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Thursday, November 27, 2014
Sapphire Roadshow in Boston Highlights New 1-chip, 3-chip and Laser displays
Sapphire Roadshow in Boston Highlights New 1-chip, 3-chip and Laser displays


Sapphire Marketing, DP's Commercial and Home Cinema Rep throughout the Northeast, executed another well-orchestrated roadshow in Boston this March. Attracting high-profile consultants, end users and integrators from across the Northeast, the Sapphire show consistently allows DP and numerous manufacturers across the audio/video industry to reveal new products to a specialized group. This year's Boston show was no exception.

2014 Sapphire Roadshow, Boston Digital Projection displayed four projectors, some new and some already proven. The 1,000 lumen M-Vision LED and 5,500 HIGHlite 330 represented the well-respected solutions category, displaying beautiful imagery to DNP screens under medium ambient light conditions.

Two new displays also illuminated the booth, attracting an impressive amount of interest. DP's new E-Vision WUXGA 4500, a remarkably compact yet powerful budget display, brightened one corner, while the new 10,000 lumen HIGHlite LASER projector commanded a wall of the exhibit space.

2014 Sapphire Roadshow, Boston

In addition to the attendees mentioned above, DP also had the chance to introduce select members of the EH Publishing team to the new Laser projector. You can view the resulting Q&A and videos by clicking here.

Many thanks to everyone that came to visit with us in Boston, and a hearty CONGRATULATIONS and thank-you to the Sapphire Marketing team for another great show!

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