Case Study – Staging and Rental Projectors

Large Scale Projection with Titan Projectors


Project: BURDA 2013

Lighthouse Productions, an Award Winning Lighting and Production Design Company based in Dubai were commissioned to produce the staging and production of Burda 2013 in Dubai.

With a curved stage which spanned 23.5 metres, which also needed complex Projection Mapping integration, they chose Digital Projection’s Titan range of digital projectors to illuminate this large area. Three Titan projectors in total were used to project mapped images and video onto an entire stage area which generated the result shown above.

case-study-burda3Projector Requirements

Lighthouse required projectors that were proven in the Rental and Staging market, provided a high lumen output and were easy to install.

The projectors needed to have built-in edge-blending to allow them to span the wide, non standard aspect-ratio. Also required were Multiple Memories of Advanced Warp Maps to allow the installation to work correctly.

Why Digital Projection were chosen

After exploring a variety of vendors, Lighthouse chose Digital Projection due to their experience in producing projectors where image quality underpins every stage of development. Couple this with the quick and easy access to support from Digital Projections head office and distributors, Lighthouse had the confidence that the Titan range was the ideal solution for their projects.


We would like to thank Lighthouse Productions (Dubai) and Steve Miranda for the use of images used in this case study.


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