LIGHTNING Series Brochure

Interested in becoming a DP dealer? Looking for insight on a specific application? If you have questions or comments regarding any of our products, please contact your Digital Projection Regional Manager (see below) or our Customer Service department at (770) 420-1350.

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Digital Projection's Regional Sales and Marketing Contacts

US Headquarters:
George Walter
Vice President, Home Cinema
(P) 770.420.1350

US Headquarters:
Chuck Collins
Vice President, Sales
(P) 770.420.1350

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Dan Benjamin
(WA, OR, AK, Western Id, Western Canada)
Northwest Sales Manager
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Richard Hill
Southeast Sales Manager
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Eric Lardner
Central Sales Manager
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Midwest Region:
(KY, OH, IN, IL, IA, MO, KS, NE, ND, SD, MI, WI, MN)

Brian Blumhardt
Midwest Sales Manager
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Pacific Southwest Region:
(Northern CA, Northern NV, WA, OR)

Paul Gomes
Pacific Northwest Sales Manager
(P) 714.465.3349

Service/Application Support Main Line
(P) 770.420.1350

US Headquarters:
Michelle Bowles
Customer Service Manager
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US Headquarters:
Michael Bridwell
Director of Marketing
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