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Sunday, November 23, 2014
Maritime, Simulation and Visualization Professionals - Make the Switch, Forget the Bulbs
Maritime, Simulation and Visualization Professionals - Make the Switch, Forget the Bulbs


It's time to consider a bulb-less projector upgrade
for your projector display system

Why pay for lamp replacements and maintenance when you can buy an LED projector that outperforms similar lamp-based projectors for roughly the same cost? New projectors from Digital Projection enlisting LED illumination now offer brightness to spare for simulators and visualization environments.

Key reasons to consider an LED projector upgrade in your Sim / Vis environment:

    Never purchase or swap lamps again!
    • LED brightness looks the same or brighter than most projectors currently installed on most 25' radius or smaller ship bridge simulators
    • LEDs last over 60,000 hours and maintain their brightness over that period
    • LED color is more vivid than bulb projectors - navigation buoys are easily identified at range
    • Color matching between projector channels is easier to maintain due to almost no color drift and no brightness drift
    • Night time maneuvering and poor weather scenes will look more realistic


The following image demonstrates the real-world performance, photographed at a simulator site demo, of an LED-illuminated display versus a lamp-illuminated display:

Remarkably, LED-illuminated projectors also consume less power, emit less heat, make less noise than bulb based projectors AND they have no recurring consumable costs.

The US military has changed its ship bridge simulators to cost efficient LED projectors…is it time for you to consider making the switch as well?

Want More Information?

Send an email to, call 770-420-1350 or contact the company that provided or maintains your simulator.

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