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Saturday, November 22, 2014
New Projection Solutions from DP
New Projection Solutions from DP


In addition to the new HIGHlite LASER mentioned above, DP has recently launched a bevy of new single and 3-chip displays in a variety of perfomance and price points.
Here are a few featured solutions:

E-VISION 1080p 4500
Digital Projection's E-Vision 1080p 4500
Building on the success of the existing high-brightness, high-value E-Vision projection line, DP's new E-Vision WUXGA 4500 and 1080p 4500 displays deliver advanced resolutions for minimal investment.
Click here to learn more.

M-Vision 930 WUXGA 3D Digital Projection's M-Vision 930
DP proudly announces the launch of the M-Vision WUXGA 930, the world's brightest single chip DLP projector.
Click here to learn more.

HIGHlite Cine WUXGA 740 Digital Projection's HIGHlite 740
The new HIGHlite WUXGA 740-3D makes 3-chip DLP performance available in a compact, cost effective chassis that produces dazzlingly bright, saturated images and powerful video processing.
Click here to learn more.

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