When the Dust Settles – Unexpected Benefits Arise from the Headquarters Expansion

Personal insight on DP's recent headquarters expansion by Veronica Vital-Herne, General Ledger Manager, DPI


Personal insight on DP's recent headquarters expansion by Veronica Vital-Herne, General Ledger Manager, DPI

Since returning to work from the Thanksgiving Holidays, the US headquarters of Digital Projection have literally been turned upside down. A major construction project that will double the square footage of the Kennesaw home office has resulted in the tearing down of walls and the rearranging of many Digital Projection work spaces. One would naturally expect total chaos during such a transition. Remarkably, the process has been both relatively easy and quite enlightening.

Our expansion involves breaking through the demising wall between our present office space and the massive space next door. Because of this demolition, each employee with an office on or near that demising wall was relocated to temporary work spaces, scattered throughout the balance of our current facility. Many members of our team were relocated to cubicles assembled in DP’s demo room, just prior to the holidays.

Now, cubicles certainly aren’t rare in a corporate environment. What made the setup interesting, however, is that members from very different departments have been co-located in the same room with only a couple of feet between each work station. Suffice to say, everyone was curious to see what would come of this experiment that mixed accounting/finance department members with members of the service and support departments.

With many weeks under our belts in our temporary work space, it’s fair to say that the transitional period has not only been much smoother than expected; it’s turned out to be extremely beneficial. The close proximity encourages questions and discussions on how different transactions work their way through our system and how these transactions affect others. We have even discovered new ways to improve some of our processes, and the open access to different departments is primarily responsible for such advances. It’s not uncommon to hear seasoned associates passing along experience, training and company wisdom to relatively new associates. Conversely, the energy and fresh perspective of the newer team members allows everyone to see their challenges from a different perspective. Each person has learned something new that will help them do their jobs better.

In a few weeks, we will be relocated from our temporary workstations in the demo room to our new, permanent work stations. The construction workers will be gone, as will the dust, noise and controlled chaos that accompany such a huge expansion. Regardless of the separate offices and work stations that will result from our final move, we hope to hold on to the spirit of cooperation and understanding gained through this experience. As we move into our new office space, each of us will hopefully continue to build on this fresh perspective while we strive to better serve our customers inside and outside of our organization.

Commenting from the technical service department, Troy Cobb, technical service manager at DP, stated, “This experience has helped me to fully understand how the company works as a whole. Being in the same room with service coordination, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and ledger management, I have a more thorough understanding of why certain procedures are in place. Furthermore, I fully grasp the importance of specific information that needs to flow from my department to help the other departments complete their tasks in an efficient manner. From parts orders, expenses, new product orders and more, I have a new appreciation for what the rest of the team accomplishes daily.”

Thanks to Veronica and Troy for sharing their comments.