Digital Projection’s CEDIA ’15 New Product Launch and Wrap Up


Digital Projection's CEDIA '15
New Product Launch and Wrap Up

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Dallas.  It didn't have the lure of Denver, the centrality of Indianapolis, or the polarizing spirit of Atlanta.  However, what initially seemed like a sleeper turned out to be a very strong CEDIA Expo, with growth in both attendees and in exhibitors.  Additionally, CEDIA unleashed an association re-brand, introduced new board and panel members, and generally looked revitalized and strong.  That is only good news for those in the custom AV business.

DP tapped into this energy by entertaining more booth attendees than at any previous CEDIA Expo.  Three theaters showcasing varied solutions at different performance and price points formed the core of the exhibit.  The single-chip M-Vision LED 1000, at $9,995 MSRP, displayed Prima Cinema 1080p content interchangeably with the 3-chip, $49,995 MSRP TITAN LED in one theater.  Additionally, the 3-chip, all-around residential powerhouse HIGHlite 330-3D commanded its own theater, also displaying Prima Cinema content.  And an 11,000 lumen HIGHlite LASER supplied crisp, colorful digital signage on an 8' screen in fully exposed show lighting.

The crown jewel of the show, however, was the INSIGHT 4K theater.  Packed wall to wall with attendees, the INSIGHT 4K LASER and INSIGHT 4K DUAL-LED took turns in their own huge theater revealing awe-inspiring color and detail on a 16' Stewart StudioTek 130 screen.  4K was the obvious buzz at the show, but, as DP dealers know, resolution is only one aspect of making an inspiring image.  With that in mind, Chris Chinnock of Insight Media partnered with DP managers to guide attendees through a mix of education and entertainment.  The icing on the cake was showing attendees true 4K cinematic content, courtesy of the INSIGHT 4K DUAL-LED and Prima Cinema's new 4K day and date media server.  Per John Sciacca with Residential Systems magazine, "PRIMA partnered with DPI and the true 4K, full Rec 2020 color content made your eyes weep for all the beauty in the world."  Can't ask for a better reaction than that!

We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to either attend the exhibit, or sent their team to spend time with us.  YOU are why we keep pushing forward, always trying to do a bit better with each step.  Simple as that.

We'd also like to send special thanks to our show partners that supplied us with solutions or enlisted DP's precision displays in their exhibits:

Crestron -Harman/JBL --  James Loudspeakers -- Prima Cinema -- Pro Audio -- Screen Innovations --  Stewart Filmscreen


Please read on to view show photos, discover new products launched, awards received, and memories made throughout the week at CEDIA '15. Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here if you need further insight, help or simply want to ask a question. We're here to help and glad to be of service.

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the ONLY Projector to Win a CEDIA 'Best New Product' Award


What a proud moment for everyone in the Digital Projection family at this year's CEDIA Expo!  We were one of ten recipients of a CEDIA 2015 'Best New Product' award, and spent the three show days demonstrating why the DUAL-LED is commanding so much praise. Click the logo above to read more, and CLICK HERE to visit the INSIGHT 4K DUAL-LED info page.

and… Winner of a Residential Systems' 'Best of Show' Award


In addition to the CEDIA win, the INSIGHT 4K DUAL-LED also received a 'Best of Show' award from Residential Systems.  Click the logo above to learn more, and CLICK HERE to visit the INSIGHT 4K DUAL-LED info page.

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Featured Products


Dual LED + 4K = Peerless Color and New Levels of Brightness 

By combining true 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution with the peerless color performance of combined LED illuminators, the INSIGHT 4K Dual-LED projector produces a previously unreachable combination of expanded color gamut and brightness.

• Awe-inspiring color performance
• 3,000 Lumens / 2,000:1 Contrast
• Full 4K - 4096 x 2160 resolution
• 3-chip DLP
• Brightest LED projector available today
• 60,000+ hours of illumination - no lamps to replace

Click here to learn more.



With 20,000 hours of illumination life and no lamp replacements required, the INSIGHT 4K LASER delivers bright, stable and color-accurate imagery. All with the stunning detail and image subtlety that only full 4096 x 2160 4K resolution can deliver, and all at approximately 40% of the size and weight of many 4K cinema models.

• Plenty of brightness for large screens and well-lit venues
• 12,000 Lumens / 2,000:1 Contrast
• Full 4K - 4096 x 2160 resolution
• No lamps to replace
• Like two projectors in one: full brightness mode for social activities, 30% of brightness for movie night

Click here to learn more. 

M-Vision LED 1000 

• Stunning color performance w/ expanded color gamut
• 60,000 hours of illumination, no lamps to replace
• Produces imagery similar to 3-chip UHP projectors
• Saturated, high-contrast imagery

Click here to learn more. 

TITAN 1080p LED 1000 

• Incomparable color performance + excellent blacks
• The world's first 3-chip DLP LED display!
• High luminance, expansive color gamut and superior bit depth
• Lamp-free = no lamp replacement costs

Click here to learn more. 


• Long-life, 20,000 hour laser illumination
• Gorgeous color via 3-chip technology
• 11,000 lumens = incredibly bright
• Low lifetime cost of ownership + no lamps

Click here to learn more. 

HIGHlite Cine 330-3D 

•    Remarkable image quality in both 2D and 3D modes
•    High contrast + High brightness displays available
•    Stellar 3-chip imaging, contrast and color performance
•    Incredibly quiet for such a powerful display

Click here to learn more. 

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Photos From CEDIA 2015







View more photos from the show by clicking here.

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Updated Product Literature

DP Literature

Updated literature is available for download by clicking here or on the image above.

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Digital Projection's Sales and Marketing Contacts

US Headquarters:
Chuck Collins
Vice President, Sales
(P) 770.420.1350 
US Headquarters:
Michael Bridwell
Vice President of Marketing and Home Entertainment
(P) 770.420.1350 
Pacific Northwest Region:
Chris Brunhaver
(WA, OR, AK, UT, ID, MT, WY, Western Canada)
Northwest Sales Manager
(P) 425.243.2277 
Northeast Region:
(NY, NJ, MA, PA, CT, RI, ME, VT, NH, Eastern Canada - Commercial & Home Cinema; DE - Home Cinema)
Jeff Schneider
Manager of Partner Relations and Northeast Sales
(P) 914.245.6461 
Mid-Atlantic Region:
(VA, WV, MD, DC, Eastern NC - Commercial & Home Cinema; DE - Commercial)
Chuck Collins
Vice President, Sales
(P) 770.420.1350 
Southeast Region:
(GA, FL, TN, SC, AL, MS, Western NC)
Richard Hill
Director of Sales - Southeast and Central Regions
(P) 770.420.1350 
Central Region:
(NM, TX, LA, AR, OK, CO)
Jim Groover
Central Sales Manager
Midwest Region:
(KY, OH, IN, IL, MO, KS, IA, NE, ND, SD, MI, WI, MN)
Tom Wilmers
Midwest Sales Manager
(P) 407.467.9983 
Pacific Southwest Region:
(CA, NV, HI, AZ)
Paul Gomes
Pacific Southwest Sales Manager
(P) 714.465.3349 
US Headquarters:
Michelle Bowles
Customer Service Manager
(P) 770.420.1350 

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